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Lin Yi wasnt in a hurry as he slowly walked over.

In the process, Lin Yi noticed that apart from the five errand boys, there were two men and a woman present.

They were all in their twenties, about the same age as him.

In front of them, there was a set of live broadcast equipment set up.

It seemed quite professional.

Lin Yi was even more fascinated by this operation.

Could it be that they were going to carry out the car live

“Brothers, sisters, sexy old friends, I am your host, MC Xiaoqiang!”

“Today, my car unfortunately fell into a ditch.

If I call for a tow, it would cost at least 3,000 dollars, but there are always more solutions than difficulties.

I issued six orders on Meituan and used less than 100 dollars.

I called six errand boys and asked them to help me carry the car out.

“Whats this This is the rich mans thinking!

“We cant think in a conventional way in the face of difficulties.

This is building from scratch.

Pay more attention to me and the host will teach you more about the rich mans thinking! Itll help you walk down the road to success!”

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Lin Yi rubbed his chin when he saw the man called MC Xiaoqiang.

This guy was teaching the rich mans thinking

What a crazy person.

“Errand boy, what are you doing Come here quickly.

Youre the only one left,” Xiaoqiang called out loudly.

“What, what kind of beauty is this This errand boy is too handsome.”

“I love him, I love him.

Please contact me.”

“I already gave my husband medicine.

Do I still have a chance”

Xiaoqiang didnt think that Lin Yis appearance would cause the comments in the broadcast to explode!

He could use this wave of popularity to make a fortune.

“Everyone, listen to me.

In the world of the rich, its useless to be good-looking.

Whether you can succeed or not depends on your own talent.

This is the key factor that determines a persons fate.”

“Take me for example.

I was born in the countryside and went to work in Zhonghai when I was 18 years old.

With my intelligence, I slowly became the director of the factory.

However, I know that the sky is wider still.

A small clothing factory can not accommodate my talent, so I quit my job and started my own business.

Now I even have a Beemer X5.

This is the benefit of learning how to think like a rich man!”

“Just like this errand boy.

Although he is very handsome, because he doesnt understand rich peoples thinking, he can only do this kind of ordinary work.

I have long reached the stage where I use my brain to make money.

This is the difference between the thought process of the poor and the thought process of the rich.”


Thinking of this, Xiao Qiangs lips curled into a smile.

This kids appearance was definitely a pleasant surprise.

Usually, the audience in his live broadcast room would come and go, and only around 1,000 people could be retained.

However, his appearance had already caused the number of people in the live broadcast room to break through the 1,500-person threshold!

He had to make good use of it when he lifted out the car later.

“Come, come, come, all of you come over.”

Xiaoqiang summoned the six errand boys to his side and said,

“What I need you to do today is to carry my car out, then Ill give you five stars.

Got It”

The errand boys looked at the BMW X5 that had fallen into the gutter and frowned.

They didnt mind the car, but there were only six people here.

It was a bit difficult to carry such a big thing!

“Find a few more people.

Six people is a bit too little,” Lin Yi said.

“Six people isnt enough” Xiaoqiang said, “You guys are all thick-skinned and cant even lift a car Are you trying to be lazy”

“Its the only way.

I wont be lazy, but this is a BMW X 5.

You know its weight, so six people is indeed not enough,”

“Then lets allow the people in the live broadcast room to judge.

Is six people enough to lift a BMW X5”

At this moment, the live broadcast room exploded again.

The comments on the screen had reached a point where it was too much for the eyes to take in.

“Six people isnt considered little.

They just want to slack off.

They dont want to do any work that takes even a little effort.”

“Previously, one of my uncles trucks also fell into a ditch.

At that time, my uncle and I lifted it up easily.”

“I dont like these handsome people.

If he dares to criticize me again, Ill give him a bad review!”

Qiang pointed at the screen and said to Lin Yi,

“Look at him, two people lifted a truck.

There are six of you, and youre still complaining.

Let me tell you, people like you who only want to make money for nothing but dont want to give anything are the biggest taboos in rich peoples thinking.”

Lin Yi rubbed his temples.

His head hurt.

He was about to get cancer from the second-hand embarrassment.

“There better be a limit to your bragging,” Lin Yi said.

“I cant do this job with six people.

If you dont call for more, Ill leave.”

Qiang didnt expect Lin Yi, an errand boy, to have such a bad temper.

He rolled his eyes and said,

“You can ask me to look for more people, but if I get one more person, Ill give you one less star.

If I find two more people, Ill give you two less stars, and so on.

Whatever you do, its up to you.”

At that moment, Qiangs assistant walked up to the screen and said to the people in the live broadcast room,

“Did you see that The host is using the most typical rich peoples thinking right now, offering conditions and letting them resolve their conflicts on their own.

For the sake of the five stars, theyll definitely compromise.

As long as you learn half of this, youll become a winner in life.”

“Forget it, you guys can play here by yourselves.

I still have things to do.” Lin Yi waved his hand and turned around to leave.

“Dont you want five stars !” Qiang said, “Be careful, the platform will deduct your salary.”

“Do you think I lack that bit of money”

Seeing Lin Yi leave, Qiang felt a little pitiful.

Many of the female viewers were here for him.

His popularity dropped after he left.

“Dont worry, everyone.

Now that one of them has left, Ill call someone else over.” Qiang said.

“But what I want to tell everyone is that a person like him who cant keep his cool will never achieve anything in his life!”

“The biggest taboo in the richs mind is that they have high standards but low skills.

They dont want to do anything but to spend their money.

How can there be such a good thing in the world”

“Today, I can assure everyone that a person like him has no merits other than his good looks!”

“He is now an errand boy.

Ten years from now, he will definitely still be an errand boy.

In fact, he might not even be as good as he is now!”

“If there is an old friend who doesnt believe me, lets make a bet.

If he can have any great developments ten years from now, I will go to my grandfathers grave and perform a disco upside down.”

Hum Hum Hum.

Boom Boom Boom.

Waves of sound came from not far away, giving the scumbag and the others a fright.

“Whats going on It sounds like a sports car!”

“F*ck, whats going on!”

“Brother Qiang, look, theres a supercar over there.

Look at the sign, it looks like Koenigsegg!”


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