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“What are you talking about Do you think people will recognize you just because you introduced yourself”

Everyone looked at Lin Yi as if they were looking at a fool.

It felt like this person was out of his mind.

“You are Director Lin!”

Guan Yas exclamation stopped everyone from laughing.

Their expressions froze in an instant!

“You have a good memory.

You still remember my voice.”

“Director Lin, you must be joking.

How could I forget your voice” Guan Ya said politely.

“Cousin, what are you talking about Do you know this Lin Yi” Wei Ziyang exclaimed.

“Besides, hes a lousy university teacher.

Why do you call him Director Lin”

“How can I not know him” Guan ya said.

“Wangjiang Dock is Director Lins property.

Director Lin gave me the 800 million dollar renovation project.

Why do you think I call him Director Lin”

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“Wh-what did you say Wangjiang Wharf is his property”

Those who heard this were all dumbfounded.

They stared at Lin Yi in disbelief.

No one expected this man to be the boss of the dock!

“Now, you should believe that I have the right to make the final decision on this project, right”

Face slap!


Wei Ziyangs face alternated between red and white as he wished he could find a hole to hide in.

The 800 million was his, yet he was busy acting tough in front of such a big shot.

This was too much of a slap to the face!

Ji Qingyan stared at him with her beautiful eyes.

She was as shocked as anyone else.

He had actually secretly bought the Wangjiang Dock!

Moreover, he had casually taken out 800 million to carry out the renovation of the project.

How much money did he have

“I believe you.”

Wei Ziyang nodded and said humbly, “Director Lin, Ive offended you just now.

Please forgive me, dont lower yourself to my level.”

“Then, do I have the right to ask Ji Qingyan out for a meal now”

“Of course, of course.” Wei Ziyang nodded and said, “Among all the people here, no one is more qualified than you to invite Director Ji out for a meal.”

Wei Ziyang was not stupid.

He knew the seriousness of the situation.

Even his cousin had to bow and nod in front of this man, let alone him.

“Alright, you guys can continue chatting.

Im just here to look around.”

Lin Yi walked out of the door as he spoke, leaving only a view of his disappearing back.

“Damn, what a loss.” The woman in the white dress said.

“If I knew he was so powerful, I would have stuck to him shamelessly.”

“Lets give up on those unrealistic thoughts.

Only a woman like Ji Qingyan can catch his eye.

The two of us cant.”

“Then Ill be his lover and let him play for free,” the woman in white said.

“Its not easy to meet a rich second generation like him.”

Lin Yi returned to the presidential suite where he had been resting at noon after leaving the venue, waiting for Ji Qingyan to come up.

About an hour later, Ji Qingyan called.

“Where are you”

“2306, just come up.”


After hanging up, Ji Qingyan knocked on the door a few minutes later.

At this time, Ji Qingyan had changed into a formal suit, blue jeans, and black high heels.

Her hair was tied up high, making it neat and elegant.

“Lin Yi, youre really something.

You actually bought Wangjiang Dock without a sound,” Ji Qingyan said.

“It wasnt a big deal.

There wasnt any publicity.”

“I really cant see through you,” Ji Qingyan said.

“Youre working and living a normal life while investing in other industries.

Youre too much.”

“Theres no pattern to it.

Its just a routine operation.”

“Tsk, I cant win against you.” Ji Qingyan smiled.

“But dont worry.

Although we have a good relationship, business matters are different.

Well definitely complete the renovation mission with quality and speed.”

“Stop, stop, stop.” Lin Yi said.

“When did I say that Im giving you the Wangjiang Dock project Youre thinking too much.”

“Youre not giving it to me”

“Yeah.” Lin Yi said.

“Although Im the one who is funding the project, there are so many companies in Zhonghai.

I dont have to choose Chaoyang Group.”

“Hmph, if you dont give me the project, itll be your loss.”

Ji Qingyan rolled up her sleeves and grabbed Lin Yis waist.

“Hey, hey, hey, whats wrong with you I just refused to give you the project, and now youre doing this.

Youre too violent.”

“So what if Im doing this” Ji Qingyan said proudly.

“If you dont give me the project, Ill bite you.”

“You little brat, how dare you think of bullying me Ill show you!”

Lin Yi grabbed onto Ji Qingyans waist.


Ji Qingyan screamed and lost her balance.

She fell onto the bed, and Lin Yis body fell on top of her.

The distance between them was less than ten centimeters.

“Dont you want this project I can give it to you, but dont you have to pay a price” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Hooligan, you wish.”

“Youre stubborn, right” Lin Yi said.

“Then I wont get up.”

“Get up, youre crushing me.”Ji Qingyan said inaudibly.

“I wont pursue the matter regarding the project with you for now, but shouldnt we talk about the mango-flavored lipstick”

Ji Qingyans face turned even redder.

“Youre crushing me, how can I keep my promise”

“Thats more like it.”

Lin Yi stood up, and Ji Qingyan stood up in a hurry as well.

The redness on her face had not subsided yet.

“Lets start, Ive been waiting for a long time.”

“You… Close your eyes first.”

“Alright, you have a lot of tricks up your sleeve.”

Lin Yi closed his eyes.

A few seconds later, he felt a cool sensation on his lips.

However, it wasnt what Lin Yi had expected.

He opened his eyes and saw that Ji Qingyan was proudly holding a tube of lipstick and touching his lips with it

She had already trotted to the door by the time he opened his lips.

“Alright, Ive kept my promise.” Ji Qingyan was like a proud little fox, her expression adorable.

Lin Yi stood up from his chair and prepared to chase after her.

“Haha, you wont be able to catch me.”

Ji Qingyan made a face and ran out of the door.

Lin Yi chased after her without hesitation.

Seeing that Lin Yi was chasing after her, Ji Qingyan quickened her pace and saw two waitresses in front of her.

She had a plan in mind.

“Guys, the man behind is a bad guy.

Help me stop him.”

The two waitresses looked at each other.

Isnt that our boss

What a bad*ss guy!



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