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Lin Yi asked carefully before the girl snapped back to her senses.

“Hello, Hello.” Tingting combed her hair and said in a very ladylike manner.

She then handed the documents in her hands to Lin Yi.

“These are all the contracts and materials for the scenic area.

Check if there is anything missing.”

“Im not worried about your work.

It shouldnt be a problem.”

Lin Yi did not believe in them, but in the system.

He believed that with the systems mannerism, there would not be any mistakes with this matter.

“Thank you for your affirmation of my work.

If you have any doubts about the contract, you can call me.” Cai Tingting said enthusiastically.

“I do have some doubts.”

“Go ahead.”

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“I want to ask, normally, Moon Bay Scenic Area is public property.

Why would it be suddenly auctioned off Is it because the cost has been recouped Is that why you dont plan to continue public administration”

Cai Tingtings expression was a little awkward.

She thought for a few seconds and said.

“Normally, with my status, I shouldnt tell you too much about this.

But since youve asked, Ill reluctantly tell you.

Even so, you cant publicize it.

Do you understand”

“Okay, go ahead.”

“In reality, Moon Bay Beach only has a slight maintenance cost every year, and it doesnt cost much, but its very difficult to manage, so we entrusted outsiders to help manage it.

However, we never expected those people to have very deep social backgrounds.

In order to avoid forming a relationship with those people, after the contract expired and the city agreed, we opened a tender to sell the Moon Bay Scenic Area.”

After saying that, she looked around and noticed that no one was paying attention to her.

“But theres one thing you shouldnt misunderstand.

Although the Moon Bay Scenic Area has been sold to you, its still national property, just like a house.

After 70 years of ownership, a small portion of tax money will be required to renew the lease.

This is clearly stated in the contract.”

“I understand.”

Lin Yi, who had gotten his bones in real estate, was quite familiar with this concept.

The land belonged to the country, and it was not like they could do whatever they wanted with it.

Otherwise, it would be a mess.

Farmers did not even farm, they just built houses.

“Well, youll have to do the rest.”

“Ill have to negotiate with the actual manager of Moon Bay to take care of the rest of the matters Is that what you mean”

“Yes.” Cai Tingting said.

“Theyre at 142 Binhai Road.

You should have passed by on your way here.

Youll see them when you drive back in the direction you came.”

“Okay, thank you.”

“Youre welcome.

Its all part of my job.”

Lin Yi drove away after saying his thanks.

Cai Tingtings eyes were full of stars as she looked at Lin Yis supercar.

He was so handsome.

If only she had the chance to have a meal with him.

After leaving the administration, Lin Yi didnt rush over immediately.

Instead, he called Bi Songjiang.

“Boss Lin, are you looking for me”

“I want to ask you about the Moon Bay Beach.”

“Isnt it near Our Dock” Bi Songjiang asked.

“Boss Lin, youre thinking of buying Moon Bay Beach, right”

Hearing Bi Songjiangs tone, Lin Yi felt that something was wrong.

“Whats wrong Cant we buy it”

“Its not that we cant buy it.

That place is a bit troublesome.

Although its the publics territory, the management rights have always been in the hands of some less than ideal people.

President Lin, youre a proper businessman.

Its best not to get involved with those people.” Bi Songjiang said.

“From last year until now, they owe us more than 200,000 dollars.

They havent given it to us yet.”

“They even owe us money” Lin Yi said with a frown.

“Because Wangjiang Dock and Moon Bay Beach are next to each other, they always come to rent our boats, but every time they give us IOUs, they never pay us back.”

“Cant we just not lend it to them”Lin Yi said, “And its been so long.

Didnt you call the police yet”

“Boss Lin, the logic is correct, but a powerful dragon doesnt suppress the local snake.

We cant afford to mess with them, so we just treat it as giving them an offering to avoid disaster.”

Lin Yi stroked his chin.

“They even owe us money.

This is interesting.”

“Its inevitable for these things to happen when we go out to do business.

There are always bad debts that cant be settled,” Bi Songjiang said.

“Thus, I dont recommend that you deal with those people.”

“But Ive already bought it.

Im going to see whats going on.”

“No way, President Lin, you bought Moon Bay Beach You spent a lot of money, didnt you”

“A few billion, its not much.” Lin Yi said.

“Alright, lets cut the crap.

You sort out the IOUs.

Ill go pick you up now and then we will go over together.”

“Got it, Boss Lin.”

Lin Yi hung up the phone and drove to Wangjiang Dock.

Part of the scenic areas had been closed off, and the upgrading work was in full swing.

It did not take long before Bi Songjiang walked out of the building with a stack of documents in his hand.

They then drove to 142 Binhai Road.

There was a two-story building, and the wall was partially broken.

It was probably old.

Two men with dyed yellow hair were smoking at the entrance of the building.

There was also a plaque on the right side of the entrance that said, “Donglai Tourism Co., Ltd.”

“It appears to be quite official.

Theyve even set up a company.” Lin Yi said with a smile after parking the car.

“Hooligans these days are all decent.

If you walk through the streets, you cant even tell if theyre good or bad.”

“Youre right.” Lin Yi smiled.

“Get out of the car and see whats going on.”


Seeing Lin Yi and BI Songjiang get out, the two people who were smoking at the door put out their cigarette butts and walked over.

“Yo, Boss Bi, why are you here”

“Wheres your manager Im looking for him.”

“Im sorry, our Dong Bro isnt here right now.” The yellow-haired youth said with a smile.

“Who are you fooling His car is still here.

How can it not be around”

“Boss Bi, dont we just owe you some money When it comes to chasing our *ss, we are neighbors after all.

Isnt it good to be friendly and make money together”

“Im telling you, dont play around with me here,” Bi Songjiang said.

“The one standing next to me is the boss of our Wangjiang Dock.

In addition, there is one more thing I want to tell you.

Moon Bay Beach is now the private property of Boss Lin.

You can continue in the tourism business, but dont involve yourselves with Moon Bay Beach anymore.”

“Its been acquired!”

Both of them were surprised.

They had heard about the auction before, but they did not expect it to be over so quickly.

“Come with me.

Dong Bro is in his office,” the blondie said.

“I wont be going into the office.

Go back and tell him to get his people out ofMoon Bay Beach.

We wont interfere with each others business and wont cause each other any more trouble,” Lin Yi said.

“Oh, by the way, you should pay us back the money you owe us.

Dont hurt our friendship over such a small matter.”


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