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Lin Yi had just finished his meal when he received the order.

“I just registered last night, and youre already here Isnt that a bit too fast”

He opened his phone and looked at the contents of the order.

He was supposed to go to Magic Music Store and buy a music stand for a piano.

Apart from that, there was also the price and model on it.

He just had to buy it according to the model stated.

However, he had to pay for the customer in advance and get paid back after the goods were delivered.

To Lin Yi, this was just a small matter.

Because of Sages wisdom, Lin Yi also had some knowledge of the piano.

The so-called music stand was actually similar to the phone stand, but this one was for the piano.

Lin Yi looked up the location of Magic Music Store on his phone and prepared to start working.

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This time, however, Lin Yi did not plan to drive the Koenigsegg anymore.

He had a limited-edition motorcycle with a price of 6.5 million dollar.

Didnt it smell good

Lin Yi walked out of the Peninsula Hotel after a full meal.

At this time, there were several people standing in front of Lin Yis motorcycle, pointing and cursing.

He did not know what was going on.

“What the hell A broken motorcycle actually stopped here.

I dont even have a place to park.”

The man who spoke was Chang Dejun.

He was about 40 years old and wore a black suit.

He looked like a successful man.

While cursing, he looked around as if he was looking for another parking space.

“These delivery people are too much.

The parking space of the Peninsula Hotel is so tight, yet they actually parked the motorcycle here.

He has no shame.”

The one who spoke was a woman with heavy makeup.

She was wearing a miniskirt and black silk, and her face was full of disdain.

“The style of the motorcycle is not bad.

It should not be a delivery person.

It might be the bike of those motorcycle enthusiasts.”

“I hate those people who ride motorcycles the most.

They cant afford a good car, so they ride a broken motorcycle on the road all day, and call it sentimental.

It makes me sick to my stomach.”

“I also hate those perverts.

They make a broken motorcycle seem like a family heirloom.

They either wash or clean it all day long.

Its annoying to look at it,” Chang Dejun scolded.

“Dear, what should we do now It seems that we cant find a parking space for the time being.

I cant wait.”

Chang Dejun touched the womans butt and said with a smile,

“You little rascal, why are you more impatient than me”

“Its all because of you.

If you dont hurry up, the water will flood the mountains,” the woman said delicately.

“Dont worry.

This small matter can not stop me.

I am a person with the ability to pay.”

After saying that, Chang Dejun took out two hundred dollar bills from his wallet and said to the people passing by the roadside,

“Is there anyone willing to help Ill pay anyone who helps take this motorcycle away each a hundred dollars.”

Hearing that there was money to be made, the eyes of the people passing by lit up.

“Sir, are you sure youll give us a hundred dollars just to take the motorcycle away”

“Of course!” Chang Dejun pointed at his car as his big belly jiggled.

“I drive an Audi A8 worth more than a million dollars.

Do you think someone with my status would lie”

“Okay, okay, okay.

Well help you carry it away.”

The two passers-by used all their strength to carry Lin Yis motorcycle to the side, leaving the parking space empty.

Chang Dejun then parked his car inside.

“My dear, youre amazing.

You actually came up with such an idea.”

“See This is the power of money.” Chang Dejun said proudly:

“If we park on the side of the road, we will be fined 100 dollars plus three points.

This is much more valuable than 200 dollars.

The reason why we become rich is because we know how to be flexible.

On the other hand, those who ride motorcycles will always be poor.”

Chang Dejun was extremely happy.

He had been chatting with her for more than half a month, and he only made an appointment with her today.

In order to show off, he even specially rented an Audi A8.

He did not expect the effect to be so good.

When she saw the car he was driving, she immediately fell for him.

Now that she had such a good chance to show off, she probably would not leave him.

“Yeah, yeah, thats great.

I like a successful man like you.”

“Alright, weve wasted so much time.

Lets go in.” Chang Dejun said with a smile.

“Yeah, yeah, I cant wait anymore.”

The woman looked at Lin Yis motorcycle.

“Bah, rubbish motorcycle.

Its a waste of time.”


Chang Dejun walked over and kicked Lin Yis motorcycle, knocking it to the ground.

Although there was not any substantial damage, the paint was scratched.

Before he left, he did not forget to scold.

“Ill teach you a **ing lesson today.

Lets see if you dare to stop here again.”

After scolding, the anger from the two was mostly gone, and they walked towards the hotel happily.

However, they only took a few steps before they saw Lin Yi blocking their way.

“Whats wrong with you A good dog doesnt get in my way.

Get out of my way!” Chang Dejun scolded.

“You kicked my motorcycle and you want to leave so easily Are you two dreaming” Lin Yi said expressionlessly.

“So this broken motorcycle is yours after all.” Chang Dejun sneered.

“Ill teach you a lesson today.

Dont park your bike blindly in the future.

This kick is light, but Ill smash it next time.”

“Thats awesome.

Smash it now if you dare.” Lin Yi smiled.

“What, do you think I dont dare”

“If you really dare, then just do it.

Theres no need to talk nonsense.

But Ill say first that you have to think about whether you can afford it.”

“F*ck, isnt it just a broken motorcycle My Audi A8 can buy 100 of these broken motorcycles.”

“Ive already said what I need to say.

If you really have the guts, then just smash it.

Let me see how you can buy 100 of these motorcycles.”

“F*ck, do you think I dont have the guts”

After cursing, Chang Dejun opened the trunk of his car and took out a pair of wrenches, smashing them against Lin Yis motorcycle.

After more than ten hits, even the exhaust pipe fell off, and he stopped panting.

“See Your bike really got it today.

Are you convinced”

“Im convinced.” Lin Yi smiled and gave him a thumbs up.

“Your head is really made of iron.”

“As long as youre convinced.” Chang Dejun said arrogantly.

Then, he took out a stack of hundred-dollar bills from his wallet.

It amounted to at least two thousand dollars.

“Take it to repair your bike.

I have a lot of money.

Im different from you poor guys who ride motorcycles.

I think I still have a lot left.

Tonight, Ill add a chicken drumstick to my meal to replenish my body.”

“My dear, youre great.

You subdued him so easily.

Lets see if he dares to park his bike recklessly in the future.”

“Your desire to compensate me is quite proactive, but what I want to say is that this bit of money doesnt seem to be enough to pay me back.”

“Not enough”

Chang Dejun laughed coldly, “What, are you still trying to scam me Let me tell you, Ive seen a lot of trash motorcycles like yours.

The market price is definitely not more than 10,000 dollars.

Ive given you 2,000 dollars, and thats already a sky-high price.

Dont be so shameless.”

“Yeah, dont even think about scamming at such a young age.

Otherwise, well report you to the police!” The woman said.

“You guys arent worth making me do something like that,” Lin Yi said lightly.

“You might not know this, but my motorcycle is a Tamburini T12.

Including customs, its sold for 6.5 million dollars in China.

Now, the paint is scratched and the exhaust cylinder has fallen off, yet youre only paying me 2,000 dollars.

It doesnt seem like enough.”


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