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Jin Qiao froze.

The owner of the car was actually talking to her.

And he even called her a beauty!

Could there be a deeper meaning behind this

“Go… go through the school gate.

The tallest building inside is the main school building, Bishop.”

“Okay, thank you.”

Lin Yi closed the window and left.

The sudden change interrupted Sun Nings rhythm, but it didnt affect his mood.

He spoke again,

“Jin Qiao, Im sincere towards you.

Ive gathered enough courage to confess to you today.

Are you willing to be my girlfriend”

This time, Sun Ning was even more at ease.

It was because Jin Qiao didnt seem to have any intention of rejecting him!

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It was just that the appearance of the rich second generation interrupted what she wanted to say.

Otherwise, he would have already gotten this beauty by now.

Jin Qiao took a deep breath.

“I dont want to.”

“Im confused.”

Sun Ning was stunned.

He did not react and thought that he had misheard.

“What did you say just now”

“I said I dont want to,” Jin Qiao repeated again.

“Dont waste your time on me.

The two of us arent compatible.”

Hearing such an answer, everyone present felt that they had misheard.

It was a little illogical.

“Why! Didnt you promise me before this Why did you change your mind now!”Sun Ning said excitedly.

“Its useless for you to shout at me.

The two of us are just not suitable for each other, we just arent.”Jin Qiao said arrogantly.

“I want you to give me a reason to give up!”

“The reason is simple.

Your car Isnt good enough for me, and that supercar is my final choice!”

With that, Jin Qiao turned around and left, not giving Sun Ning another chance to speak.

Sun Ning was dumbfounded.

That rich kid driving the supercar… he was just asking for directions, yet he had already hooked up with his girlfriend


What a sin!

Lin Yi drove the car to the designated area.

He had no idea that him just asking for directions had ended up breaking apart a marriage.

The sight of the Koenigsegg and Lin Yi and immediately attracted a large crowd of students.

They took pictures with their phones and posted them on their wechat moments.

“Look, that little brother is too handsome.”

“Why is he so handsome and so rich Its too much.”

“I want to take a few pictures and take them back to my room tonight.

My electric boyfriend isnt going to get any time off.”


Lin Yi was already used to such a crowd and didnt take it seriously.

After getting out of the car, Lin Yi walked around the campus.

He found three buildings of similar height and finally found the location of the Bishop block after making a big circle.

Bishop, Room 1008.

Two girls were busy working in front of the computer.

“I cant take it anymore.

Im exhausted.

Ive been sitting here all morning.

My fingers are about to break.”

The one who spoke was a short-haired girl with a slightly chubby figure.

Although there were faint freckles on her face, she looked quite cute.

“Hehe, who told you to be disobedient The errand boy will be here soon, then someone will help me with my thesis.”

The girl who spoke was called Zhao Weiran.

Her long black hair was tied into a ponytail, and she wore a pair of blue denim shorts and a white Nike half-sleeve.

Her slender legs were exposed and were really eye-catching.

The short-haired girl was called Liu Wei, and she was Zhao Weirans roommate.

The two of them were here working on their graduation thesis together.

However, because they were underachievers and had chosen the most difficult major in the form of physics, their graduation thesis had become a big problem for them.

As the saying goes, the heavens do not disappoint the willing.

With that, Zhao Weiran got a few papers that had already been written from her high school classmates.

The only regret was that the papers were in print for, and they needed to be entered on manually.

Because the deadline for submission was the next day, in order to complete the task as soon as possible, Zhao Weiran thought of the omnipotent errand boy.

She did not expect that her luck was not bad as someone had taken the order just now.

Once this person arrived, she would be able to relax.

“Your method is not reliable at all.”

“Why is it not reliable I think this method is not bad.”

“You know about the qualifications of errand boys.

They usually only graduated from junior high school.

Do you think they can understand these physical symbols I feel that even typing it out is a problem, so dont take any chances.

You still need to seal the deal.

You can only rely on yourself.”

“It doesnt matter.

It wont cost much anyway.

If you just help me a little, my goal will be achieved.”

“Youre really too lazy,” Liu Wei complained.

“Arent you the same You just wrote for the whole morning, and you already said that your fingers are going to break.”


Just as the two of them were talking, the classroom door was pushed open.

Two boys came in from outside.

They were dressed fashionably and had good looks.

Coincidentally, one of them was Sun Ning, who had just wooed Jin Qiao at the school gate.

“Sun Ning, why are you here Didnt you say that you were going to confess to Jin Qiao today Why are you here” Liu Wei asked.

“Haha, what happened today is interesting.

If you didnt see it with your own eyes, you probably wouldnt believe it.”

The one who spoke was another boy named Zhang Jian.

In the entire engineering department, there were only two people who were richer than Sun Ning.

Zhang Jian was one of them, and he was also a loyal admirer of Zhao Weiran.

However, Zhao Weiran never agreed to it, and she even felt disgusted by him.

“What happened Make me happy too, Ive been busy bashing my head againstmy thesis.”

“Jin Qiao was going to agree to Sun Nings request, but a rich second generation with a supercar suddenly appeared and asked Jin Qiao for directions.

Sun Ning was instantly defeated by this, and he failed in his attempt.”

“No way, such a weird thing really happened He just asked for directions and you were cheated on”

“Get lost, get lost.

What do you mean I was cheated on Theres no such thing, okay” Sun Ning was so angry that he said,

“The rich second generation is too damn detestable.

He didnt come before this or after.

He just had to come at this time.

They ruined all my plans.

Ive been preparing for more than a month and I wanted to confess to her before graduation, but now its all gone down the drain.”

“Calm down.

Shes not the only woman in the world.

Just find someone else.”

“Alright, lets not talk about this anymore.

Didnt you look at the almanac before confessing How f*cking unlucky!”

Seeing that Sun Ning didnt want to talk anymore, Zhang Jian didnt mention it anymore either.

He handed the drinks in his hand to Zhao Weiran and Liu Wei.

“You must be exhausted after working on your thesis for the whole morning.

Let me give you this.”

“Take it back.

I dont want to drink it,” Zhao Weiran said with a straight face.

“If theres nothing else, you two can leave.

Dont delay us from writing our thesis.”

“Beauty Zhao, Brother Jian ran two blocks to buy this.

You should at least have a sip,” Sun Ning said.

“Moreover, Brother Jian is a top student in our department.

Its just a thesis.

Let him help you take care of it.”

“Theres no need.

Ive already found someone to help.

The two of you should leave quickly.”

“No way.

Youre someone that Brother Jian has his eyes on.

In the entire engineering department, if Brother Jian doesnt say anything, who would dare to help you”

“You dont have to worry about that,” Zhao Weiran said.

“Alright then, I wont be leaving today.” Zhang Jian pulled a chair over and crossed his legs.

“Id like to see who dares to help you today.”

Dang dang dang…

“Come in, “Zhao Weiran said.

The classroom door was pushed open and Lin Yi walked in from outside.

“Excuse me, who here is Miss Zhao”


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