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“Dont say that.” Zhao Weiran was embarrassed.

“Alright, you can go to the side.

Ill help you write your thesis.”

“Youll help me write it”

Zhao Weiran stared at him with her beautiful eyes.

The scene before her eyes made her feel like it was little magical.

She had placed the order because she wanted him to help her write.

She didnt expect him to be a hidden god!

Not only was he handsome, but he was also good at physics.

Why did he have to run errands

“If you dont trust me, then write it yourself.”

“No, no, no.

I didnt mean that.

How could I not trust you” Zhao Weiran said.

“Do you need me to do anything”

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“Do you know how to fan”

“Fan With a fan”

Zhao Weiran was already a bad student, and she couldnt keep up with Lin Yis pace.

“Do you know how to fan with your mouth”

“No, I dont.”

“Thats it then.

Go to the side and fan.

Maybe Ill be faster.”

Lin Yi pulled the keyboard, opened the word processor, and started typing the thesis.

Crackling sounds could be heard as Lin Yis fingers flew through the air.

Moments later, lines of words and complicated formulas appeared on the computer screen.

Zhao Weiran was amazed.

Could this be the so-called master among the people

After about two hours, a ten-thousand-word paper was completed.

“Its done.

Give this to your teacher.

There wont be any problems,” Lin Yi said.

“Really Are you sure there wont be any problems” Zhao Weirans eyes were wide open.

“If your teacher says theres a problem with this paper, it means that his standard isnt that good.”

Zhao Weiran was a little lost.

This handsome guy seemed to be different from the others.

He was really good at both character and learning.


Zhang Jians sudden shout startled Zhao Weiran.

“What are you shouting for This is a classroom!”

“Weiran, I just wanted to remind you not to let him fool you,” Zhang Jian said.

“He helped me write my thesis.

How is that a trick”

“Im guessing that he foolishly wrote this thesis, and now hes bullying you into thinking you dont understand it.”

Zhao Weiran did not reply.

Was this due to her being a bad student

Zhang Jian looked at Lin Yi coldly with a cold look in his eyes.

“Youre already an adult.

What kind of person are you to bully Weiran because she doesnt understand the paper Youre the only one who can fool a person at this level.”

Zhao Weiran, “…”

Did you two come here just to make things difficult for me

I know Im a bad student, but I dont need you to remind me.

Zhao Weiran turned around and looked at Liu Wei.

“Weiwei, what do you think of this thesis”

“Uh… Im also a terrible student, it feels like a book from heaven.”


Zhang Jian sneered, “Weiran, actually, you dont have to ask her.

When he was writing this thesis, I had been reading it.

As a scholarship winner for applied physics, Im telling you that the things in this thesis are absolutely nonsense! If you dare to bring it to teacher Peng, he will definitely scold you to death!”

“Weiran, I think you should be more careful,” Liu Wei said softly.

“Although he is very handsome, he is still an errand boy after all.

Whether he can be relied on or not is really up for debate.”

Zhao Weiran was a little unhappy.

“Even you think so”

“Calm down.

Dont be blinded by his looks,” Liu Wei said,

“Think about it, hes so handsome.

If he was so talented, he wouldnt be running errands.

Even if he drives the companys luxury car, hes still an errand boy.

Do you think trusting him is reasonable”


It was said that three people made a tiger.

The words of the three people made Zhao Weiran a little uncertain.

This was the tragedy of being a bad student.

If she had studied better, she would have been able to understand the thesis on her own, and wouldnt be as uncertain as she was right now.

“With your grades, its natural for you to have such doubts,” Lin Yi said.

“Since this thesis will affect whether you can graduate or not, you can take a look at it and see what kind of evaluation they will give you.”

“Yes, yes.

The teacher is still in his office.

You can go look for him.”

“Weiran, think carefully.

Professor Peng has a very bad temper.

If you show him this kind of trash thesis, youll be scolded.”

Zhao Weiran was a little conflicted.

Professor Peng was the most senior professor in the school, but his temper was notoriously bad.

He wouldnt avoid scolding her just because he was a girl.

“Alright, you guys dont have to say anymore.

Ive decided to give it a try.” Zhao Weiran said after thinking for a few seconds.


Liu Wei sighed.

“Shes too stubborn.”

Seeing that Weiran had made up her mind, Zhang Jian glanced at Lin Yi.

“Kid, Im warning you.

If Weiran gets scolded by Professor Peng, you might not be able to walk out of the school.”

Lin Yi patted Zhang Jians shoulder earnestly.

“Lets just keep a low profile lest we embarrass ourselves later, eh”

“Heh, your ability isnt that great, but your mouth is first-rate.” Zhang Jian snorted.

“If youre confident, then dont leave.

Lets go together.

Ill expose you on the spot!”

Lin Yi shrugged.

“Sure, I dont care.”

Zhao Weiran put Lin Yis paper on the USB, then took her bag and cup out of the room.

After leaving the classroom, the group went to Room 319, which was also the teachers office.

Dang dang dang dang…

“Come in.”

Zhao Weiran nervously knocked on the door of the office.

After getting permission, she opened the door and walked in.

The office was very large, measuring about 100 square meters.

There were ten desks inside, but only six seats were occupied.

The people in the office were all old, and the youngest was already in his forties.

The young teachers in the university would gather in another office because they didnt have enough experience.

On the other hand, the person in this office with the lowest-ranking title was an associate professor.

“Teacher Peng, Ive finished my thesis.

I want to show it to you.”

Hearing Zhao Weirans words, an old man sitting in the innermost seat put on his glasses and glanced at Zhao Weiran and Liu Wei.

“What time is it You just brought your thesis here.

Do you still want to graduate”

Zhao Weiran and Liu Wei were so scared that they trembled and didnt dare to speak.

Seeing the famous devil teacher in the school, Zhao Weiran also felt a little discouraged.

If there was really something wrong with this thesis, she might be scolded to death.

Zhang Jian and Sun Ning were gloating at this moment.

Although the final result was that Zhao Weiran would be scolded, this would give them a reason to teach this guy a lesson!

“Teacher Peng, Im sorry.

I also wanted to make the thesis perfect, so I wasted some time,” Zhao Weiran said.

Liu Wei was covered in cold sweat and sighed in her heart.

My dear Beauty Zhao, arent you pushing yourself into the fire pit by saying this.

Perfect If Professor Peng sees that your thesis is full of flaws, he will definitely scold you even more harshly!

Sigh, this nymphomaniac, I really admire her.

“Alright, if you had such thoughts, I can understand.

Show me your thesis.”

Zhao Weiran nervously took out the USB and inserted it into Peng Xifengs computer.

Peng Xifeng opened Zhao Weirans thesis lazily, wanting to see what this perfect thesis looked like.

At first, his expression was very calm.

However, after a few seconds, his dazed old eyes suddenly blossomed with a strange light!

“You wrote this paper”



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