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“Hmm Where did I fill it in wrong”

Lin Yi had checked the form several times when he was in line, but he did not find anything wrong.

Therefore, he was a little confused by Ma Yis words.

“Take a look at what you put in.” Ma Yi pointed at Lin Yis form.

“The registered capital is 500 million Are you kidding me”


Ma Yis words made the people around him laugh.

“The registered capital subscription fee can be filled in freely, but there should still be a limit.

This is the first time Ive seen someone like him write 500 million.

How dare he”

“Tencents registered capital is only 50 million.

His brain must be fried.”

Feng Xin and the others were a little surprised as well.

They did not think that Lin Yi would do something like this.

He was too much of an amateur.

“Xin Xin, why didnt you keep an eye on that handsome guy just now Hes in trouble now, isnt he”

“I didnt think too much about it,” Feng Xin said sadly.

“He came to start his own business.

I thought he was already familiar with this process, so I left himto do other things.”

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“Sigh, the handsome guy is too pitiful.

Ma Yi must be purposely targeting him to make him look bad!”

“This guy is too despicable!” Feng Xin clenched her fists.

“The more he acts like this, the more I hate him!”

“Alright, lets see whats going on first.”

At this time, Ma Yi smiled at Lin Yi.

“Now you should understand whats going on.

Arent you ashamed that you actually wrote 500 million”

“Didnt I say that I can write any amount freely Why cant I write 500 million”

Lin Yi felt that he was already being very conservative when he wrote 500 million.

If he wrote one billion, would they not be scared to death

“Sure, but dont you feel embarrassed”

“Why should I feel embarrassed”

“Alright,” Ma Yi said sarcastically.

“Since youre so thick-skinned, lets talk about something else.”

Ma Yi pointed at the form Lin Yi filled in.

“You wroteactual payment here.

Do you know what that means Its different fromsubscription.”

“Actual payment means that you need to take out 500 million as the registered capital of the company, while subscription means that you can write any amount as you please without taking out any money.”

“Well, this form saysactual payment 500 million, which means that I intend to pay that much money.”

Ma Yi looked at Lin Yi with schadenfreude.

“Since you insist that you didnt fill in the wrong section, then prepare money.

Ive never seen so much money in my entire life.”


The others laughed loudly.

“This kid doesnt even know the difference between actual payment and subscription, yet he still wants to start a business.

A hothead like him will definitely lose money in the end!”

“Lets see how he ends up this time.

Hes really shooting himself in the foot.

Im dying of laughter.”

“Xin Xin, the matter seems to have blown up.

You should go and take a look quickly.

Otherwise, Little Handsome will lose all his dignity,” Feng Xins colleague said.

“Little Handsome really is too much.

Before coming here, he should have done his homework first.

How come he doesnt even know the difference between actual payment and subscription”

“Alright, lets not talk about this anymore.

Xin Xin, go help the handsome guy out.”

“Got it, Sis.”

Feng Xin walked over hurriedly as she spoke, her resentment towards Ma Yi growing in her heart.

Was it not just a case of someone filling in the wrong section What was the big deal

Damn it!

“Alright, its just a form.

Ill bring him to fill up a new one.”

Feng Xin looked at Lin Yi and smiled.

“Sir, Ill take you to fill up a new form.

You can ask me if you dont understand anything, and Ill take you to another window.”

“I appreciate your kindness.” Lin Yi smiled.

“But I didnt fill out the wrong form.

Why should I fill it up again”

Ma Yi laughed.

“Xin, dont bother with him.

He insisted that he didnt fill out the wrong form.

Just let him register with 500 million.”

“Dont joke around.

If he really had 500 million, why would he start a business”

“Thats right, Im dying of laughter because of him.”

“Hes really a dead man.

All he has left is his stubborn mouth.”

Lin Yi handed the bank information to Ma Yi.

“This is our companys account.

The money has been transferred to the account.

Take a look.”

In that instant, the mocking laughter stopped.

Everyone looked at Lin Yi with their eyes wide open.

Their mouths were hanging open like they had just seen a ghost.

“Wh-what did you say Your company has 500 million in its account!”

“Of course,” Lin Yi said.

“If you dont believe me, I can show you my bank message.”

The people standing next to him looked over curiously and saw that there was indeed 500 million in the expenditure column!

The most important thing was that after spending 500 million, there was still 500 million left!

In other words, he had a total of one billion liquid funds in his hands!

500 million was already low-key enough!

Ma Yi looked at Lin Yi with a dull gaze.

He thought that Lin Yi was just a poor entrepreneur!

He didnt expect Lin Yi to be a rich man with a huge fortune!

“F*ck, hes already so rich, why did he come all the way here Doesnt he have a secretary”

“His secretarys legs are probably weak, she might not be able to get out of bed.”

“Handsome and rich, Im tempted!”

Lin Yi looked at Ma Yi.

“Can I register my company now”

Ma Yi returned to normal and said coldly,

“Still not qualified.

Take it back and fill it up again!”


The others did not understand either.

He had already taken out 500 million, how could he not be qualified

Ma Yi pointed at the form and said, “Register the address here.

See what you filled out!”

“100 Century Avenue, thats right.”

“What nonsense are you talking about” Ma Yi said sarcastically.

“100 Century Avenue is the newly completed Twin Towers.

The registered address is the location of your company, not the address of the Twin Towers!”

Top-tier office buildings like the Twin Towers would have a variety of companies occupying them.

There would be dozens of occupants staying inside.

Therefore, the companies needed to write down the specific floor and room number.

Otherwise, if the other companies in the Twin Towers also wrote the same address, it would lead to a lot of confusion.

“No way.

Hes already so rich, but he doesnt even know how to fill in the registered address”

“Could it be that he inherited the money and became rich overnight”

“Its possible, otherwise he wouldnt make such a mistake.”

Lin Yi turned a deaf ear to the ridicule and said lightly,

“But the exact address of our company is the Gemini building at 100 Century Avenue.”

“Hehe.” Ma Yi looked at him with disdain and laughed, “What Are you saying that the entire Gemini building is yours”

“Yeah.” Lin Yi said matter-of-factly.

“The Twin Towers are indeed mine.

This is the title deed.

I spent 18 billion on it a few days ago.”


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