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Pleated skirt, “Tsk, this thing looks familiar to all men.

Youre too old to be flirting with girls.”

Lin Yi rubbed his chin.

He was not flirting with her.

He really felt that it looked familiar.

He felt like he had seen someone like this before.

Pleated skirt, “You should believe that Im a girl now, right”

Invisible chicken wings, “So what if youre a girl Its not like Ive never seen a girl before.

Lets talk about this later.”

Pleated skirt, “God, are you an otaku thats too shy to come out and see me”

Invisible chicken wings, “Who says I have to meet someone just because shes a girl I just dont have the time these days.”

Pleated skirt, “Hehe, then Ill ask you out another day.

You cant stand me up then.

Lets do it immediately when the time comes.”

Invisible chicken wings, “Alright, well talk about it in a few days.”

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Lin Yi put down his phone and went to bed.

He did not get up until seven in the morning the next day.

He arrived at the office and found a few other male colleagues he had not seen before.

Thus, he immediately introduced himself.

These people were more easygoing and easy to get along with.

“Wheres the Mrs.s Oral Liquid that was on the table Why is it all gone”

“Sis Su didnt finish it yesterday, so she took it to her office,” Song Jia said with a smile.

“Not bad, not bad.

She has a good character to openly admit defeat like this.” Lin Yi said

“Of course, otherwise we would lose confidence in her.” Song Jia said

Lin Yi did not really like Sugar, but he recognized her abilities.

Otherwise, she would not have been able to become the director of the school committee at such a young age.


The office door was pushed open, startling everyone inside.

The person who came in was around thirty years old.

He was wearing a white Polo shirt and blue jeans.

His attire was not considered trendy, but rather ordinary.

“Teacher Fu is here, but Director Su isnt here yet.”

The person whom Song Jia called Teacher Fu was called Fu Jiajun.

He was a teacher at the iniversity and had just been promoted to associate professor last month.

Everyone in the committee office knew about Fu Jiajuns situation.

He was Sugars loyal admirer, but there had not been any substantial progress in their relationship thus far.

They also did not know why he had rushed over.

“Im not looking for Director Su.” Fu Jiajuns gaze fell on Lin Yi as he spoke.

“Im looking for him.”

“Youre here for me”

Lin Yi was surprised.

“I dont think we know each other.”

“No, but theres something I need to ask you.” Fu Jiajun said with a cold expression.

“Ask me what”

“There were two boxes of Mrs.

Oral Liquid in Director Sus car the day before yesterday.

You put them there, right”

Lin Yi was stunned.

‘What the hell was that What does that have to do with you!

“I put it there, but whats wrong Do you want some too”

“Stop bullsh*tting me!” Fu Jiajun raised his voice.

“Do you know how much your actions have affected Director Su A lot of people are laughing at her now!”

Fu Jiajun got angrier as he spoke.

“Im ordering you to publicly apologize to Director Su on the School Forum and review your actions.

Otherwise, dont even hope that this matter is over!”

“What did you say You want me to apologize” Lin Yi looked at Fu Jiajun as if he was retarded.

“What does this have to do with you Isnt it normal for people to take medicine when theyre sick What do I have to apologize for”

Lin Yi was a little suspicious.

With that IQ, how did he become a university teacher

Did he get the job through the back door


Fu Jiajun laughed coldly.

“I order you to apologize.

If you dont, then you have to reconsider whether you will be able to stay on in the university!”

“Are you really all that Can you fire me as you please”


Lin, dont talk so much.”

Song Jia pulled Lin Yi over.


Fus uncle is Li Detian.

Hes the vice principal of the school and holds a lot of power.”

Shi Li also came over and whispered:

“There was a male teacher who was interested in Director Su.

In the end, he was fired because of Jiajun.”

Lin Yi was speechless.

“Whats wrong with these people Shes about to go through menopause, yet theres still someone chasing after her For what To save time”


Song Jia could not help but laugh out loud.

Why did Lin Yis description seem so fitting!

It was at this moment that the office door was pushed open, and Sugar, dressed in a long dress, walked in with her handbag in hand.

“Fu, what are you doing here”

Sugars face darkened.

She never thought that she would see Fu Jiajun here.

Song Jia walked over to Sugar and whispered updates about what had happened in her ear.

“Fu, I asked Lin Yi to buy the Mrs.

Oral liquid for me, and I drank it too.

I hope you wont pursue this matter anymore,” Sugar said.

“This is a private matter between us.”

No matter how much she disliked Lin Yi, Sugars hatred for Jiajun had reached the extremes.

The way he pestered her every day was beyond annoying.

If his uncle was not the vice-principal of the school, she would have fallen out with him a long time ago!

“Director Su, dont protect a black sheep like him,” Fu Jiajun looked at Lin Yi and said.

“Ill put it this way.

If you dont apologize, you wont be able to stay in the school anymore.”

If Sugar had not said those things, Fu Jiajun would not have been so angry.

Her words clearly showed that their relationship was not ordinary.

Therefore, he had to be kicked out!

Lin Yi had to understand how powerful he was!

“In that case, Ill look forward to it.”

Fu Jiajun snorted coldly and slammed the door.

At this time, the office was silent.

Song Jia and the others immediately surrounded Lin Yi.

“Director Su, what do we do now Fu Jiajun is a petty person.

Hes capable of anything.

With his uncles connections, its easy for him to make things difficult for Lin Yi,” Li Xingbang said.

Sugar was silent.

She was trying to think of a solution, but it was useless.

“Alright, you dont have to pay attention to that idiot.

I dont believe that he can act lawlessly,” Lin Yi said lightly.


“Theres no buts, just take it easy.”

Ring Ring…

Just as the two were talking, the phone in the office rang.

Song Jia was shocked when she saw the number.

“Oh no, its an inside line from Vice Principal Lis office.”

“No way, he called so soon Fu Jiajun moves too fast,” Shi Li said.

“Hes too much.

Isnt he bullying us”Li Xingbang asked in dismay.

“Answer it, lets see what he has to say,” Lin Yi said indifferently.

He was the honorary vice principal of the university.

How could he be afraid of this guy

If he left, Zhao Qi would beg him to come back.

Song Jia picked up the phone helplessly.

Before she could say anything, she heard a deep voice.

“Ask Lin Yi to come to my office!”


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