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“Youve practiced piano before”The brat said disdainfully:

“Stop fooling around, the piano is a noble instrument, can you even afford it”

“Hu Haoran, what are you talking about!” Guo Rui shouted.

“What did I teach you Dont you have any manners!”

“Im telling the truth, the cheapest piano costs more than 10,000 dollars, and a piano lesson costs at least 300 dollars per lesson.

If he came from that kind of background, why would he still work as an errand boy”

Guo Rui was so angry that she kept apologizing to Lin Yi.

“Im really sorry, I spoiled this kid.

Dont take it to heart.”

“Its okay.” Lin Yi smiled.

“Actually, hes telling the truth.

Learning the piano isnt cheap.”

“Mom, look, he even admitted it himself.” Hu Haoran looked at Lin Yi.

“So, when you talk about me, you should control yourself.

You dont even know how to play, so what right do you have to control me”

“Who says I dont know how to play” Lin Yi said with a smile.

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“You still refuse to admit it, right” Hu Haoran said.

“If you really know how to play, then come and try.”

“You look down on me, right”

“Yeah, I look down on you.

If you have the ability, then try.”

“Ill give it a try.” Lin Yi said with a smile, then looked at Guo Rui.

“May I”

“You can give it a try, Young Master, but my sons piano skills arent too bad, so…”

“Youre afraid that Ill lose face, arent you” Lin Yi said.

“Even though Im self-taught, I can still play a tune if I want to.”

“Self-taught piano”

Guo Ruis expression was a little unnatural.

She was a piano teacher in high school, and she knew everything about the piano.

Although it was a difficult instrument, she could learn it by herself.

However, without a professional teachers guidance, she could only play simple songs, and it would be difficult for her to go to the next level.

Meanwhile, her son had already passed the beginner stage.

It was impossible for this little errand boy to beat her son.

“Yeah, self-taught,” Lin Yi replied with a smile.

“Young Master, Im not afraid to lend you the piano, but this instrument is a little difficult, Im afraid you…”

“Its okay,” Lin Yi said.

“Im a thick-skinned person, I dont mind losing.

If I can win against him by sheer luck, I might be able to play a positive role in his development.”

“Mom, dont stop him.

Let him play,” Hu Haoran said proudly.

“Ill see if he can beat me.”

“What If I beat you”

“If you beat me, Ill take you to meet the king and let you lie down in bed.”

“I dont need this,” Lin Yi said.

“If you win, listen to your mom and practice well, okay”

“No problem, Im not afraid of you.”

Lin Yi moved his fingers, eager to give it a try.

He had not played this thing since he was given the Sages wisdom.

Lin Yi put his hand on the piano and a familiar feeling filled his mind.

Ding Ding Dong Dong..

A melodious and hurried sound was heard.

At first, Guo Rui did not think much of it, but she was a little surprised that a self-taught player could produce such a smooth tune.

This might require some talent.

However, after about half a minute, Guo Rui understood the trick behind it.

It was not a simple tune at all, but LisztsHungarian Rhapsody!

The difficulty of this tune was ranked in the top ten in the world.

The difficulty of jumping eight scales in a row was not something a beginner could master!

Even she herself could not play it flawlessly!

How did this errand boy do it

Soon, Guo Rui realized that Lin Yis piece had changed again!

It was the ninth most difficult piece in the world, “Ghost Fire”!

Guo Rui was extremely shocked.

There were a lot of double notes here, and it was a headache for every performer.

Even so, he could play it so smoothly.

It was unbelievable!

The most important thing was that he did not even have a score and memorized every note in his head!

Even could not do that!

His level was already comparable to a master!

The brat Hu Haoran widened his eyes.

Although he did not know how to play a song like this, he could understand it.

He also knew the difficulty of it!

Just like his mother, he could not believe that this was the work of an errand boy.

Lin Yi did not play anything else after the song was finished!

The Sages wisdom was a skill that had not yet reached perfection.

Thus, it was already pretty good that he was able to play these two songs perfectly.

If he increased the difficulty, he might make some mistakes.

He might as well stop there, since his goal had been achieved.

As the note syllable fell, Guo Rui and the Brat Hu Haoran were stunned for a long time before coming back to their senses.

Clap! Clap! Clap

Guo Rui could not help but applaud Lin Yi.

“Little Master, your level is really out of my expectations.

Even a university professor like me cant play these two songs without looking at the sheet music.”

“You flatter me, you flatter me.

Im just playing blindly.” Lin Yi said humbly as he looked at Hu Haoran.

“Do you want to give it a try Let me see your level too.”

“Im not giving it a try.

Youre just setting me up for failure,” Hu Haoran said.

“Youre my moms student, arent you Are you pretending to be a errand boy to trick me”

“You have quite an imagination.” Lin Yi did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“Lets not talk about my identity first.

Youve already lost.

Are you going to listen to your mom and practice your piano obediently”

“This round doesnt count!” Hu Haoran said.

“Why not”

“Youre an adult, and Im a child.

Its only right that youre better than me, so its no big deal if you win.”

“Looks like youre not convinced.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Yes, Im not convinced.”Hu Haoran said.

“The piano isnt my strong point, so Im not convinced!”

“Alright then.

Tell me what youre good at.

Lets spar.”

“Im good at the game, Kings Glory,” Hu Haoran said in high spirits.

“I, Juyuujing Tianxiu, am the god of our class.”

“Then lets give it a try.”

“Lets give it a try then,” Hu Haoran said.

“Lets make a deal beforehand.

If I win, I wont practice the piano in the future.”

“What if you lose”

“If you lose, youll listen to your mom and practice at home every day.”

“Okay, its settled then.”

Guo Rui walked up to Lin Yi.

“Little Master, can you do it My son plays this game every day and it seems pretty good.

Lets not take any risks.”

“Its okay.

What if I win”

Seeing Lin Yis insistence, Guo Rui didnt say anything else.

She just let him try.

“Lets both set up new accounts, so you wont call me a bully if you lose.” Hu Haoran said proudly.

“Ill show you the strength of an 8-star king today.

Hehe, its too late to be regretful now.”


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