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“Whats the matter Did you want to see me” Lin Yi asked.

“He Liuchu has always been in charge of this project.

Now, the basic problems and errors have been solved, but there are some other questions I would like to ask you.” Lu Ying said.

“I thought you didnt trust me” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Director Lin, Im… Im sorry,” Lu Ying said nervously, bowing to Lin Yi.

“What are you doing”Lin Yi asked.

“Im sorry for what I did before.

I really want to ask for your advice, and I want to contribute to our countrys chip industry.” Lu Ying said.

Lin Yi was slightly moved by Lu Yings sincerity.

He was not investing in Longxin Research Institute to make money, but to break through the technological barriers that foreign countries had put up so that they could stop being controlled and led by Western powers.


Lin Yi saw this spirit in Lu Ying.

“Then what do you want With your looks and education, you wont be treated badly even if you go to other places.

Why waste your youth in the Institute”

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“Because when I was in school, the teacher said that famous schools were the most important thing in the country.

I may be a woman, but I also have a patriotic spirit.

I want all the people in China to believe that our country is no worse than any other country!”

Lin Yis heart instantly rippled with shock.

He had never thought that a woman would be able to unleash such spirit.


“I believe you,” Lin Yi said lightly.

“But I still have other things to do.

It wont be too late to talk after you finish your work.”

“Thank you, Director Lin!”

Sun Fuyu and the others then sent Lin Yi out.

The people at the research institute were moved when they saw Lin Yis car.

Hed given 50 million dollars to the institute casually, but he was driving a shabby Shari.

In comparison, Sun Fuyu was driving a car worth 200,000 to 300,000 dollars.

In terms of structure and vision, Sun Fuyu was still miles away.

“This is a person with a big heart,” Sun Fuyu sighed.


Hes already so rich, but he still drives a Shari.

Hes really a role model for us.”

“Hes obviously a rich second generation, and hes so handsome.

Hes actually willing to devote himself to the countrys scientific research.

Such a person is really rare.”

“Little Ying, look at our new director.

Not only is he a technological genius, but hes also handsome and rich.

You have to hurry up.”

“Dont make fun of me.

Director Lin wont be interested in me,” Lu Ying said, embarrassed.


Lin Yi was about to get into the car when he saw an Audi A6 coming in from outside.

Two people got out of the car.

One of them was in his 60s and wore an old-fashioned Chinese tunic suit, but his body was still strong.

The other one was slightly younger, appearing to be in his 30s.

He wore glasses and looked very easygoing.

Lin Yi found the two people who got out of the car familiar.

The old man seemed to be Zhao Qi, the director of Normal University, and the other one was his secretary, Zhou Genzhe.

Judging from the current situation, this man should be his immediate superior.

Lin Yi was not in a hurry to leave when he saw Zhao Qi.

He wanted to see what was going on.

As for Sun Fuyu and the others, they were curious about the twos identities as well.

They wanted to know what they were here for.

“Yo, everyones here.

Let me introduce myself first.

Im the principal of Zhonghai Normal University, Zhao Qi.

This is my secretary, Zhou Genzhe.

Sorry for the intrusion.”

Sun Fuyu understood Zhao Qis intentions after learning of his identity.

A few days ago, they had sent someone over to say that the university had a research project and wanted to borrow the laboratory equipment.

However, because he still needed to use the laboratory equipment, he refused their request.

He did not expect the principal to personally come this time.

“President Zhao, I believe that you are here to borrow the laboratory equipment,” Sun Fuyu said.

“Yes,” Zhao Qi said with a smile, “Our school has a scientific research project, and its at a critical stage right now.

We want to borrow the equipment of your research institute, so…”

“President Zhao, if it were yesterday, I could still make the decision if you came to me personally, but not anymore.”

“Whats wrong Is there a problem with the institutes equipment”

“Theres nothing wrong with the equipment, but our research institute has already been acquired.

As the director, Im only in charge of the research projects.

As for the rest, well have to look for our new boss.” Sun Fuyu said.

“New boss” Zhao Qi was a little surprised.

He had not expected something like this to happen.

“Thats right.”

Sun Fuyu pointed at Lin Yi, who was not far away.

“Thats the new boss of our research institute, Lin Yi.

Youll have to talk to him about this.”

Zhao Qi and Zhou Genzhe were both surprised to see Lin Yi.

They didnt think that the person buying the institute would be a young man.

Zhou Genzhe frowned slightly.

He felt that Lin Yi looked familiar, but he could not remember where he had seen him before.

At the same time, Lin Yi walked over and smiled.

“Principal Zhao.”

“Hello, hello.”

Knowing Lin Yis identity, Zhao Qi took the initiative to extend his hand.

“You want to borrow the equipment from the lab, right” Lin Yi cut straight to the point.

“Yes, this is because the school is researching a project, but the research equipment in our school is not up to par, so we want to borrow some equipment from the research institute.

Dont worry, we will pay the related fees.”

“Theres no need for the related fees.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“President Zhao, how about this The research institute is going to phase out a batch of equipment in the near future.

Itll be a little difficult to develop the chip with this equipment, but its still fine to use for academic research.

If you dont mind, Ill donate this batch of equipment to the school.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

The research project of the school and the research on the chip were on two completely different levels of difficulty.

The hardware requirements for the related experiments likewise were on completely different levels.

The old equipment might not be good enough for Sun Fuyu and the others, but it was more than enough to conduct scientific research, especially at a school on the level of Zhonghai Normal University.

“You want to give the equipment to us” Zhao Qi and Zhou Genzhe were surprised.

They did not expect Lin Yi to do such a thing.

“Thats right.

If the old equipment cant meet the needs of the research project, well lend you more equipment from the research institute.”

“Enough, enough.” Zhao Qi said gratefully.

“Our research project cant be compared to whats going on in the research institute.

Even if its obsolete equipment, its enough for us to use.”

“Then its settled.”


Lin, I have something to tell you.

Is it convenient to talk in private” Zhou Genzhe said politely.

“Of course.” Lin Yi said

The three of them then stood to one side as Genzhe spoke.


Lin, Ive always thought that you looked familiar.

Have we met somewhere before” Genzhe asked

Lin Yi smiled.

“Teacher Zhou has a good memory.

Actually, Im a member of the general committee of a Normal University.

I just joined a few days ago.”


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