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Chapter 98

Translated by Yonnee


“Hey! Ferre, when did I say that, huh!”


As Rosé cried out, the pencil case went THUD! as she slammed it down.


Don’t you dare move! Rosé stared at Ferre with her lips clenched together, then she quickly fluttered towards Helios to ask for his sympathy.


“Oppa! I never did that.

Ferre made it all up.”


“Hey, Rosé! You told me the same thing before we came here.

Don’t lie.”


“Heli Oppa, I never said that!”




Rosé lied without even a second’s pause, and at this, Helios frowned and said that she shouldn’t do that.


The stern look that followed was a sign that an onslaught of her older brother’s scolding was about to take place.

Rosé immediately backed down, her head of silver hair lowering as she whispered ever so quietly.


“Iiing. I’m sorry.

It’s because I don’t like doing the homework.”


Ferre nodded vigorously.


As Rosé didn’t like everything about it, she was ready to shoot back with all sorts of excuses, but she stayed still because she liked that her older brother was patting her head.


With a dejected smile, Helios took the two notebooks in front of him and looked at their drawings.




Helios’ mouth gaped open as he examined Rosé and Ferre’s homework.

He couldn’t bring himself to say anything.

Then, he carefully met the twins’ gazes.

They were thinking that he was acting unusual because they expected him to praise them right away.


“Why, Hyung Did we do it too well”


“It’s perfect, right, Oppa”


“Um… Hm…”


Helios swept his hair up and let out a dry cough.


“Since Hyung is too speechless, I guess we really did it too well.”


“Yeah, yeah.

Sera will compliment us too, right”


Devoid of any objectivity of their own work, the twins whispered between themselves in utmost confidence.

Only Helios, who was watching, felt so incredibly agonized.


It was a very cute picture diary.

However, this was something that shouldn’t be shown to Miss Popo as is.

Since she was much more experienced and knowledgeable about educating children than Helios himself, he’s sure that she could guide them well on her own.


However, as the guardian of these twins, he couldn’t just let them go ahead and show this to her…


What if Rosé and Ferre would present this to her and say that, ‘We showed this diary to our older brother and he even complimented us for doing a really good job!’


Helios opened the picture diary once again.

Ferre was good at drawing, but his spelling was a mess, so Helios wasn’t all too sure what he was talking about.

On the other hand, Rosé’s drawing was too rough.

She brushed off her hands and said that she worked so hard on it, but she hadn’t even colored everything in yet.





“Uh… Huh”


After Rosé and Ferre had suddenly been called by their full names, they made a face.


“Shall we work together a little harder”


Smiling affectionately, Helios held out an eraser to Ferre and a colored pencil to Rosé.

He was going to guide them meticulously so that they could submit the perfect homework.




* * *



However, less than ten minutes later, Helios had no choice but to reflect on his actions.


“Hyung, you said ‘eated delisiously,’ is also wrong.

How do you write this”


Ferre pointed out the words in his diary.

The entire sentence from that line that his small finger was pointing at was already different from the very beginning.

Except for a few words, there weren’t many that survived from wrong spellings, so it was almost more like a recreational painting than a picture diary.


“I’ll recite the proper spelling to you.

Or do you want to copy it”


Helios patiently guided his younger brother step by step in his own way, but he was already beginning to feel fatigued.


‘How does Miss Popo do this all the time It took me ten minutes to correct only two sentences.’


“Oppa, my arm hurts so much.

Can’t you draw with me together”


Rosé pulled Helios’ sleeve and quickly handed over a black pencil.


“You should color Sera’s hair, Oppa.”


Holding an eraser and regular pencil with one hand, Rosé used her other hand, which was holding a colored pencil, to point at the part that she wanted him to color.

To be honest, he was surprised that Rosé drew Sera, but he tried not to let it show.


‘When I was their age, I think I drew our parents instead… No, Miss Popo told me not to use myself as a point of comparison.’


In the midst of helping to improve and complete his younger siblings’ picture diary homework, the door suddenly opened urgently.


It was Raphael.


“Raphael, it’s you.”


“It’s you, Raphael!”


The twins waved towards Helios’ friend, who they hadn’t seen in such a long time.


It was late into the night.

Raphael had already clocked out from work earlier, and yet he came back here.

Helios could feel a cold sense of dread.


“Your Majesty, may I come in for a moment”


“Yes, come in.”


As soon as permission was given, Raphael quickly came in.

He wasn’t even wearing a cravat on, just his suit.

Raphael was a particularly formal man, so Helios could guess the gravity of the news he was bringing.


“Our worries have come true.

It’s as I’ve informed you yesterday… it’s become a problem.

One of the magazines will release an article tomorrow, and…”


The light-hearted look in Helios’ eyes disappeared as he narrowed them.


Raphael took out a piece of paper from his suit pocket.

At one glance, it’s clear that it had been ripped out in a hurry.


“What’s that What’s going on, Hyung”


Rosé immediately felt the shift in atmosphere and so she stayed quiet, but on the other hand, Ferre unhesitatingly voiced his curiosity and asked what his brother was talking about.


Rosé elbowed Ferre’s waist, and Ferre stopped only to turn to the side and ask Rosé, ‘Why’re you poking me.’


Not being able to press down his curiosity, Ferre sprang to his feet.

At the same time, he pulled the piece of paper away from Raphael’s hands.


“I’ll read it!”


“Ferre, give that back.”


Unlike his gentle tone of voice, Helios’ expression was hardened with anxiety.

However, Ferre didn’t notice this and definitely didn’t have any intention to return the paper.


“Uh… mm…”


Ferre raised the piece of paper that was the size of his face, then frowned heavily.

The letters were the same small letters in the books that his Hyung usually read.

Only the title was written in ‘big letters’.


“The Emperor’s Rende— Rundez— Rundezvus Who’s the woman Huh”


Maybe it’s because it was something that his Hyung and Raphael were reading, but there were many difficult words.

As he tried to use all his power to read the difficult words that he didn’t even know the pronunciation to, Helios snatched the paper out of his hands.


“Hyung, what’s a rundezvus”


Ferre asked with an innocent look.



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