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“You shouldnt have stopped me just now.

I really want to give him a slap!”

Sugar said fiercely as she watched Yang Feng leave.

“Slap him for what” Lin Yi said faintly.

“Its a bit harsh, but neither you nor I have the right to order him around.”

“I hate people like that the most!”

Lin Yi could understand Sugar.

After all, her ex-boyfriend had run off with someone else, so it was natural for her to hate scumbags.

On the other hand, why had she targetted him though

He was handsome and rich, but he was not a scumbag at all.

Sugar calmed down after hearing Lin Yis words.

She had been a little impulsive.

“Im done talking about him.

Its time to talk about you.”

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“What about me Im not a scumbag.”

Sugar extended her foot.

“Can you be gentler when you kick me next time It hurts so much.”

“Uh, sorry for hurting you.

Ill be gentler next time.”

Sugar rolled his eyes at Lin Yi.

“Its already noon.

The three of us are going out for lunch.

Are you coming”

“Forget it.

I have something to do in the afternoon, so I wont be joining.”

“What about tomorrow Its Shi Lis birthday, and her husband is away on a business trip.

Ive reserved a table for us.

Are you joining”

Lin Yi was a little puzzled.

Why did the husbands of young married women like to go on business trips


Lin Yi thought about it and rejected.

“I wont get involved with you guys.

You guys go ahead.”

“Then you should head off first.

Ill wait for them here.” Sugar combed her hair as she said.

“You can come back to work tomorrow.

You dont have to come back in the afternoon.”


Lin Yi said goodbye and drove to the Peninsula Hotel.

He was supposed to meet Yang Tianbo here, so he could just have his lunch now that he was early.

At the same time, a black Bentley was driving towards the Peninsula Hotel.

Apart from the driver, there was a father and son sitting in the back.

The middle-aged mans name was Yang Tianbo.

He was the CEO of Dinghui Property and the person Lin Yi was going to meet that afternoon.

Coincidentally, his son was the one whod just met Lin Yi, Feng Yang.

“Where have you been Nobody has seen you all morning.

Dont you know youre going to meet a big shot this afternoon”

“Dont mention it.

Im bored to death with all the school stuff.”

“Youll be graduating soon.

Dont get involved in school stuff anymore,” Tianbo said.

“I brought you here today to broaden your horizons.”

“Dad, you and my uncle are bragging about this big shot.

Is he really that powerful”

“Of course.

Moreover, hes a very low-key rich man.

When the time comes, dont go out and spout nonsense.

Those famous rich men are very concerned about their privacy,” Yang Tianbo said.

“If it werent for you eventually taking over my job, I wouldnt have brought you here today.”

“Dont worry, I wont say anything.”

Feng rubbed his hands together, a little excited.

The Yang family was wealthy, but they were still far from the mysterious tycoon who could buy the Twin Towers.

It was the first time hed seen someone of this level in his entire life.

It was just that he could not go out and brag about it, so the situation was less than ideal.

It was almost 12:30 pm when Tianbos Bentley stopped at the entrance of the Peninsula Hotel.

He went to the coffee shop and waited for Lin Yi to arrive.

He did not dare to be late.

The 30 minutes was a bit difficult for the father and son duo.

If they could win this project, it would be a huge boost to the reputation of Dinghui Property.

If they could not get it, it would be a huge loss.

At around 1 pm, Yang Tianbos phone rang.

When he saw that it was Lin Yis number, he picked it up excitedly.


Lin, Im here.

Are you here Ill come down to pick you up.”

“No need, Ive already spotted you.”

The father and son looked around after hanging up, looking for Lin Yi.

Fengs face turned cold when he saw Lin Yi.

“Its you!” Tianbo pointed at Lin Yis nose.

“Im already here, yet youre still chasing after me.

Arent you being too nosy”


Tianbo almost wet his pants when he saw his son talking to Lin Yi like that.

“What are you talking about !”

“Dad, you dont know but this guys name is Lin Yi, and hes the head of our schools committee.

Hes the reason why I wasted a lot of time this morning, and now hes still chasing me here after being scolded by me.

Hes really haunting me!”

Lin Yi was a little surprised as well.

He did not expect such a coincidence to happen.

He had met Feng this morning, and the boy turned out to be Tianbos son.

“Tianbo, you gave birth to a good son!” Lin Yi exclaimed.

“What the hell are you talking about What do I have to do with you…”


Before he could finish, Tianbo slapped Feng in the face.

“Do you want to f*cking die Do you believe that I will kill you with one slap!”

Yang Tianbos hand was very strong, and he instantly slapped Yang Feng to the ground.

“Dad, why did you hit me He is just a lousy director.

Even if I scold him a little, you shouldnt treat me like this, right”

“F*ck your mother!”

Pointing at Yang Fengs nose, Yang Tianbo cursed, “The person in front of You is Mr.

Lin, who bought the Twin Towers.

If you dare to speak rudely to Mr.

Lin, I will beat you to death!”

Yang Tianbo was so angry that he was out of breath.

A business that was originally going well was in danger of being destroyed by this idiot.

If he had known this would happen, he would not have brought this good-for-nothing here!

Yang Feng covered his face and he felt his heart race like a thousand horses.

“Dad, what, what did you say Hes the mysterious rich man who bought the Twin Towers”

“You think Id joke with you”

“But hes the head of our schools committee.

We even met this morning,” Feng said, feeling wronged.

“I work at the school to experience life,” Lin Yi said lightly.

“Now you know whats going on, dont you” Tianbo cursed.

“Do you think everyones like you All you do is go to bars every day.

Learn from Mr.

Lin when you have time, or else my familys business will be ruined by you!”

“G-go to school to experience life”

Yang Feng could not understand Lin Yis actions at all.

Who would go to such a lousy place to experience life

“Director Lin, what happened Do you need me to chase them away”

Tianlong walked over and asked when he heard the argument.

“No need, Ill handle it.”

Tianbo and Yang Feng were stunned.

They had been to the Peninsula Hotel before and knew who Tianlong was.

However, they never thought that he would call the man in front of them Director Lin.


Lin, are you” Yang Tianbo asked tentatively.

The shock in his heart had caused waves of nervousness to spread in his chest.

“Not only is the Twin Towers mine, but the Peninsula Hotel is also mine.

Do you have any questions”


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