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The siblings faces froze.

Yue Hai subconsciously pushed Yue Jiao away and stood aside as if he was avoiding the God of Plague.

Although the two of them had nothing to do with each other, litigation also let the facts speak for themselves.

Since they first opened their mouths, everything they said had been made up.

If people learned that such a thing had really happened, they wouldnt have to stay in Zhonghai anymore.


Lin, we know we were wrong.

I was greedy for money.

Please give me another chance.”

“Zhang Song, quickly plead for me.

Why are you still standing there” Yue Jiao said.

“From now on, we have no relationship.

Dont expect me to plead for you.”

“You, what do you mean” Yue Jiao said, “Dont tell me you dont love me anymore.”

“You did something like this and you still have the nerve to ask me this!”

Yue Jiaos face fell instantly.

If Zhang Song didnt help her, then shed really be done for.

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“The doors behind you.

Get out while Im in a good mood,” Lin Yi said.

“Yes, yes, yes.

Well get out now.”

The two left in a sorry state as Lin Yi patted Zhang Song on the shoulder.

“You wont blame me for ruining your dream, will you”

“Boss, what are you talking about” Zhang Song asked.

“I have to thank you for letting me see her clearly.

Otherwise, I might have been cheated on one day.”

“Im relieved that you think that way,” Lin Yi said sincerely.

“Lets go and have a drink.

I have something to do and I want to talk to you.”

The two sat down in front of the barbeque set, and Zhang Song quickly recovered from his earlier mood.

“Boss, if you have anything you want to ask, just say it.”

Lin Yi took a sip of wine.

“How much do you know about Cisco”

“Cisco Isnt that the company that were connected to”

“Thats right, thats them.”

“What do you want to ask about” Zhang Song asked.

“But just to be clear, I dont know much, but I can tell you everything I know.”

“Youre very kind.” Lin Yi said.

“I just want to ask about Ciscos products.

Just tell me what you know.”

Zhang Song paused and then said,

“Ciscos research institute has made a huge breakthrough in the programming of the chip.

According to our boss, this will be of epoch-making significance in the domestic chip field.

Apart from relying on the bosss personal relationships, they also spent a lot of money to win this project in the dark.”

“Whos the person youre connecting with this time”

“Its their companys product manager, Yan Hongyu.

However, the overall sales of the chip is being handled by one of their vice presidents.

I think its someone called Yun Benjamin.”

Lin Yi took a sip of his wine and memorized the names of these two people.

“Do you know anything about Ciscos research institute Do you know which technological genius has conquered the program”

Although he had a rough guess in his heart, Lin Yi still wanted to confirm this.

“I really dont know anything about technical matters.

Im in charge of sales, so I have no access to research and development.” Zhang Song held the wine glass and studied it for a long time before saying,

“But I heard that this project was started by Director Lius people.

I heard that they studied it for a few years and only managed to crack it today.”

“That must be it!” Lin Yi thought to himself.

This Director Liu must be Liu Chu!

However, these people were just too good at bragging.

Zhang Song looked at Lin Yi suspiciously.

“Boss, why are you asking about this Are you interested in the chip field”

“Im just asking.”

Lin Yi threw the Bentley keys over.

“Were in Zhonghai now.

Its not convenient for you to move around without a car.

Take It and go.”

“No, no, boss.

I cant afford such an expensive car.” Zhang Song refused.

“If I were to crash it, I wouldnt be able to afford it even if I sold myself.”

“You wont need to pay for it.

Just take it and go.

Im giving it to you.”

Zhang Song smiled honestly, “Boss, I know you want to help me, but I feel like my current job is okay and I have a bright future ahead of me.

Our relationship cant mix with these things.

If one day Im not able to survive, you can help me if you want.”

“Alright, lets drink then.

I wont go home until Im drunk.”


The drink ended late at night and Lin Yi went back to sleep.

The next morning, when Lin Yi woke up, it was already past nine oclock.

He pushed open the bedroom door and saw that Zhang Song had left.

There was a note on the table saying that he was busy with work.

Lin Yi yawned and washed up.

He went to the Peninsula Hotel for breakfast and started taking orders.

“You have a new order.

Please take care of it.”

He took the order, but the contents of the request was interesting to Lin Yi.

Writing a thesis!!

What kind of operation was this

Generally speaking, the errand boys level of education wasnt high.

He might not even understand the thesis, let alone write it.

Was his employer making fun of him by placing such a weird order

Lin Yi wasnt afraid of this possibility, though.

With his level of knowledge, it wasnt a problem for him to write a thesis.

However, hed better go and see what was going on first.

After taking the order, Lin Yi called the employer.

“Hello, is this Mrs.

Zhao Im the errand boy, I just accepted your order.”

“Thats great, I was afraid that no one would take it.” The employer said,

“Im from the Zhonghai Engineering School.

When you come in, you can look for me at Bishop 1008.”

“No problem.” Lin Yi said.

“But are you sure you want to write the thesis on your behalf Its such an important thing.

If something goes wrong, it will affect your graduation results.”

“You misunderstood, Im not asking you to write the thesis on my behalf.” The girl on the other end of the line said.

“I have a few papers here that I need to input into the computer, but Im in a hurry and cant do it alone, so I requested help.”

“No problem.”

The wordswrite papers for me seemed high and mighty, but the employers request wasnt to write papers just for her.

To put it bluntly, it was just to enter code into the computer.

Inputting the contents on the paper into the computer wouldnt be a problem.

Lin Yi ended the call and drove to the engineering school.

At that moment, a yellow Ford Mustang was parked at the entrance of the school.

The flashy and exaggerated design attracted a lot of peoples attention.

Anyone who passed by would stop and take a look, wanting to know what was going on.

At that moment, a man in casual clothes was standing in front of the car, holding a bouquet of roses in his hand with a smile on his face.

“Brother Sun, this car of yours is really exciting.

Not only does it have a high horsepower, but it also looks cool.

If you drive it, youll definitely turn a lot of heads.”

The man named Brother Sun was called Sun Ning, a senior student of the Zhonghai Engineering School.

He was also a slightly famous second-generation rich kid in the school.

“I dont care about turning heads.

As long as I can chase after Jin Qiao, Ill be satisfied.”

“Brother Sun, not only did you buy a car, but you also prepared roses and a diamond ring.

You even confessed to her at the school gate.

I, a man, would be forced to agree to it on the spot, not to mention that Jin Qiao herself is such a romantic girl,” Sun Nings best friend said.

“But I heard that Jin Qiaos spending habits are quite intense.

Brother Sun, can you support it”Another best friend said.

“Her spending level is just a drizzle in my eyes.

With our familys financial resources, its nothing,” Sun Ning said proudly.

“Youre right.

You havent graduated from university yet, but you already bought a Ford Mustang worth more than 500,000 dollars.

Ordinary people dont have your skill.”

“You two are flattering me too much,” Sun Ning said with a smile:

“Actually, there are a lot of rich people in the school.

I can only rank third at most.

Brother Jian is richer than me, right”

“Hes definitely much better than us.

Still, I dont think Jin Qiao will refuse you.”

“Okay, okay, stop talking.

Jin Qiao seems to be here.

Later, both of you perform well.

When she agrees to me, you have to light the fireworks.

Got It”

“Dont worry, no problem.”

Under everyones gaze, a girl with long hair walked over under the escort of a few other girls.

She looked shyly at Sun Ning, who was not far away, as if she already knew what was going to happen.

“So she wants to confess her love to Jin Qiao,” a student from the engineering department said.

“The two of them together can be considered a perfect match.”

“Sun Nings family is a little rich, and Jin Qiaos looks arent bad either.

The two of them will definitely hit it off.”

Surrounded by her roommates, Jin Qiao stood in front of Sun Ning.

“You, why did you call me out here”

Sun Ning took a deep breath and then knelt down on one knee.

“Jin Qiao, Ive been paying attention to you for the past four years of university.

Im about to graduate, and I dont want to leave any regrets in my life.

I hope you can be my girlfriend.

From now on, my title of my co-pilot will only belong to you.”

Putting the roses on the ground, Sun Ning took out the diamond ring that he had prepared and handed it to Jin Qiao.

Looking at the sparkling diamond ring, Jin Qiao covered her mouth.

Her eyes were shining with tears of excitement.

“I, I wish…”

Boom Boom Boom!

She was caught off guard.

A loud noise interrupted the courtship ceremony in front of her.

“F*ck, look, its a Koniggsegg RS.

I heard that it sells for over 30 million dollars in China.”

“The rich second generation of Zhonghai are really something.

There probably arent many cars like this in the whole of China, and we are actually seeing it at our schools entrance.”

The crowd automatically moved aside when they saw Koniggsegg driving over, afraid that they would get in the way.

Lin Yi stopped the car when he saw someone standing at the door.

He rolled down the window and asked Jin Qiao,

“Pretty Lady, how do I get to the Bishop block”


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