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“Alright brother, stop talking,” Yue Jiao said.

“They are college roommates.

One is extremely cowardly while the other is extremely arrogant.

He is obviously just an errand boy, but he is even more arrogant than Zhang Song.

Those who dont know better will really think that he drives a Bentley.”

“There really are all kinds of birds in the forest.” Yue Hai was so angry that he laughed.

“A lousy Shari and yet he still dares to boast that he wants to give it to his friend.

I dont know where his confidence comes from.”

“People from small places just cant do it.

They are really lacking,” Yue Jiao said.

“Thats right.

Look at me.

Im a local from Zhonghai.

Im a sales manager with an annual salary of 150,000.

I have my own house and a car that costs more than 200,000 dollars.

Even though were all around the same age, in society, the difference between us is obvious.”

“Alright, brother, lets go back first.

Im a little hungry.

Our parents should have prepared dinner, right”

“I was waiting for you.

Lets go together.”

After Yue Hai said that, he pointed at Zhang Song and said, “This is our family meal.

Lets not bring him along.”

“Okay, Ill go back alone.

The two of them are going to eat at a food stall.

Theres no need to worry about them.”

As she said that, Yue Jiao waved at Zhang Song and said, “Ill go home first.

The two of you go and eat.

I wont be joining.

Bye bye.”

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“Bye, Bye…”

Zhang Song waved awkwardly, feeling embarrassed as well.

“Alright, lets go.

Stop looking.” Lin Yi said as he patted Zhang Songs shoulder.

“Actually, our relationship is pretty good, but shes a little conservative.

I also think that we havent reached the point of meeting our parents yet.”

“Alright, weve shared a bunk bed for four years.

You think I dont know you well enough I understand some things, but the decision on marriage is entirely yours.

Its a lifelong thing.”

“Got it, Boss.”

Lin Yi nodded.

“Lets go, order whatever you want.

Ill treat you to a good meal today.”

“The food stall is fine.

Lets get some beer and barbecue.

Dont treat me like a stranger,” Zhang Song said.

“If you take me to a big restaurant, I wont be comfortable enough to eat.”

“F*ck, you sound like a cheapskate.”

Under Lin Yis comfort, Zhang Songs mood improved a lot.

He put his arm around his shoulder and walked out.

Lin Yi was just about to get his car out of the airport lobby when he saw a large group of people gathered in front of his car.

They were all pointing and discussing.

“This should be a Bentley Continental, right And its the latest model.

I heard that the market price is close to five million dollars.”

“There are too many rich people in Zhonghai.

Theres no way you see such a good car in a small third-tier city like ours.”

“This may be Zhonghai, but a car worth nearly five million isnt something you see everyday.”

Lin Yi had no choice.

His car was being watched by the crowd again.

What made him speechless was that Yue Jiao and Yue Hai were among the crowd, behaving even more excited than the others.

“Bro, quick, quick, take a picture of me before the driver comes out.”

Yue Jiao handed her phone to Yue Hai and stood in front of the car, ready to pose.

“Oh right, dont forget to use the beauty filter.”

“Dont worry, I know how to use this thing.”


After taking the photo, Yue Hai handed his phone over.

“Its done, its perfect.”

“Dont worry, take a few more photos for me.

“Alright, its rare to see such a good car.

Lets use this opportunity to take a few more photos.”

“Thats right, thats right.”

“If I could drive such a good car in my life, it would bring honor to our Yue family.

However, I dont think Ill have that chance anymore,” Yue Hai said as he took a photo.

“Brother, dont be so humble.

Maybe if you work hard, youll be able to buy it.”

“Our current society cant compare to the past,” Yue Hai sighed.

“If you cant afford a car of this level when youre born, youll have a tough life.”

Lin Yi smiled.

He was a smart guy.

“Alright, Ive already taken more than twenty pictures of you.

Go back first, the owner will be here soon.”

“Alright.” Yue Jiao said, not quite done yet.

Zhang Song felt a little inferior when he saw Yue Jiaos excitement.

“Boss, do you think well ever get a shot at owning like that”

“Why not Dont be discouraged.

As long as you work hard, youll receive your bread and milk all the same, just like me.”

“Boss, you seem to be teasing me.”

Lin Yi took out the car keys and pressed the start button.

The Bentleys headlights lit up, startling the onlookers and Zhang Song.

Zhang Song was dumbfounded.

He lost his ability to think.

“Boss… Boss, is that Bentley yours”

“What else Did I steal the car keys”

At that moment, Yue Jiao and Yue Hai noticed that Zhang Songs roommate was walking towards them with the Bentley keys!

“Zhang… Zhang Song, is this car your roommates” Yue Jiao asked with her eyes wide open.

“I think so.

My boss never lies.”

“But isnt he just an errand boy How can he drive a Bentley This is a car worth close to five million dollars!”

“Im not sure myself.”

Zhang Song wanted to find out what was going on, but this wasnt the place to talk.

He wanted to eat and discuss it later.

“Alright, theyre going home for dinner.

Dont disturb them.

Lets find a place to eat.”

Lin Yi looked at Yue Hai.

“My car is a Bentley, not a Shari.”

Yue Hai was extremely embarrassed.

Youre already so awesome, so dont tease me!

The two got into the car one after another, and the sound of the engine was heard.

However, just as Lin Yi stepped on the accelerator, he was surprised to see Yue Jiao in front of his car.

Was this woman an idiot

Wasnt she afraid that hed hit her

“What are you doing” Lin Yi asked as they got out of the car together.

“Lin Bro, I dont want to go home for dinner.” Yue Jiao said with a smile.

“Im Zhang Songs girlfriend, and Im your sister-in-law.

Its the first time were meeting.

It wouldnt be nice if I left by myself.

Lets have dinner tonight.”

“I dont think thats a good idea.

Didnt your parents make dinner already” Lin Yi asked.

“Its okay, just let them eat on their own.

They can eat plenty during the family meal, so its fine.”

“But were going to eat at a food stall.

People of your status shouldnt be used to it, right” Lin Yi said.

“Dont be too hard on yourself.

If you dont want to go, just go home.

Im not a big shot, I dont need you to accompany me.”

“How can I do that Im Zhang Songs girlfriend.

Its my first time meeting his dorm brother.

How can I leave you guys alone”

“Right, right, right.

And today is my first time meeting my brother-in-law.

How about I treat you guys to a meal Well be friends from now on,” Yue Hai said with a smile.

Lin Yi was driving such a good car, so he must have an extraordinary status.

He shouldnt miss the opportunity to get to know such a rich man.

He just didnt understand why someone of his status would say that he was an errand boy.

It was too strange.

Lin Yi shook his head helplessly.

This pair of siblings was really something.

They couldnt even be chased away.

Lin Yi looked at Zhang Song.

“Whats your plan”

“Boss, why dont we go together” Zhang Song said embarrassedly.

“Sure, we can do that if thats what you want.”

Lin Yi looked at the siblings and said lightly, “Get in the car.”

“Okay, okay, okay.”

Yue Hai jumped up and got into the passenger seat, looking at Zhang Song.

“Brother-in-law, you and my sister can sit in the back.

I cant separate you two.”

Yue Hai opened the door and sat in the passenger seat shamelessly.

Lin Yi didnt know what to say.

Could you be any more shameless


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