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“No way, my abs can relieve heat” Lin Yi asked.

“The main thing is that Director Sun has already trained to the point where you can even call nine-nine-one on him, so he doesnt dare to show it anymore,” Lu Ying covered her mouth as she laughed.

She did not dare to Look Lin Yi in the eye anymore.

Director Suns abs were really pretty.

“Hurry up and fan yourself, dont hold up Mr.

Lins work,” Sun Fuyu complained.

“Got it.”

From six in the evening the day before to six in the morning the next day, Lin Yis hands never came off the keyboard except for when he went to the toilet.

His work efficiency was not impeded at all.

Sun Fuyu was envious.

Hed been sitting there for twelve hours, yet Mr.

Lin still seemed fine.

His spine was too good.

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Lin Yi stretched after typing the last line of code.

“Im so tired.

Typing code really isnt for humans.” Lin Yi said.


Lin, are you done”Sun Fuyu asked.

“Im done with the program.” Lin Yi sighed in relief.

“Intel, Qualcomm, and T**C all used this program, and Ive made improvements in some areas.

This should be one of the most advanced versions of the program.”

“But this is only the first step.

The difficult part is yet to come.

Dont relax.”

“Director, are you talking about the photolithography machine”

Lin Yi nodded, “This is the most important part of making the chip.

The photolithography technology in the country can only make produce a Pentium chip.

A processor at that level is far too lacking.

We need to find a way to get two Dutch A**L photolithography machines.

Thats the most important thing.”

“Understood, Mr.


Ill contact A**L now and try to settle this matter as soon as possible.”

Although they had not slept for the whole night, Sun Fuyu and Lu Ying did not feel sleepy at all.

They felt as if they had been injected with stimulants.

“Before that, you must keep the secret well.

Weve already suffered a loss once.

I dont need to remind you about this again, right”

The two looked embarrassed.

“Dont worry, Mr.


If anything goes wrong again, Ill jump into the river and commit suicide.”

“Ill jump too.”

“Just dont make it look like youre committing suicide.” Lin Yi said, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

“Although our target right now is a world-class chip giant, and we have to find out who leaked the information.”

“Got it, Mr.

Lin.” Sun Fuyu said.

Lin Yi nodded and looked at Lu Ying.

“And you, when you have the time, you have to organize the program as well.

I dont want to play any more games with them.

If they dare to mess with me again, I wont let it go so easily.”

“I can guarantee that everything will be done in three days.”

“Apart from that, there are a few things I need to tell you.

Listen carefully.”


Lin, please speak.”

“The development of the chip can be put on the agenda.

Lu Ying will be in charge of this project.” Lin Yi looked at Sun Fuyu and said.

“As for you, organize the researchers and develop a new mobile phone system.

I need a mobile phone system that wont lose out to the IOS ecosystem.

Go and recruit people yourself.

If you need money, just tell me.”

Lin Yis words were sonorous and powerful.

Both of their hearts were filled with eagerness as childish excitement surged through their bodies.

“Dont worry, Mr.


Even if we die, we will complete the task you gave us.”

Lin Yi sighed.

He put his left hand on Sun Fuyus shoulder and his right hand on Lu Yings shoulder.

He said firmly,

“Dont worry and do it boldly.

I believe that one day, we will open a new page in the history of the semiconductor chip in China.

Your names will definitely make their mark on it!”

Lin Yi dragged his heavy footsteps and left slowly.

Waves of warmth surged in the hearts of Sun Fuyu and Lu Ying.

The heart of a tiger, yet as gentle as a rose.

The heart of a child would conquer the furthest mountains and rivers, and the bravest youth would charge at the dragon with his sword in hand.

All this suffering would soon pass, revealing the bright light on the horizon.

Lin Yi drove home from the research institute and went to sleep.

He did not wake up until noon.


After he woke up, Lin Yi stretched his muscles and found that he was back to normal.

He had to thank the system for this.

If it were the past, after such high-intensity work, he would need at least a day and a night to fully recover.

Now, he only needed half a day to recover.

Lin Yi did not think about Cisco too much.

It had been so many days since then, and their goal was clear as day.

They wanted to wait for Longxin to announce the news and then pull the trigger, ultimately claiming that Longxin had plagiarized their technology.

Not only would this make them the number one company in the industry, but it would also eliminate Longxin, a powerful opponent.

This killed two birds with one stone.

As far as the current situation was concerned, Lin Yis tactic remained unchanged.

He would just have to wait until they could no longer help themselves.

Thinking of this, Lin Yi stretched his back and prepared to go out to work.

Three hours later, Lin Yi brought the newly bought charger to the customers house.

Standing opposite Lin Yi was a man in his thirties.

His name was Zhou Huaijiang, and he was slightly chubby, standing half a head shorter than Lin Yi.

“Hello, Mr.


This is your original Apple Charger, 272 for a two meter long cable.

300,000 for the first 340 dollars, making it 612 yuan in total.” Lin Yi said politely.

“What did you say 612”

Zhou Huaijiangs face turned ugly.

“Theres a 50% discount on the charger at todays event at the Apple Store.

Why did you spend so much money”

“50% discount”

Lin Yi glanced at the order.

“The event was already over by the time I got there, and you only said you wanted to buy the charger.

You didnt say anything about a discount, so I bought it at the original price.”

“The events over” Huaijiang said with a cold face.

“Did you pocket the difference in price”


Lin Yi cursed in his heart.

How did he run into this kind of person again

“Its just a few hundred dollars.

I wouldnt lie to you for this,” Lin Yi said.

“And I have the receipt here.

You can look at it yourself.”


Seeing the receipt Lin Yi handed over, Zhou Huaijiang fell silent.

He wanted to buy a genuine charger because he saw the news of a discount.

Now that he spent more than 600 dollars on a charger, he was a little pained.

If that was the case, he should have just bought a fake one.

It was not worth it.

“Alright, Old Zhou, its just a few hundred dollars.

Its not like we cant afford it.

Dont make things difficult for him.”

Just as the two were arguing, a beautiful young woman in silk pajamas walked over and spoke up for Lin Yi.

“Alright, Ill let him go for your sake.” Zhou Huaijiang said and handed the charger to the woman beside him, “Take it, Im working the night shift.

You and the kid go to bed early, and dont wait up for me.” Huaijiang said.

“Okay, be careful.” The woman said.

“Young Master, Ill add you on WeChat and transfer the money to you.” The woman said as she took out her phone.

“You dont need to add me as a friend, just scan the code.” Lin Yi said as he showed her his payment code.

The woman smiled awkwardly.

“Thats true.

Look at my memory, how could I forget about this”

Lin Yi turned to leave after paying.

“Wait.” Huaijiang said.

“Anything else”

“How do you do things Didnt you see the two bags of trash at the door Dont you know to take them with you”

“Take the trash” Lin Yi was surprised.

“Im an errand boy, so I dont have to take your trash, do I” Lin Yi said.

“Are you new here” Huaijiang said.

“You dont even help me with the trash.

Do you want a five-star review or not Ill genuinely file a complaint against you!”

“F*ck, whos used to your bad habits” Lin Yi cursed.

“Go and file a complaint if you can.

You took so long to buy a few hundred-dollar charger.

Stop pretending to be a boss here.”


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