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After packing the leftovers into the fridge, Ji Qingyan went into the fitting room.

She changed into a pair of jeans and a V-neck chiffon top.

Half an hour later, the two arrived at Wangjiang Dock.

Lin Yi did not look for Bi Songjiang as he was just looking around.

He did not want to make a scene.

The two stood in front of the pier railing.

The sea breeze blew at Ji Qingyans waterfall-like hair, creating a scene as it billowed between the sea and sky.

Looking at the busy construction site, Ji Qingyan said,

“Before this, I met with Director Guan of Yaluos design.

We talked for quite a while about the project.”

“What did they say, specifically”

“The total project cost of 800 million dollars was about 500 million yuan for the project, while my cost come in at around 350 million dollars.”

“And so, what do you want to say” Lin Yi asked.

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Ji Qingyan turned around and looked at Lin Yi with a smile.

“Because of the food you cooked for me, Ill do this project for free.

Itll save you 150 million dollars.”

“Whats the point of that I dont need that kind of money.” Lin Yi didnt quite understand what she was trying to do.

“The Wangjiang Dock project is too big.

Im still a little worried.

Were not as rich as in the Middle East, and no one would want to throw money away.” Ji Qingyan combed her long hair that was being blown away by the wind,

“I started out as an engineer.

If something goes wrong in the middle of a building, itll turn into a fatal mistake.

I dont really need to earn all that money, so you can take it back as a backup for now.

Itll be useful in case of any emergencies in the future.”

In reality, Ji Qingyan did not think that they would have any major problems with their engineering.

The problem was most likely Lin Yi.

He was a man who would rather die than bend.

In the process of building the worlds first dock, he would not be able to avoid dealing with those rich and powerful people in the Zhong Hai shipping industry.

If both sides were happy, that would be for the best.

If Lin Yi accidentally offended them, they only needed to say a word and the huge project would be stopped.

By then, he would have suffered heavy losses, and all his efforts would have been wasted.

He might even fall into a hopeless situation.

At this time, if Lin Yi was compared to a soaring eagle.

There would be countless people staring at him, wanting to see how high he could go and how far he could fly.

However, only Ji Qingyan was concerned about whether he was tired or in danger.

A warm feeling flowed through Lin Yis heart.

Perhaps Ji Qingyans charm did not just come from her beautiful face.

The kindness and innocence that came right from her heart was something that could not be ignored.

“I understand what you mean.

Ive already prepared a way out for myself.

If I wasnt confident, I wouldnt be walking around with my head held high.

I just need to keep myself grounded at this moment.”

“You sure” Qingyan looked at Lin Yi as if she was trying to find the answer in his eyes.

“Are you sure This isnt a joke.” Lin Yi said.

“Do I look like a reckless person to you”

“You dont look like a reckless person, but you look like a hooligan.” Ji Qingyan said with a smile

“You naughty girl, I havent taught you a lesson in a while.”

“No, no, no.

There are so many people here.

Its embarrassing if you touch me.”

“Then lets find a quiet place.

How about the office I guarantee that no one will notice.”

“Bah, Bah, Bah.

If you keep talking, I wont follow you around anymore.”

Lin Yi knew that Ji Qingyan was shy, so he did not tease her anymore.

“Ill leave the engineering to you.

If you cant do it well, Ill deduct the commission.”

“No problem.

Im very confident about that.”

Ji Qingyan made an OK gesture, “Just leave it to me.

However, Ive gone over this plan with the companys designers, and they all agreed that it would be perfect if Moon Bay Beach could be included in the renovation plan.”

“How would it be perfect” Lin Yi asked with interest.

“Because if so, the whole scenic spot will become transparent and open,”Ji Qingyan said.

“Its just like a suit and a shirt.

These two clothes will only look good on you if you wear them at the same time.

You already have a pier, if you dont have a beach, itll still look bad.”

“Why dont I just buy it”

“Do you think you can buy it just because you want to” Ji Qingyan teased.

“The ownership of Moon Bay Beach is in government hands.

You cant just buy it just because you want to.”

“Thats true.”

“Look, you have no way to spend your money this time.” Ji Qingyan looked at Lin Yi proudly, pinching her waist, “Isnt our Mr.

Lin rich Doesnt he think that hes omnipotent Do you want to try buying Moon Bay Beach”

Lin Yi didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

“Why are you doing this”

“You used to trick me, but you cant do anything now, can you Why dont you show me what you can do Let me see how you can buy it from the government.”

“Do you know that your expression is asking for a beating” Lin Yi said with a half-smile.

“Hehe, is that so”

Ji Qingyan pretended to sigh with regret, “My dream since I was young was to wear a bathing suit and bask in the sun on the beach.

But because I was too shy, I always felt embarrassed.

I thought someone would give me a chance, but now it seems that this someone is just so-so.

I overestimated him.”

Lin Yi was amused beyond words.

She had a bit of skill for acting.

Just then, the two saw a middle-aged man walking towards them.

This person was none other than Bi Songjiang.

“Boss Lin, Boss Ji, the staff said that you guys were here.

I didnt believe it just now, but I didnt expect you guys to actually be here,” Bi Songjiang greeted with a smile.

“We just came here to have a look.

Its nothing important, so we didnt inform you.” Lin Yi said.

“President Lin, then I have something to report to you.”

“Just say what you need to.

President Ji is not an outsider.”

“Its like this.

Yao Dong just sent us 300,000 just now, and he paid back all the money he owed us.”

“He shouldnt owe us that much, right”

“He said that the rest of the money is to compensate you.

He also said that you should let him live.”

“Okay, I understand, but you cant take the extra money.

Find time to send it back to him.”

“Understood, Lin.” Bi Songjiang said,

“Also, I have already taken care of the things you arranged for me beforehand.

I will temporarily be in charge of the business here at Moon Bay Beach.

In a few days, I will set up a special department to be independently responsible for the business here at the beach.

I will strive to get it on the right track within a week.”

“Im not worried about you handling things.

Just do it boldly.”

“Thank you for Your Trust, CEO Lin.”


Ji Qingyan was stunned.

What were they talking about

The business at Moon Bay Beach

Wasnt this public territory

They should not have the authority to manage it, right


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