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“Quick, quick, quick, Ill take It for you.”

Mo Qingwan handed the box to her colleague, tidied up her makeup, and walked over to Lin Yi.

“Lin Yi.”

“You havent left yet.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Im waiting for you.” Mo Qingwan gave the brightest smile she had ever smiled in her life, confident that she could charm Lin Yi.

“Why are you waiting for me”

“Mainly because I have something to tell you.” Mo Qingwan was a little nervous.

If Lin Yi found out that she broke up with Ren Zhongxu, would he hug her out of excitement

If that was the case, it would be too embarrassing if it happened in public.

“I broke up with Ren Zhongxu.”


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Lin Yis cold attitude surprised Mo Qingwan.

He had written her a love letter when she was in school, and he could not get her out of his mind.

She had already broken up with her boyfriend, and she was single again.

Why was he acting so cold

Was she not the goddess in his heart He should be hugging her in excitement, shouldnt he

Was he the same as her Was he embarrassed because it was a public place

Mo Qingwan thought about it and realized that it was indeed possible.

“Are you free tonight Ill treat you to dinner to celebrate my return to being single, okay”

Lin Yi shook his head.


“No Why are you rejecting me”Mo Qingwan was not convinced and said proudly.

“You even wrote me a love letter before, saying that Im your goddess.

Now that Ive given you a chance, why wont you cherish it”

Lin Yi rubbed his temples.

His head hurt.

“Ive already said that the love letter was written by Zhang Song.

I was just passing it on from him.

Why wont you believe it Wake up, stop dreaming.”


The people watching from the side all laughed out loud.

“Mo Qingwan thinks too highly of herself.


Lin is handsome and rich.

He may be lacking in everything, but he doesnt lack women.

She even claims to be his goddess.

Shes too narcissistic.”

“These women are like that.

When they dont have money, they just ignore them.

Now that they have money, they pounce on them like flies.”

“In front of ordinary people, shes a goddess.

In front of rich people, shes like a dog licking its tail.


Mo Qingwans face was red, as if someone had slapped her a few times.

She was so embarrassed that she went red.

“Alright, you go ahead.

Im leaving.”

Lin Yi walked towards his own Rolls-Royce Phantom.


“As expected of Mr.

Lin, driving a Rolls-Royce Phantom.

I heard that the price is more than nine million dollars.

Hes so rich.”

“I might never get a chance to ride a car like this in my life.”

“Go get a plastic surgery and find a rich woman over sixty years old.

After inheriting her assets, you might be able to drive a phantom.”

Standing not far away, Mo Qingwan saw Lin Yis Rolls-Royce Phantom and her cloudy eyes lit up again!

She could not give up!

No matter what, she had to seize this opportunity!

If she missed it, she would never get the chance to marry into a rich family!

“Lin Yi!”

Just as he opened the car door, he heard Mo Qingwan call out to him from behind.

“Is there anything else”

Mo Qingwan hid the gloom on her face and smiled happily.

“Im fired now.

Were classmates after all.

It shouldnt be a problem to drive me back right, right”

She didnt care whether Lin Yi agreed or not and got into the passenger seat.

“Youre right, a good car is different.

Im already feeling a little hot as soon as I sit down.”

Seeing Mo Qingwan get into Lin Yis passenger seat, her former colleagues were all surprised.

Could it be that things had made a turn for the better

They were a little envious!

Lin Yi looked at Mo Qingwan speechlessly.

She was quite aloof when she was in school.

She had only graduated half a year ago yet she had become so shameless

“Did I let you get in”

“No way.

We are classmates after all.

Cant you just give me a ride” Mo Qingwan said with a smile.

“You dont want to get out, do you”

“How can I get out when Im already sitting down” Mo Qingwan complained.

“Fine, you can sit then.”


Mo Qingwan thought that Lin Yi would get in the car and pull her away, and then her chance would come.

However, she realized that he was actually on the phone.

“Lin Yi, are you booking a hotel You can book anywhere, Im not picky,” Mo Qingwan said embarrassedly.

“Yeah, Ill book you a hotel that can be extended indefinitely, and Ill even give you a platinum bracelet and anklet.” Lin Yi said.

“You dont have to be like this.

I didnt want to be with you because of your money, I just thought that you knew everything and could be relied on.

Im embarrassed that youre spending so much money.”

Qingwan was a little confused.

He had just rejected her righteously, but did he change his mind so quickly

It seemed like she had convinced him with her passion.

After all, she was the campus belle of their university days, the goddess in the hearts of all men.

It was understandable for him to change his mind so quickly.

“Its fine.

Im not spending money anyway.” Lin Yi said.

“Huh Not spending money”

Lin Yi did not answer because the call connected at that moment.

“110 Theres a woman stuck in my car and wont leave.

Im at the entrance of the Far East building.

Send someone to deal with her.” Lin Yi said.

“Okay, thats it.

Hurry up.”

Mo Qingwan almost vomited blood.

“Yo-youre calling the police!”

“What else” Lin Yi said helplessly.

“I told you to get out of the car, but you didnt.

This is the only thing I can do.”

“Lin Yi, dont call the police.

Ill get out of the car,” Mo Qingwan said as she got out of the car dejectedly.

“If I knew this would happen, I wouldnt have wasted my phone bill.”

Lin Yi drove away as he spoke, and Mo Qingwan became the butt of everyones jokes.

Lin Yi did not go back to school after leaving Far East Group.

He drove to the Twin Towers instead.

Seeing the magnificent Twin Towers, the beautiful blueprint in Lin Yis heart became clearer.

From now on, this would be the location of his company.

Lin Yi vaguely had a feeling that in the near future, this place would become the focus of the whole world!

He walked around in front of the Twin Towers and noticed that it was already past midnight.

Thus, he drove to the Peninsula Hotel to have lunch.


After lunch, Lin Yi was about to go to school when he received a call from Qin Han.

“Old Lin, what are you doing”

“I just finished lunch and Im going to work.”

“Whats with this stupid Didi driver Come over and run a few laps.

I have some questions, come over and give me some pointers.” Qin Han said.

“I stopped driving Didi a long time ago.

Im a teacher at the university now.”

“F*ck, youre the only one who can be a teacher.” Qin Han said in surprise.

“What, are the girls in the club not fun anymore Are you looking for a new target at the university”

“I really cant get along with you rich kids.

This is called being self-centred.”

“Alright, were all the same.

Lets not talk about each other anymore,” Qin Han said.

“And your Pagani seems to have been repainted.

Come over and have some fun.

You can take the car for a spin.”

“Alright, wait for me at the car park.” Lin Yi said.

With Zhao Qi backing him up, Lin Yi gave up on the idea of going to school and drove to the car park.

Just like Qin Han said, he was going to pick up the Zonda while he was at it.

When he arrived at the car park, he found Qin Han and a few of his friends there, accompanied by a few girls in miniskirts.

Lina, whom he had met previously, was also there.

However, Lina was dressed in a more reserved manner.

Her jeans, high-heeled shoes, and white top made her look like a princess.

“Young Master Lin, youre here.”

Lina jogged over when she saw Lin Yi and grabbed his arm.

She even rubbed her chest against Lin Yis arm.

“I didnt recognize you after you changed your outfit.”

“I knew you liked good families, so I changed my style.”


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