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Yang Feng didnt know why Lin Yi was experiencing life, but he was sure that Lin Yi would not go bankrupt.

His father had discussed the property issue with Mr.

Lin the day before.

How could he go bankrupt overnight

“Experiencing… experiencing life”

Mo Qingwan was like a retard.

She just couldnt understand what Lin Yi was doing.

He was already so rich, so why was he still trying to experience life

What was there to experience

Wasnt it not enough to enjoy yourself


Lin, Im really sorry.

I really didnt know that this retard would offend you.

Ill definitely teach her a lesson.

I wont let her off so easily.”

Lin Yi waved his hand.

“If I argued with these retards every day, Ill probably be annoyed to death by them.

I wont pursue the matter any further.

Dont forget to give me a five-star review afterwards.”

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“No problem, thats for sure.”

Lin Yi nodded.

“You two can handle the rest.

Its not convenient for me to get involved.


“Dont, dont go.” Mo Qingwan climbed up to Lin Yi with disheveled hair and hugged his thigh.

“Lin… Lin Yi… I know Im wrong.

Please help me say a favor.

If you leave, Yang Feng will beat me to death.”

Lin Yi shrugged.

“Im not a busybody.

I cant interfere in your business, and were both adults.

You have to take responsibility for what youve done.

Take care of yourself.”

Lin Yi then turned around and drove to Chaoyang Group.

He received a five-star review on his phone very quickly.

If nothing else, it should have been done by Feng.

The mission was now at 7/10, and he only needed one more day to complete it.


Lin Yi called Ji Qingyan when he reached the parking lot of Chaoyang Group, and the latter quickly came down while clutching her handbag.

Ji Qingyan was wearing a knee-length dress with blue sleeves and black high heels.

She looked cold and beautiful, exuding a strong aura.

“Lets go to the supermarket, then well go home.”

After getting into the car, Ji Qingyans character immediately broke.

She was smiling, not giving off any of the previous aura at all.

“Your parents wont appear again this time, right” Lin Yi said with lingering fear.

“Dont worry, I asked them several times when I left this morning.

They said that they would leave after cleaning my house.

Its already past five oclock at night, so theyve definitely already left.”


If thats the case, we can still go to your house.”


Ji Qingyan held her head high, then pulled on her seatbelt right through the two peaks.

“I heard that theres a big supermarket on the lower level of Times Square.

Lets go and take a look.

The things there are cheap and fresh.

Moreover, youre a diamond member there, so I reckon you can get a discount.”

“Times Square is a little far from here.

Theres no need to go that far just to save money.”

“Lets not talk about the distance first.

If you look at me again, Ill stop wearing my seatbelt.”

“I cant help it, I cant help it,” Lin Yi said embarrassedly.

“Besides, Ive seen you in a swimsuit before.

Whats there to be afraid of now”

“How can it be considered the same The last time I wore a swimsuit, werent you also wearing one” Ji Qingyan said matter-of-factly.

“Whats the difference Now youre wearing your seatbelt, and Im wearing mine too.

If you think its unfair, look at me a few more times,” Lin Yi said.

“If you think its not enough, I can show you my legs.

Theyre white and slim, good enough for you to play with all night.”

“Pah Pah Pah Pah Pah…” Ji Qingyan turned and pinched Lin Yis face.

“What are you talking about Arent you embarassed Hurry up and drive, Im hungry.”

Lin Yi knew that Ji Qingyan was shy, so he didnt tease her anymore.

He stepped on the gas and drove towards Times Square.

Just as Ji Qingyan had expected, the supermarket had only been open for a week, and it was still in its opening phase.

There were all kinds of things available in the supermarket and it wasnt a problem to buy everything in one go.

When the two of them entered the supermarket, the handsome man and beautiful woman duo immediately attracted the attention of countless people.

The women who were shopping here were a little better.

They were more reserved and looked at Lin Yi a few more times before looking away.

On the other hand, the men were a little exposed as they contiously stared at Ji Qingyan.

They didnt care at all.

Ji Qingyan acted as if she was used to such gazes, as she didnt care too much.

She walked side by side with Lin Yi in the supermarket, feeling at ease.

After shopping for almost half an hour, Lin Yi was filled with all kinds of emotions as he looked at the things in the shopping cart.

“Didnt we come here to buy groceries today”


“You have the nerve to say yes” Lin Yi pointed at the things in the shopping cart:

“Whats with all the cakes and desserts you bought”

Ji Qingyan chuckled, her eyes squinting into crescents.

“Im going to put them in the fridge in the office.

Ill eat some when Im hungry.”

“Look at your waist.

How dare you eat them”

“Its just three pounds.

Do you have to say that about me” Ji Qingyan said.

“And I ate the beef tenderloin and lobster you made yesterday.

You have half the responsibility for the three pounds.

Dont blame it all on my desserts.

You have no right to criticize me.”

Lin Yi was speechless.

The most frustrating thing in this world was that you knew that she was talking nonsense.

However, you couldnt find a reason to refute her.

After thinking about it carefully, it still seemed logical.

“Are you angry”

Seeing that Lin Yi didnt speak, Ji Qingyan laughed.

“Alright, Alright, I dont blame you for this.

These are all desserts I bought.

Now, go buy some vegetables.”

Lin Yi was once again stunned speechless.

Dont blame me

Can you even blame me

With Lin Yi as a coolie, Ji Qingyan didnt hesitate at all and bought a lot of things.

“Thats enough, I really cant take it.” Lin Yi said speechlessly.

“Okay, okay, okay, wait a bit more, I want to buy some beef.

The beef you made yesterday was really good, so make it for me again today.”

“Since youre begging me like this, Ill reluctantly do it again , I promise Ill make you comfortable.”

“Hehe, thats right.”

Ji Qingyan walked elegantly to the fresh meat section and picked up some beef.

She was ready to let Lin Yi cook it for her.

“Its done.

Lets go home now.”

“You only know how to eat.”

“Hehe, as long as you cook something good for me, Ill be fine with anything you say.

Ill filter it automatically.”

“I really cant do anything to you.” Lin Yi smiled and went to the door to settle the bill.

“Maam, please wait.”

Just as the two were about to leave, they suddenly heard someone talking behind them.

They turned around and saw a middle-aged man wearing a military green vest and a pair of washed white jeans.

His hair was long and braided, but it seemed like he hadnt washed it in a long time.

No matter how they looked at it, he looked like an artist who was studying Japanese action movies.

“Youre calling for me”Ji Qingyan asked tentatively.


The middle-aged man walked over with a smile.

He took out a card from his pocket and handed it to Ji Qingyan with both hands.

“Let me introduce myself first.

Im Pan Wen, the business consultant of Bo Yuan Media.

Everyone in the industry calls me Pan Laosan.”

Ji Qingyan didnt move, and Lin Yi took Pan Laosans business card.

“What kind of business consultant are you” Lin Yi asked.

“Im a talent scout, to be honest.

I think your girlfriend is pretty good.

If she can get into the entertainment industry, shell definitely be a big hit.”

The young women around them were all envious when they learned of Pans identity.

“I didnt expect to meet a talent scout in a place like this.”

“That woman sure is lucky to be identified by a talent scout in a supermarket.

Wouldnt she be rich if she entered the entertainment industry”

“Look at her face.

Even those A-list female celebrities might not be as good-looking as her.

Its only natural for talent scouts to target her.”

Lin Yi played with the business card in his hand and passed it back to Pan.

“Forget about the entertainment industry, you can ask someone else.

I think the lady selling fish across the street is pretty good.

Ive already pointed out the way for you, so you have to cherish it.”

Pans expression was a little unnatural, but he still smiled.

“I know you guys are boyfriend and girlfriend, but its still up to your girlfriend to make the decision.”

“Hes always been the one in charge of my matters, so you can ask him.” Ji Qingyan said with a smile.

“If he agrees, then Ill agree.”

Although it was a misunderstanding, Ji Qingyan didnt bother explaining.

It wasnt a big deal, and it was just a misunderstanding.

Lin Yi spread his hands.

“You heard the answer already, so you can only say sorry.”

Pan hesitated for a long time.

Ji Qingyans stunning looks made him unwilling to give up easily.

“Madam, I can put my hand on my heart and promise that as long as you follow me into the entertainment industry, I can guarantee that you will be very popular.

Do you want someone else to control your fate”

“And theres something you may not know.

I was the one who discovered the famous Liu Fangfei in the entertainment industry back then.”

“Oh my God, no way.

Liu Fangfei was actually discovered by him Ever since that palace drama became popular, she has been sitting on the throne of A-list actresses.”

“I heard that Liu Fangfeis net income was 70 million last year, ranked in the top 20 of all the celebrities.

I didnt expect it to be discovered by this unattractive person.

This is too surprising.”

Hearing the nearby discussions, Pan felt a little more confident.

“Lady, I think that your innate condition is more outstanding than Liu Fangfeis.

In less than a year, I guarantee that youll become an A-list actress with an annual income of over 100 million.”

Seeing how serious Pan Laosan was, Ji Qingyan held back her laughter and said to Lin Yi,

“An annual income of over 100 million.

Im a little tempted.”

Pan Laosan was so happy that he couldnt close his mouth.

He said to Lin Yi,

“Sir, your girlfriend already has plans to develop in the entertainment industry.

I dont think you can stop her.”

“Ive always respected her choice.

Since she said so, of course I wont stop her.” Lin Yi said seriously.

Pan Laosan was delighted.

“Are you sure”

“Of course Im sure.” Lin Yi said.

“But itll have to wait 15 years.”


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