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“Stop, stop, stop.”

Lin Yi said, “I wont say anything more about you guys who left their numbers.

Theres also a group of girls who left their measurements behind.

What does that mean”

“Its convenient for teacher Lin to get to know us better.”

“Get to know us better How much do you want me to get to know you”

“That depends on how forceful Teacher Lin is.”

Lin Yi was speechless.

A skilled speaker!

These people were too terrifying!

“Alright, Lets start the class now.”

“Teacher, you havent started the roll call yet.”

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“Called the roll call” Lin Yi waved the paper in his hand.

“I just finished receiving the names and nobody even left yet.

Is there a need to do a roll call”

“Of course, this is a necessary procedure, it cant be skipped.”

“Alright, Ill start doing the roll call now.”


The students in the classroom sat upright, waiting for Lin Yis roll call.

This way, Lin Yi would be able to get to know them more personally.

Who knows, Lin Yi might even take the initiative to add them on WeChat.

Ring, Ring, Ring…

Just as Lin Yi was about to start the roll call, the bell rang.

“Alright, thats all for today.

Lets continue the roll call next class.”

“Got it, Mr.


Sugar, “…”

Song Jia, “…”

Shi Li, “…”

The three of them were in a mess.

A 90-minute class was over just like that

It was obvious that they had not done anything at all!

Lin Yi left the classroom, surrounded by a group of girls.

Only Sugar and the other two were left in a mess.

This was the first time they had seen a class like this.

They simply jotted down their names and the class was over.

“Sis Su, your plan seems to have failed again,” Song Jia said.

“I seem to have understood something,” Shi Li said as if she was talking to herself.

“Lin Yi isnt a scumbag, and those women let him be.”

“Alright, lets not talk about this anymore.

Lets go back to the office first.”

Sugar returned to the office speechlessly.

However, when the three of them returned to the office, Sugar was in a bad mood.

This was because Lin Yi took out two boxes of Mrs.

Oral Liquid, and even inserted a straw into one of them.

“Director Su, you came back just in time.

Ive already prepared it for you.

How about drinking a bit to taste it”

Sugar felt like she was about to break down!

Why did he have to put up in a straw

There were two whole boxes, how was she supposed to drink them

Song Jia and Shi Li stood to the side dejectedly.

Sister Su had already boasted that she would drink two boxes of Mrs.

Oral Liquid liquid as long as his attendance reached 95% .

Now it was time for her to fulfill her promise.

Song Jia sighed secretly.

Sister Su was really pitiful, losing to Lin Yi twice in a row.

Sister Sus nemesis had arrived.

“Ill drink it!”

Sug picked up a bottle of Mrs.

Oral Liquid and drank it unwillingly.

“Come, come, Director Su.

There are still dozens of bottles left after this.

Dont rush to finish it all.”

Seeing the mountain of oral liquid, Sugar wanted to die.

There were at least hundreds of bottles.

How long would it take to drink it all

“You dont have to tell me.

I know what to do!”

“If thats the case, then I wont say anything else.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Take your time, Director Su.”

Lin Yi left the school in a good mood.

He had an agreement with Sun Fuyu in the afternoon that he would go to the institute today.

Lin Yi drove to the Peninsula Hotel, had a bite to eat, and headed to the institute according to the address Sun Fuyu gave him.

However, on the way to the research institute, the systems notification rang in Lin Yis mind.

[200,000 experience points for completing the first class of your teaching career.]

[Job completion: 40%.

Reward: Masters memory.]

“Hm Masters Memory”

Lin Yi was a little suspicious when he read the words in his mind.

The system had already given him Sages memory when he opened his new job.

What was with this Masters memory

“System, what is Masters memory” Lin Yi asked.

“How is it different from Sages memory”

[Sages memory is broad but not refined, Masters memory is refined but not broad.


After listening to the systems explanation, Lin Yi roughly understood what was going on.

When he first accepted the Sages memory, he discovered that although there were all kinds of knowledge in it, it was only at the surface level and he was not proficient in any of the topics.

However, this so-called master memory must be specialized knowledge in a certain field.

[Host, please choose the master memory you want to fill in.]

“Let me think.”

Lin Yi thought for a few seconds.

In his current state, he did not really need this kind of knowledge.

After all, with enough money, more than 99% of things could be obtained.

If you could not buy it, it meant that you did not have enough money.

Even so, Lin Yi soon thought of a way to use the reward of the Masters memory.

It even felt like it came at the right time.

The domestic chip field had always been at the early stage of development.

The global high-end chip field had always been monopolized by Intel, Qualcomm, Hynix, Texas Instruments, and other companies.

Meanwhile, the domestic industry was at least 40 years inferior to theirs.

This was also the reason why Longxin was sold.

If he chose Master memorys in the related field, he would be able to make some breakthroughs in this area.

“System, whos the most powerful person in the chip industry”

“The father of the chip, Jack Kilby.”

“Alright, Ill take his knowledge!”

“Master memory filling successful!”

In that instant, Lin Yi felt an overwhelming amount of knowledge pouring into his mind like a tidal wave!

Lin Yi was ecstatic as he felt the changes in his mind.

With what he knew now, it would not be difficult for him to make a breakthrough in the chip field!

This would be crucial to the expansion of his business!

Longxin Research Institute was located in the outskirts of Zhong Hai.

It occupied an area the size of a football field.

For a research institute, such an area was not considered small.

In the directors office was a man in a white coat.

He wore a pair of black-rimmed glasses and looked like a scholar.

“Director Sun, I heard that the research institute has been acquired.”

The person who spoke was a woman.

Like Sun Fuyu, she wore a white coat and had a good-looking oval face.

She had a simple ponytail, but her cold face gave people a sense of distance.

The womans name was Lu Ying.

She graduated from Tsinghua University with a doctorate.

After graduating, she came to work at the Longxin Research Institute.

However, things did not go according to her wishes.

Although Lu Yings business ability was top-notch, she still hadnt made much progress in the development of the chip.

Some technical problems also had not been solved yet.

“Yes, I received the news yesterday and rushed back.”

Sun Fuyu looked at his watch.

“Were meeting at one oclock in the afternoon.

The other party will be here soon.”

“Who is the other party Is He from the circle” Lu Ying asked.

“Not really.

Ive read the information about the boss behind the scenes.

Hes a young man.

He shouldnt be from the circle.

He seems to be a rich second generation.”



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