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“Sis Su, calm down.

This might not have anything to do with Lin Yi.” Song Jia said.

“Who else could it be Hes the only one who said hed buy this for me!” Sugars chest was heaving up and down, feeling like she was about to explode.

Song Jia looked at Sugar, feeling like even if Sis Su wasnt going through menopause, shed still be so angry that it would affect her hormones.

At this moment, a woman wearing shorts and a white half-sleeve top walked over.

This person was Shi Li, who had just called Sugar.

“Director Su, youre not even 30 yet.

How can you drink this” Shi Li asked.

“Besides, even if you drink it, you cant drink it so brazenly.”

“Take it away! Throw it in the trash can!”

Sugar was both embarrassed and anxious.

She was embarrassed to be seen with these boxes by so many people.

At this time, a Shari stopped beside Sugar, and Lin Yi stuck his head out of the window.

“Director Su, these two big boxes cost a lot of money.

Itd be a waste to throw them away.

Keep them for your own use.”

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After saying this, Lin Yi didnt give Sugar a chance to speak as he drove away.

“Oh my God, hes so handsome!” Shi Li said, smitten.

“Hey, Hey, Hey, Sister Li, you already have a husband.

Dont be like this.”

“Having a husband cant take away my right to admire handsome guys.”

“Dont worry, youll have many opportunities to admire him in the future.” Song Jia said with a smile.

“Because hes our new colleague in the office, and these two boxes of Mrs.

Oral Liquid were given to Sugar by Lin Yi.”

“No way, the handsome guy gave this to Director Su” Shi Li was surprised.

“Then it must be true love.”

“True Love”

“Yeah, thats what I call caring for Director Su from the bottom of their heart.

This kind of man is worth marrying.”

“What nonsense are you talking about” Sugar said embarrassedly.

“Which one of you wants to take it away quickly Just dont make me look at it any longer.”

“Director Su doesnt want it, so Ill take it away from you.

Ill bring it home for my mom to drink,” Shi Li teased.

Suge, “…”

Am I the same as a middle-aged woman

That being said, Shi Li did not take it away.

She was just joking.

Lin Yi bought it for Director Su, so why would she take it away

Thus, the three returned to the office.

Sugar was so angry that she did not say a single word.

“Sister Su, calm down.

Even though he bought you Mrs.

Oral Liquid, it just means that Lin Yi cares about you a lot.

Normal people dont get this kind of treatment,” Song Jia consoled.

“Do you think Im going through menopause”

“Thats not necessarily the case, but people are under a lot of pressure right now.

Its not wrong to drink more Mrs.

Oral Liquid to recuperate.”

“I think you dont want your salary this month.”

“Dont be like that, Sis Su.

Im just stating the facts.” Song Jia said with a smile.

“Why do I feel like somethings not right” Shi Li said.

“Lin Yi only just started working.

Why does he have a conflict with Director Su”

Song Jia recounted what happened yesterday to Shi Li, and the latter came to a realization.

“I really didnt see it.

Hes a scumbag.”


Otherwise, Sister Su wouldnt be like this.”

“But then again, hes so handsome.

If he wasnt a scumbag, he wouldnt be able to live up to his face.” Shi Li said in a joking manner.

“Even if he was a scumbag, I would probably enjoy it very much.”

“Its over, its over.

Sister Shi, youve fallen for him.” Song Jia said, “For you to such things… what ever would your husband think”

“Whats there to be afraid of Im just having an emotional affair, my body still belongs to my husband.”

Sugar looked at Shi Li speechlessly.

“People like you are the most dangerous.

Something will happen to you sooner or later.”

The latter chuckled.

“Its fine if something happens, as long as there is no accident.”

Sugar was speechless.

What kind of terrible phrase was that!

“Su Sis, I think that should be enough.” Song Jia said.

“Lin Yi found an internship and helped us accomplish a big deal.

Dont be obsessed with his appearance.”

When the internship was mentioned, Sugars anger subsided.

She was relieved that the students now had an internship.

“Sis Su, I think Lin Yi is pretty good.

His private life is none of our business.” Song Jia said.

“A few days ago, Teacher Zhao from the physics department went to a club.

Is he a bad person too”

Hearing what Song Jia said, Sugar also felt that she was going too far.

After all, Lin Yi did not hurt them, and she did not have the right to target him.

“Alright, then test him again.

I want to see if he can adapt to this job.” Sugar said.

“After all, its hard work.

You cant just fish for three days and spend two days relaxing under the sun.”

“Sis Su, how do you want to test him”

Sugar looked at Shi Li and said, “You have an elective tomorrow, right”

“Yes, a university students career planning session.”

In universities, in order to enrich the students academic life, the school would arrange all kinds of elective courses.

The better the school, the more valuable the elective courses would be.

In a school at the level of a normal university, the quality of elective courses did not have much practical significance.

It could be said that the coursework credits it gave was more important than the real world value it brought.

A course like “Career planning for college students”, in particular, had almost zero meaning.

As long as they took an exam at the end of the semester, they would almost always pass it.

“The attendance rate for that course is less than 30% , right” Sugar asked.

Shi Li shrugged helplessly.

“Most of the classes in the past were for catching up on sleep.

Dont arrange such a tiring class for me next semester.

Im going crazy.”

“Give this class to Lin Yi.

You dont have to take it anymore.” Sugar said.

“If the attendance rate is less than 95% , the grading will be classified as D grade.

After getting his bonus deducted three times in a row, the salary will be halved.

Put him under some pressure so that hell stop smiling at me like hes the dean.”

“No way.

Among all the elective classes in our school, the highest attendance rate is only 91% .

Moreover, its a swimming class.

Who would want to take aUniversity student career plan session” Song Jia said.

“Thats right.” Shi Li said.

“Our salaries arent high to begin with, and we only live on that little bonus.

If you deduct it, how will Lin Yi be able to survive”

“Yeah, they even bought two boxes of Mrs.

Oral Liquid for you.

That costs quite a lot of money.”

“Im only 29! Dont talk to me about Mrs.

Oral Liquid!”After saying that, Sugar turned around and returned to her office.

She was too ashamed to face anyone.

“Why do I feel like theyre enemies” Shi Li complained.

“It does feel like that,” Song Jia said with a smile.

“After all, Lin Yi is so handsome.

which woman wouldnt be tempted by him”

At this time, the universitys internal forum was flourishing.

A post titledThe Great Exposure of the Mysterious Mans Identity rose to the top in just a few minutes.

“Ji Sis, big news! The mysterious male god whos been wandering around the school recently is called Lin Yi! Hes not a student of our school, hes a teacher of the school committee!!!”

“F*ck, hes actually a teacher at our school! This is too exciting!”

“The quality of the boys in our school wasnt that good before, but now that the male god is here, they wont even be given a second glance anymore.”

“I cant, my time is near.”

“Ill offer 50 dollars.

Does anyone know anything else about this idol teacher Does he have any class arrangements I really want to attend his class.”

“Most teachers in the league committee will take on an unimportant elective part-time.

I think the idol teacherwill also take on a part-time job.”

“I feel that its not very likely.

Idol Teacherhas only been here for a day.

Its unlikely that he will be taking any classes.

Well have to wait a little longer.”

“Ahhh! I really want to attend Teacher Prince Charmings class.

My maiden heart!”

“Dont worry, everyone.

Ill update you with more information about Teacher Prince Charming in the future…”


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