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Lin Yi remained calm in the face of a young woman like Wang Ying and changed the topic.

“Sister Ying, youre the sales director now, whats the point of riding a motorcycle You have to get a car to fit your status.” Lin Yi said with a smile

She did not have a car, so Wang Ying would ride a motorcycle to work sometimes.

It was not to save money, but it was to avoid traffic.

It was just so convenient.

“Actually, I was planning to buy a car too, but its too high-profile to buy a car right after I got promoted.

I thought Id wait a little longer.”

“Why worry so much You dont have to do anything for other peoples sake, you just have to make sure you live a comfortable life,” Lin Yi said.

“Its getting late, lets go for a walk some other day.”

“Sure, Ill listen to you.”

Lin Yi drove to Wang Yings house very quickly.

Wang Yings house was not that big, measuring about 60 square meters.

It was not comparable to the Jiuzhou Pavilion in terms of size.

However, in a place like Zhong Hai where every inch of land was precious, a house this size would cost at least five million.

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The living room was a little messy.

Wang Yings clothes were everywhere, and one could even see different colors of underwear strewn about.

It was also in line with the living habits of a woman who lived alone.


“Yi, Im sorry.

I didnt know you were coming, so I didnt tidu up.” Wang Ying said with a smile

Wang Ying didnt plan to pack up her lingerie, though.

“Its fine.

Its the same at my place.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“I wont stand on ceremony with you.

Theres some watermelon and drinks in the fridge.

You can eat them yourself.”

Wang Ying unbuttoned her shirt as she spoke, and the two rabbits jumped out immediately.

However, Wang Ying did not care.

“Im going to take a shower, then well go.

Sis will treat you to a big meal today.”

“Ill have to trouble you.”

Wang Ying walked into the bathroom and Lin Yi soon heard the sound of running water.

It was quite enjoyable.

Lin Yi opened the fridge and was ready to eat some watermelon.

The weather was too hot, so he could wanted dispel some of the heat.

However, when he opened the fridge, he found that the state of Wang Yings fridge was similar to Ji Qingyans.

There were a few unopened silk stockings on the bottommost layer of the fridge.

Lin Yi instantly lost the desire to eat the watermelon and instead drank a glass of room-temperature water from the water dispenser.

After about twenty minutes, the sound of the water in the bathroom stopped abruptly.

Not long after, Wang Ying walked out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel.

Faint steam rose from her jade-white shoulders.

Although Wang Yings appearance was not as stunning as Ji Qingyans, her entire body was filled with the charm of a young woman.

It was a feeling that Ji Qingyan could not compare to.

“Yi, come to my room.”

“Ah” Lin Yi was a little confused.

“Sister Ying, this is your house.

Thats not appropriate.”

“You brat, what are you thinking” Wang Ying smiled.

“Come and help me choose an outfit.”

“I see.”

Lin Yi and Wang Ying went to the master bedroom and found that there was only one pillow on the bed.

Even if her husband was on a business trip, it should not look like this.


Wang Ying did not worry about the details and opened her wardrobe.

“I have all my clothes here.

Help me choose one.”

Wang Yings wardrobe was very neat and not as messy as at home.

“That burgundy dress is not bad.”

“Okay, Ill listen to you.

Ill wear this.”

Following Lin Yis instructions, Wang Ying took out the burgundy dress and pointed at the small boxes under the wardrobe.

“Can you choose one of those too”

“Whats in there”

“Youll know when you see it.” Wang Ying smiled as she opened the small boxes under the wardrobe.

Lin Yi almost vomited blood.

Inside were Wang Yings panties, consisting of all colors and styles.

“F-forget it.

Ill let Sister Ying do it herself.”

“Youre already an adult.

Why are you so shy” Wang Ying teased.

“Alright, lets go out now.

Well leave after I change.”


Lin Yi nodded and walked out of the bedroom.

Ten minutes later, Wang Ying came out of the room after changing her clothes.

The dress was not tight-fitting, but because of Wang Yings voluptuous figure, it gave off the feeling of a tight-fitting dress.

Coupled with the black silk, it brought out the young ladys temperament to perfection.

As for what she was wearing underneath, Lin Yi did not know.

However, if Lin Yi asked, Wang Ying would probably have told him.

“Lets go, Ive already booked the place.

Its a place called Sea Breeze Pond.”

“Sea Breeze Pond Thats a seafood restaurant, right It doesnt look cheap.” Lin Yi said.

“I told you Id treat you to a big meal.

Dont be so shy.

Lets go.” Wang Ying said.

The two went downstairs together and got into Lin Yis Zonda.

Sea Breeze Pond was huge and the decorations were luxurious.

It was almost comparable to Qin Hans barbeque shop.

Wang Ying reserved a seat on the third floor.

The service fee was relatively high, so there were not many people around.

It was very quiet.

Wang Ying did not hesitate as she ordered a lot of good dishes.

In any case, it was impossible to have a meal here without spending a few thousand dollars.

“Yi, youre driving later.

Ill just drink tea with you.”

“Dont worry about it.

Its not a big deal.”

“But I wouldnt be the sales director if you didnt put in a good word for me.” Wang Ying looked at Lin Yi mysteriously.

“Yi, I remember that Boss Ji went upstairs after the party yesterday.

Did she look for you”

“Yeah.” Lin Yi didnt hide anything.

“So nothing happened between you and Boss Ji”

“Ying Jie, youre too gossipy.” Lin Yi didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

“Whats the big deal President Ji has such a good figure, so you must be enjoying it.” Wang Ying winked.

“And I see that youre in good shape today.

You seem quite strong.”

“Sister Ying, youre thinking too much.

I really didnt do anything.

We slept separately.”

“No way.

You didnt even eat when such a big piece of meat was right in front of you”

“I wanted to eat it, but she didnt give me the chance.”

“Youre right.

President Ji isnt a simple person.” Wang Ying took off her high heels and rubbed her stocking-covered toes on Lin Yis leg.

“You must be suffocating.”

“Ying Jie, youre making me misunderstand.”

“Whats there to be afraid of Lets just misunderstand.” Wang Ying said.

“Were living our own lives now anyway.

Our home is like a hotel to us.

Were just living together.”

“No way.

Did you guys have a conflict”

Lin Yi was a little surprised.

This was the first time he had heard Wang Ying talk about her relationship.

“Our relationship broke up the first time he cheated on me.

On the surface it looked like nothing, but we cant go back to the way things were.”

“How could he cheat on a beautiful wife like Sister Ying”

Lin Yi could not understand this kind of thought process.

It was too confusing.

“Dont all men like something new” Wang Ying said with emotion.

“Once the novelty wore off, my heart began to wane.

Thats why we havent talked much over the past two years.

Our relationship is getting weaker and weaker.

If it wasnt for him begging me on his knees two years ago, we would have divorced already.”


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