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“Dad, dont talk nonsense.

Were just here for a meal.

Can you stop thinking about it”

“Okay, okay, okay, we wont think about it.” Antai said with a smile.

“Ill leave with your mom first.”

After Ji Qingyans parents left, Lin Yi sat down on the sofa.

“Tell me about yourself.

Uncle and Auntie must think that Im a casual person after all these misunderstandings.

My reputation was ruined by you.”

“What do you mean by that Im the one at a disadvantage here.” Ji Qingyan said.

“I wont be able to face them anymore.”

“You cant compete with me.

My innocence is more important.”

“Lin Yi, I think your skin is getting thicker.” Ji Qingyan rolled up her sleeves.

“I havent settled the score with you about the supermarket yet, and you want the whole 9 yards.”

“Come on, lets go to the master bedroom upstairs and fight,” Lin Yi said.

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“No bedroom, just the sofa.”

“No way, you like a place like the sofa Youre a graduate of a famous school, but youre moving way ahead of me.”

“Stop talking nonsense, Ill teach you a lesson.”

Ji Qingyans temper flared up as well, and she no longer seemed like a female CEO anymore.

She was like a shrew as she started messing around with Lin Yi.

Just as they were messing around, a white medicine box fell out of Lin Yis pocket.

“Hmm Whats This”

Ji Qingyan picked up the medicine box curiously, wanting to see what it was.

What was that

Lin Yi was puzzled when he saw the white medicine box.

He didnt catch a cold, so what was the medicine box for

Suddenly, Lin Yis expression froze as he thought of what it was.

Wasnt this the birth control that he bought for Mo Qingwan

What the f*ck!

Lin Yi understood what was going on.

He had a fight with Mo Qingwan, and after Yang Feng acted, he failed to give her the medicine.

Hed put it in his pocket without thinking too much about it, but didnt expect it to fall out at this time!

What the f*ck!

“Lin Yi, are you feeling unwell” Ji Qingyan looked at the box.

“What kind of medicine is this Ive heard of it before.”


Lin Yi wanted to stop her, but it was too late.

Ji Qingyan stopped talking, her face frozen in that instant, her face as red as fire.

This was the first time shed seen something like this in her twenty years of life.

“Lin Yi, you came to me and bought this What are you thinking!”

“Well, I said it was a misunderstanding.

Dont you believe me”

“Dont believe you, my *ss!” Ji Qingyan said angrily.

“Its a misunderstanding.

I bought this for a client, and they ended up not wanting it .”

“Stop trying to reason with me.

I wont believe you.

Watch how I deal with you.”

The blush on Ji Qingyans face was still present, like the clouds in the sky.

“Ji Qingyan, I forbid you.

Youd better surrender right now.

You wont be so lucky when I make my move.”

“No, wait.

Wait for me to get into position.

You cant resist now.”

As she spoke, Ji Qingyan climbed onto Lin Yi and grabbed his hand.

“Come on, let me see how you fight back.”

“Youre courting death.”

Lin Yi pulled out one hand.

Ji Qingyans restraints didnt work at all.

He grabbed Ji Qingyans soft waist and scratched her a few times.

Ji Qingyan, who was serious a moment ago, broke into laughter in a second.

Even her body went soft.

“You cheater! You didnt even tickle me!”Ji Qingyan was so happy that she couldnt care less about Lin Yi anymore.

“Why should I tickle you Its just the beginning.”

Lin Yi sat up and pushed Ji Qingyan onto the bed.

However, Ji Qingyan couldnt care less anymore.

She was about to burst into tears from laughing.

Lin Yi grabbed onto her leg and tore her stockings off, tickling her.

“Haha… Ah… Haha…

“Lin Yi, stop, I cant take it anymore.”

“You cant take it anymore” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“I havent used my strength yet.”

“No, no, no, I was wrong.

be gentle, I cant take it anymore.”

“Do you dare to do it again next time”

“No, I dont.”

“Cough Cough Cough.”

Just as the two of them were fighting, they suddenly heard a cough outside.

In an instant, both of them stopped moving.

Did someone come in

Lin Yi sat up from the sofa, and Ji Qingyan also got up to tidy up her clothes.

She wanted to know what had happened.

Seeing the person standing at the door, Ji Qingyan wanted to cry, but no tears came out.

“Dad, Mom, why are you back”

Seeing that their daughters hair was disheveled and even her stockings were torn, together with the noise in the room just now, Ji Antai and Song Minghui looked like they understood everything.

“You two are really too much.

Its not even dark yet, why are you…”

Song Minghui said bitterly, “Even if you cant wait, you should still go back to the room.

We heard you shouting so loudly outside.”

“Yeah, the sheets have been changed.

Why are you still on the sofa I really dont understand you youngsters,” Ji Antai said.

“Uncle, Auntie, dont misunderstand.

I said to go to the room, but Qingyan said to stay on the sofa,” Lin Yi said.

“Lin Yi, what nonsense are you talking about”Ji Qingyan lowered her head, too shy to look at anyone.

“And, Mom and Dad, dont misunderstand.

It was Lin Yi tickling me just now, its not what you think.”

“Alright, alright.

I know youre shy and are too embarrassed to admit it,” Antai said.

The couple sighed together.

They thought that their daughter was a traditional girl, but she turned out to be so advanced.

She actually pulled Lin Yi onto the sofa.

This was too…


Her daughter was not that traditional after all.

“Dad, Lin Yi was really tickling me.

Dont get me wrong.” Ji Qingyan stomped her feet anxiously.

“Alright, theres nothing to explain.

Were all adults, its normal.” Song Minhui said.

“Otherwise, how will I be able to hold my grandchild in the future”

As she spoke, Song Minhui nudged Ji Antai with her elbow.

“Take your stuff.

Lets not stay here any longer.

Its a waste of their time.”

“I dont think Ill be needing this anymore,” Antai said.

“Huh Why cant you use it”

“Look at whats on the coffee table.”

Minghui looked in the direction that Antai was pointing at and was surprised to see a box of birth control!

Her expression immediately brightened up.

“Not bad, young man.

Not bad at all.”

“Look, what did I say”Antai said.

“I told you Lin Yi was a serious person.

He wouldnt mess around with your daughter.

You should be relieved now.”

“Yeah, not bad at all.

Im relieved to hand Qingyan over to him.”

Qingyan was confused.

How did I mess around

It was clearly him being a hooligan!

How could he still receive praise


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