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Lin Yi was surprised by what Lu Fei was doing.

He also understood his intentions.

He probably did not think he could afford it.

“Thats right, the Ferrari 812.” Lu Fei said.

“Arent you an errand boy I need you to buy a Ferrari 812 for me right now.

Of course, its the same as buying a swimming circle.

You pay the money first, and Ill give you the money after you buy it back.”


The people around burst into laughter.

“Bro, youre too funny.

Hes just an errand boy.

Itd be more realistic if you asked him to buy a toy model of a Ferrari.

How could he afford a real car”

“If I remember correctly, the Ferrari 812 is sold for more than five million dollars, and there are all kinds of accessories that come with it.

How could he afford it with his financial ability”

“The most important thing is to have some self-awareness.

He cant even understand his own situation clearly, yet he actually made a bet with him.

Hes obviously looking for trouble.”

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“Haha, Lu Fei is awesome,” Xu Lu said boldly.

“To think of such a method.

I really admire you guys to death.”

“Actually, I didnt deliberately mess with him.

Didnt I earn some money last year I just wanted to change to a good car.

Im a lazy person, so I asked him to buy it for me.”

“Look at him.

If he could really buy a Ferrari 812, why would he run errands for others”

“Thats none of my business.” Lu Fei shrugged and said.

“And I only asked him to buy it for me.

Ill give him the money after he delivers it.”

“Even if he buys it for me, he has to pay first.

With his wealth, he probably cant afford it even if he sells his kidney,”

“Then its none of my business.

Didnt he think he was pretty awesome just now Hes just an errand boy whos making it seem like he has more money than me.

Since thats the case, Ill give him a chance to show off.”

Everyone present knew that Lu Fei had just started his business last year.

Because he had caught up with the rapid development of the live broadcast industry, he had earned nearly two million in a year.

Even so, he could not afford a Ferrari 812 with his wealth.

The only reason he did this was to trick him!

This was because he thought the other did not have the ability to buy a Ferrari 812 for him!

If so, he would probably be able to enjoy seeing him kneeling on the ground and calling out for his grandfather in a while.

This kid was really something.

Why did he have to act tough with Lu Fei He was going to suffer this time.

Qu Bing was getting anxious.

She wanted to help, but there was nothing she could do.

She could only sigh and blame Lin Yi for being too impulsive.

Lin Yi smiled.

He had seen funny people before, but he had never seen someone whod put their life on the line before him.

It was said that dumb people were blessed with dumb luck.

If even such people could start their own business, the heavens were really looking out for them.

“Are you sure you want to buy a Ferrari 812” Lin Yi asked.

“Of course, Ive already written it clearly on the order.” Lu Fei said

“I wanted to ask, the standard parts of a Ferrari are all rubbish, so do you want to go for some modifications”

“Of course, I want the highest quality parts.

I hope you can buy me the best Ferrari 812.

Ill give you money when you come back,” Lu Fei said teasingly.

“Thats not a problem, but I have to remind you of one thing,” Lin Yi said.

“If you include all the accessories, youll have to increase the price to at least seven million.

Have you considered that”

“Of course I have.

Do you think Im short of money”

“Alright, Ill go buy it for you now.”

Everyone laughed when they saw Lin Yis serious expression.

“Hes quite good at acting.

If I didnt see that hes an errand boy, Id believe that hes a rich second generation.”

“Thats normal.

Who doesnt know how to act Hes an adult now, so he has to protect his dignity.”

“Therell be a good show later.”

Lin Yi didnt waste any more time after finishing what he had to say.

He turned around to leave, but was stopped by Lu Fei from behind.

“Wait, dont leave in a hurry.”

“What, is there something else”

“Dont think I cant guess what youre thinking.

Dont you want to run away and never come back”

“How is that possible Am I that kind of person”

“Since youre not that kind of person, then leave your ID card behind so you wont dare to run away.”

Lin Yi held back his laughter.

“Fine, Ill play with you until the bitterend if you say so.”

With that, Lin Yi handed in his ID card and disappeared from everyones sight.

Back on the road, Lin Yi found his car and drove to the nearest auto shop.

“Oh my God, look outside, its the Koniggsegg RS!”

Seeing Lin Yis car drive in, the auto shop staff had a collective orgasm.

Such a godly car was rare in the world.

This hypercars pedigree was more than one level higher than the Ferraris!

Seeing Lin Yi get out of the car, the Ferrari salesgirls had another collective orgasm.

“This little brother is too handsome.

I cant take it anymore.”

“Im in love.”

“Im wet.”

Lin Yi did not waste any time as he walked straight in.

“Wheres your manager”

“Hello, Sir.

Im sales manager Ding Jie.

How can I help you” A woman in her thirties said.

“Id like a top-end Ferrari 812 model with all the accessories.

Exactly how much will that be” Lin Yi asked

She was confused.

She had seen people buy cars before, but she had never seen someone buy a car like this.

Shouldnt he ask for some advice

This was too rough.

She could not accept it.

At least have some foreplay!

“The 812 top-end price is about 5.3 dollars, but if you add all the accessories, itll be about 7.1 million.

Are you sure you want…”

Lin Yi didnt wait for Ding Jie to finish her sentence as he handed her his bank card.

“The password is 0000000.

Just swipe it.”

Hiss –

Everyone gasped when they saw Lin Yis generosity.

They had seen rich people before, but they had never seen such a rich person.

They had seen handsome people, but they had never seen such a handsome person.

Did he have to be so charming!

“Got it, got it.

Ill go prepare the contract for you now.”

“Ill give you two hours to install all the optional parts as fast as possible.

If the work will take longer than that, pass me the parts separately.

Ill take them with me.”

“Got it, got it.

Well do it as soon as possible.” Ding Jie took a deep breath.

She felt that the biggest challenge in her career had just shown itself.

“Oh right, contact a truck-operator.

Im not driving this car myself.

If you want to pay for it, just swipe my card.”

“Sir, please wait a moment.

Ill do it right away.” Ding Jie said

After swiping the card, the auto shop was silent, filled with the smell of money.

Lin Yis heroism had changed their worldview.

It was said that more and more women were cheating on each other in this world.

Who would not like a rich man who acted like he ruled the world

In such a situation, even nuns would become sinful.


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