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The press conference did not last long and soon ended.

Some of the reporters left, while others stayed behind to attend the upcoming business cocktail party.

It was then that Lin Yi noticed that Ji Qingyan had changed into a new set of clothes.

She had changed into the evening gown that the two of them had bought together the other day.

She appeared elegant, elegant, and graceful.

She was so beautiful that it could not be described with words.

At the same time, all the business tycoons in suits were also present.

This showed the industrys recognition of Chaoyang Group.

Otherwise, the event would not have attracted so many people.

Ji Qingyan, who was far away, noticed that Lin Yi was looking at her.

She winked at him mischievously, then elegantly walked toward the others with a glass of wine in her hand.

After the press conference ended, Lin Yi tidied up his clothes and prepared to eat something.

He was a little hungry.

“Lili, didnt you want to keep him You can go talk to him now,” the woman who had recently had a second child said.

“Dont worry, Ill go now.”

As she spoke, the woman in white tidied up her makeup and walked toward Lin Yi.

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“Hello, Sir.”

Lin Yi turned around when he heard someone behind him.

It was a woman with heavy makeup.

“What do you want”

“Can I add you on WeChat” The woman in the white dress asked.

Lin Yi smiled, and the woman in the white dress was delighted.

“That wont beconvenient.”

The woman in the white dress froze, and the other girl next to her laughed until her waist shook.

“Youre just a lousy teacher, whats there to be pretentious about”

Lin Yi was a little confused.

What was she pretending about

Besides, how did she know that he was a university teacher

“Thats so embarrassing.

Youre still not good enough,” the mother of two said.

“Hes just pretending.

I dont even like him,” the woman in the white dress said.

“I think he rejected you because youre too young and you arent exciting.”

“What do you mean Im not exciting” Lili pouted.

“Are you saying Im not as exciting as you”

“Get out of my way,” the mother of two said.

“Im talking about the excitement of a young woman.”

The mother of two combed her hair, then continued, “More and more men nowadays like women like young women, so you dont have an advantage in this aspect.

Now, let me go over and show you what it means to score an easy kill.”

The mother of two walked over to Lin Yi and reached out her hand elegantly.

“Hello, Sir.

Nice to meet you.”

“How nice Are you so excited that you cant sleep”

Lin Yi left after saying that.

This world was too dangerous.

It was better for a good-looking boy like him to stay indoors in the future.

The expression of the mother of two froze in an instant as well.

She felt as if she had received a hundred million critical hits.

“Sis Hong, didnt you say that you could take him down easily What happened” Lily smiled from ear to ear.

“That was so embarrassing.”

“F*ck, isnt he just a teacher Why is he so pretentious Ill teach him a lesson when I get the chance!”

After leaving, Lin Yi went back to the venue but did not interact much with Ji Qingyan.

He was just here to look around and did not have any specific purpose.

There was no need to disturb her.

However, he was not far from Ji Qingyan because that was where the most delicious food was located.

“President Ji, I dont know if you guys have heard, but Yaluo has recently accepted a huge project worth 800 million dollars, and the project has to be outsourced.

I dont know if theres any progress yet,” a middle-aged man in a suit said.


Lin Yi, who was eating, muttered.

Why did that sound so familiar

A few seconds later, Lin Yi remembered that this was the company that he had contracted to design and renovate Wangjiang Dock.

He was just about to talk to Ji Qingyan about it when they started talking first.

“I know about this project.

I heard that its the renovation project of the Wangjiang Dock.

The boss behind the scenes spent 800 million dollars to turnWangjiang Dock into an open wharf that surpasses those in Dubai.

Hes really ambitious,” Ji Qingyan said.


But right now, theres still no news from Yaluos side.

We sent people over to contact them, but we didnt get a specific answer.

I dont know what theyre thinking.”

“I wanted to try my hand at this project at first, but because I wasnt close to their boss, I couldnt get a breakthrough, so I shelved it.

I dont know who will win this big project in the end.”

Lin Yi smiled, thinking that this was quite a coincidence.

He did not expect her to have such thoughts as well.

At that moment, a young man in a white suit walked over with a glass of champagne in his hand.

He smiled.

“CEO Ji, are you interested in the renovation project at Wangjiang Dock”

The mans name was Wei Ziyang, the General Manager of Qingfeng Engineering Co.


“Im interested, but without the connections, Im afraid itll be difficult to get this project.”

“Youre right.” Wei Ziyang smiled.

“In business nowadays, its all about personal connections.

You cant do business on your own.

However, if President Ji wants to take this project, I can think of something.”


Lin Yi paused.

He was supposed to be the investor, so the real decision was up to him.

Who the hell was this guy

“President Wei, dont make fun of me.

Your company works in the same field.

If theres such a good project, why would you give it to Chaoyang Group”

“President Ji is right, but this is a big project worth 800 million dollars.

The amount of money it would take to complete the project should be at least 500 million dollars.

I cant handle such a big project by myself.

I wont be able to procure the funds, so I cant take on such a big project.”

Ji Qingyans beautiful eyes moved.

If that was the case, she could fight for this opportunity.

However, Wei Ziyangs words made Ji Qingyan doubt him.

His company was not that big.

It would be tricky for him to seal this deal.

What ability did he have to nab this fish

Reputation in this industry was everything.

Would the CEO of Yaluo even give him the time of day

This was the source of Ji Qingyans doubts.

“If I may ask, Boss Wei knows that the scale of his company is limited, so why are you still so confident that youll be able to help me set up this connection”


Wei Ziyang smiled.

“I understand Boss Jis worries, but there are some things that Boss Ji might not know.”

“Id like to hear the details.”

“Actually, the boss of Yaluo design, Guan Ya, is my cousin.

Many of the projects in her company are contracted to myself.

Even if the project at Wangjiang Dock is bigger, it will eventually fall into my hands.”

Hearing this, everyone present was surprised.

They did not expect Wei Ziyang and Yaluo design to have such a relationship.

Ji Qingyan was also a little interested.

It was fine if there was no chance in the past, but now that the opportunity was presenting itself, she naturally had to cherish it.

“If President Wei is interested, shall we chat at the side”

Wei Ziyang smiled and said.

“Its no problem for us to chat, but this project is too big and there are too many people here who might spread the details.

I think its better to arrange a specific time to talk about this in detail.”


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