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“Anyway, Ive already told my colleagues that you would go with me.

That young man is not bad.

He works in a public institution and has some money.

You two are suitable to be together,” Xia Hongyuan said.

“I already have a boyfriend.

I dont need you to introduce me,” Xia Xinyu said.

“You have a boyfriend” Xia Hongyuan asked in surprise.

“Where did you find a boyfriend”

“Where else could I get a boyfriend I found one myself,” Xia Xinyu said.

“Do you think I dug him out from the ground”


The old couple was abnormally excited when they found out that their daughter had a boyfriend.

“Then what are you waiting for Ask the family to take a look.

Well check him out for you.”

“Ah You want our family to take a look”

Xia Xinyu was at a loss for words.

She had just said it casually.

Why did these guys take it so seriously

“Thats right.

Since you have a boyfriend, we naturally have to see who he is.

We cant just casually hand you over, right”

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“Forget about meeting him.

Hes also quite busy with work.

Well talk about it another day.”

Xia Xinyu stood up.

“I still have something to do in a while, so Ill be leaving first.”


Xia Hongyuan said, “I think youre trying to trick me.”

“No, I really have a boyfriend.

Dont even think about introducing me to someone else.”

“Ive raised you for more than 20 years.

Dont you think I know what youre like” Xia Hongyuan said.

“If you dont bring your boyfriend here today, you must obediently follow me to the party.

You can choose your fate.”

“Alright, Ill make a call and ask him then.”

Back in the house, Xia Xinyu was running around like a headless chicken.

It had been so many years, and she did not have many friends of the opposite sex.

Where could she find someone to pretend to be with her!


Suddenly, Xia Xinyus eyes lit up and she muttered to herself,How about finding a delivery boy to pretend to be with her

However, very quickly, Xia Xinyu dismissed these thoughts.

A delivery boy was definitely not allowed.

If he did not dress appropriately, her parents would not believe her.

It would be too easy for her to be exposed.

“A Didi driver seems to be pretty good option,” Xia Xinyu thought.


At the very least, he would have a car and would have some form of assets.

The only thing left was to find a younger driver!

It was perfect!

Because she usually took taxis, there were two taxi-hailing apps on Xia Xinyus phone.

One was Didi, and the other was Kuadi.

She would use the service that offered more discounts.

However, the situation was different this time.

Due to the size of Didi, she ended up choosing Didi.

She picked a random destination and started placing orders.

About five seconds later, the order was received and she hurriedly called the other party.


Ring, Ring, Ring..

Lin Yis phone rang before he could get out of the car.

“Hello, are you the Didi driver”

Lin Yi already knew who the person was.

It was the passenger who placed the order.

“Its me, what do you want” Lin Yi said.

“I want to ask, how old are you”


What kind of question was that

How old was he Did that have anything to do with the passenger

Although he didnt know what he was up to, Lin Yi still told him his age.



“Oh nice!”

Xia Xinyu was a little excited.

She actually met someone her own age!

Soon, Xia Xinyu calmed down and asked in a low voice,

“I want to ask you for a favor, can you do that”

“No, Im just a Didi Driver.

I dont provide extra services.”

Lin Yi had seen too much of this kind of news.

There were some perverted customers who would always making things difficult for the Didi driver or the guy outside.

They would either ask him to buy cigarettes, take out the trash, or even buy sanitary pads.


Lin Yi was not interested in that sort of thing.

“Dont misunderstand me.

My name is Xia Xinyu.

I want you to pretend to be my boyfriend and deal with my parents.

Ill give you a five-star review afterwards.

What do you think”


Lin Yi paused.

This was a good idea.


“On account of the five-star review, its a deal.”

“Then its a deal.

Whats your name”

“Lin Yi.”

“Okay, my house is in Tianyi Homestead, Building 4, unit 1,1302.

You can come straight here.”



Because Tianyi Homestead was nearby, Lin Yi arrived at Xia Xinyus house after about ten minutes.

Knock, Knock, Knock

Xia Xinyu heard someone knocking on the door and opened it.

She prayed in her heart that this Didi brother was not too ugly, or else it would arouse suspicion.


The door was pulled open and Xia Xinyu froze on the spot when she saw Lin Yi.

What, what kind of god-like beauty was this


Did she save the Earth in her previous life


“Yo, its Xiaoyus boyfriend, right”

Seeing Lin Yi standing at the door, Xia Xinyus mother greeted with a smile.

This young man was really good-looking.

He was more than enough for her daughter.

Before Xia Xinyu could say anything, Lin Yi was pulled in.

“Your name is Lin Yi, right How long have you been with my daughter”Xia asked.

“Uh, more than half a year,” Xia Xinyu answered first.

“I didnt ask you, what are you talking about” After scolding Xia Xinyu, Mother Xia asked again,

“Young man, what do you usually do”

“Im a driver,” Lin Yi replied.

“A driver”

The old couples faces changed.

This didnt seem like a decent job.

“Are you a pilot Then you should call yourself a captain.”

Lin Yi didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

The old couples imagination was quite rich.

“Im not flying a plane.

I dont have that kind of skill.” Lin Yi said

The old couples expressions werent as warm as they were before.

“Are you driving for a certain boss” Lin Yi asked


The two of them could accept it if it was for a certain boss.

After all, this gig was quite attractive.

However, this was their bottom line.

“Youve misunderstood.

Im driving for Didi, Im a Didi driver.” Lin Yi said

“Didi driver”

Why did Xia Hongyuans expression suddenly change He now looked a little ugly.

How much money could a Didi driver earn If they were to be together in the future, how would they support their child


Would they be able to live off the wind

“Thats right, hes a Didi driver.” Xinyu said

“Dad, Mom, hes actually making a lot of money now.

Lin Yi bought all my cosmetics and jewelry for me,” Xinyu explained.

“Plus, he still has some money on him.

Were planning to start a business in the future, so we wont work for Didi forever.”

Hearing that, their expressions softened, but it was obvious that they werent very happy.

“Lets talk about this later.” Because Lin Yi was here, there were a lot of things that Xia Hongyuan still could not talk about.

He planned to talk about it when there was no one else around at night.

“Oh right, mom and dad, arent you going to a gathering You should leave now or youll be late.”

Xia Hongyuan looked at the time and said:

“Alright, let him send us there.

Dont leave either, just come with us.”

The two of them had not yet thought the matter surrounding Lin Yi through.

Although his work was suboptimal, his looks were not bad.

They had to weigh it properly before deciding which one to choose.

“I dont think its possible for us to go together,” Lin Yi said.

“Huh Why Not”

“My car is a two-seater.

It cant fit four people.”


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