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“What did you say Youre claiming Im taking advantage of the difference in price”

Lin Yi was a little confused.

What kind of trick was that

“Thats right.

Look at the quality of these two swimming circles.

Whats the difference between them and nine packets of trash worth nine dollars each” Lu Fei said.

“I think you bought two cheap swimming circles and came here to trick us, right”

“Fei Bro is right.

These two swimming rings probably arent even worth 20 dollars, but hes asking us for 418 dollars.

Including the running fees, hell be able to earn more than 400 dollars.

No wonder he rejected Bing Sis so readily.

After all this time, theres money to be made in this business,” Lu Feis friend said.

Lin Yi was speechless.

The forest was really big, and there were all kinds of birds living in it.

To think that he would come across such a weirdo.

“Do you think Im lacking a few hundred dollars”

“Oh, thats quite an arrogant tone.

Do you think youre richer than me” Lu Fei teased.

“If youre really rich, whyd you come out here to run errands You seem to have picked the wrong person to show off to.

Any one of us can easily earn enough what you earn in a few years in just a month.

Youd better think twice before you speak, so people wont laugh at you.” Lu Fei said with a smile.

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The argument attracted a lot of onlookers, who shook their heads while smiling.

“This errand boy is really boastful.”

“Hes just an errand boy.

Hes supposed to be serving people, but he doesnt realize it at all.

Give him a bad review, and hell have wasted his day.”

“Maybe he thinks that he has the right to be arrogant just because hes handsome, but he doesnt know that in this world, being handsome is useless without money.”

Seeing that everyone was attacking Lin Yi, Qu Bing could not stand it anymore.

She stepped out to smooth things over.

“Alright, everyone, stop talking.

I think this handsome guy is a good person.

He wouldnt do something like this.

He doesnt have much money, so Ill pay.”

“Bing, wait a minute.

I invited you out to play, how can I let you pay” Lu Fei said with a smile.

Then he took out 400 dollars from his bag and handed it to Lin Yi.

“This is for the swimming rings.

You must have earned quite a bit from the price difference, so you can add a drumstick to your food tonight.”

Looking at the 400 dollars in his hand, Lin Yi said.

“I spent 418 dollars on two swimming rings, whats the deal with you giving me 400 dollars”

The corners of Lu Feis mouth curled up with a disdainful smile.

“Look at the order yourself, my request was to buy two swimming rings for around 200 dollars each, but you bought them at 209 instead, you didnt complete the task according to my request, so its already good enough that I didnt pursue the matter.

You better know your place.”

Lin Yi almost laughed out of anger.

“Doesnt 209 count as around 200 dollars Thats the price of the swimming circles in the shop.

Did you want me to haggle with them”

Lu Fei shrugged.

“Then I dont care.

I already said 200 dollars anyway.

Do you think Im supposed to pay if you spend too much If you buy a swimming circle worth 2,000 dollars, do you think Ill be a sucker and pay for that too”


Lu Feis words made the people standing at the side laugh loudly.

“I guess this kid didnt expect that other people would see through his trick.”

“Serves him right.

Ive been cheated by these errand boys before.

I asked them to help me buy some apples.

The supermarket downstairs was obviously charging 10 dollars per catty, but after they bought it, they told me it was 15 dollars.

They cheated me of dollars 5 for no reason.”

“These people are too despicable.

They need to be taught a lesson by someone with a sense of justice like this.

Let them learn their lesson.”

Lin Yi took the 400 dollar and handed it to Qu Bing.

“What are you doing”

“These friends of yours seem to be quite poor.

Theyre still fussing over a dozen dollars.

Ill give these two swimming circles to you.

Have a good time.”

Lin Yis actions stunned everyone present.

400 dollars was not a lot, but to people like them, it was not exactly a small amount either.

He rejected the money so that he could save his breath.

What a hot-tempered young man.

Lin Yi threw the money down and turned to leave.

He felt that the life of an ordinary person wasnt easy.

Although he had more freedom in running Didi and errands, they were all jobs that revolved around other peoples emotions.

In addition, the platform was more inclined toward their users, which made the job even more difficult.

“Wait, did I tell you to leave” Lu Fei said with a cold face.

“What are you doing I gave you two free swimming circles.

Arent you satisfied”

Lu Feis eyes narrowed.

“What do you mean You think Im short of a few hundred dollars”

“I dont know if youre short of money, but at least Im definitely not,” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“But I still want to give you a piece of advice.

Theres nothing wrong with a man being frugal with himself, but when you have a woman by your side, its best to be generous.

If you dont have money, dont come out and play.

You dont want to end up losing face, right”

“Youre saying I dont have money!”

Lu Fei gritted his teeth in anger.

He could not stand being mocked by an errand boy!

“My companys profits are close to two million a year.

You probably wont be able to earn that kind of money in your lifetime, yet you dare to mock me for being poor What right do you have”

“Well, at least Im not the type to fuss over a few hundred dollars, dont you think so” Lin Yi said with a smile.

Lu Fei was so angry that he spun around on the spot.

He had nowhere to vent his anger.

At that moment, Lu Feis friend walked up to him and whispered a few words to him.

The latters lips curled into a proud smile.

After whispering to each other, Lu Fei looked at Lin Yi and said,

“Didnt you say that you have money I want you to help me buy something.

Do you have the guts to take the job”

“Whats there to be afraid of” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“But if youre a die-hard fan of LilEight, I cant do that.

Im sorry, I cant satisfy your unique hobby.”

Lu Feis expression darkened again as he enunciated each word,

“Dont worry, I wont ask you to buy that kind of thing.

Its available on the market, it just depends on whether you dare to buy it or not.”

“Alright, then place the order.

Just dont go back on your word when the time comes.”

“Theres no point in making empty promises.

I think its best for us to make a written agreement.

Those who cant afford to pay for it should kneel on the ground and call the other grandpa.

Do you dare to take this bet”

Lin Yi smiled.

“Theres nothing in this world that I dont dare to do.

Its just a bet.

Lets make a written agreement.”

Qu Bing frowned slightly as she walked to Lin Yis side.

“Handsome, youd better not bet with him.

You cant beat him.”

There was a class gap in this world, so in most cases, the poor could not beat the rich.

Lu Feis wealth was several times greater than Lin Yis, and right now, he had nothing but wicked intentions.

If Lin Yi agreed to their request, he would fall into his trap.

“Its fine.

I have nothing to do anyway, so Ill just play with him.” Lin Yi said.

“Alright, Bing, just mind your own business.

Dont you know who youre with” Xu Lu said.

Lin Yi was handsome, but Xu Lu knew where she stood and did not side with him.


“Alright, Bing, dont talk anymore.

Hes doing this on his own, Im not forcing him.”

At the same time, Lu Feis friend had finished writing the letter and handed it to Lin Yi.

“If you have the guts, just sign it.

Lets start the bet.”

“No problem.”

Lin Yi did not hesitate.

He picked up the pen and signed his name, and so did Lu Fei.

“Ill place the order now.

You just have to snatch it.”

“No problem.”

Qu Bing was a little anxious.

She did not know what Lu Fei was up to.

The spectators were all excited.

They wanted to know how they were going to play this game.

However, they all had their own thoughts.

If nothing unexpected happened, this errand boy would probably be played to death.

What right did he have to challenge a rich second generation

[You have a new order, please check it.]

Soon, Lin Yi received a system notification on his phone.

Lin Yis expression changed slightly when he got the order.

“You want me to buy a Ferrari 812”


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