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Chapter 8

Translated by WuXing

Edited by WuXing


“Oh, by the way! Did I mention that, Miss Sarah”


The Marchioness stopped what she was doing.

She looked up at Sera as if she had forgotten something important.

She regained her composure and looked at Sera with her brown eyes with lingering tears.


“I just went to the palace recently.”

“The palace No.

I’ve not heard you mention anything about it.” Sera shook her head.

“I went to the palace to see His Majesty, the Emperor.”

“To see His Majesty”


His Majesty, the Emperor.

Sera raised her eyebrow as she pondered what the Marchioness was going to say next.

Helios Adelio.

He was the young Emperor of the Adelian Empire who had just ascended the throne.

He was of noble birth and was known to be a beautiful person.

He had superb personalities and there was no one from the Adelio Empire who did not know about him.

Since the time when he was still the Crown Prince, he was known as the most ideal man by all the women in the Empire.

His photographs would appear in magazines and newspapers throughout the Empire.

Many if not all of Sera’s acquaintances, including the aristocrats were his fans.

Sera’s infatuation over him was not as severe as the others, though she did feel that the Royalties are like celebrities constantly suffering and being harassed by paparazzi.


“Yes, my husband had told His Majesty that Edward had become so gentle and well-behaved as of late and he is very proud of it.

As you know, my child was once infamous among the aristocrats for being a bit too active.

He bragged proudly that His Majesty even told him that he looks much better than before.”


Sera nodded hard at the Marchioness’ story.


“Sera, you do know that His Majesty has twin siblings”


“Of course.

Princess Roseline and Prince Ferreritan.”


Sera knew very well about the twins, the Prince and Princess whose faces were featured prominently in newspapers.

Princess Roseline Adelio and Prince Pereritan Adelio.

They were both very good-looking children.


“Yes, they are around my son’s age at 7 years old, the Emperor seems very concerned about them.

My husband told His Majesty that Edward had become well-behaved, and he asked him how.”

“Oh my, it seems like the twins are not well-behaved” Sera asked.

She tilted her head upon hearing the unexpected news.


Helios had been an exemplary man since his time as Crown Prince.

Usually, you would expect his siblings to have similar personalities….


‘Are the twins’ personalities different’


Sera was curious if both the twin highnesses could scream like Edward.


“His Majesty had become really curious and he summoned me to the Imperial Palace.”


Sera opened her eyes wide like a rabbit and looked at the Marchioness.



Is that why you went all the way to the palace”


Marchioness Leticia nodded with a big smile.

Maybe she felt really proud about her trip to the palace that she was extremely chatty today.


‘How curious would His Majesty be about Edward’s improvement that he had to summon the Marchioness to the palace’


Suddenly, Sera became curious about the Emperor and the young twins, how much of a troublemaker were the twins that the Emperor had to summon the Marchioness to talk about techniques for bringing up children.


‘If it is the palace, shouldn’t their etiquette lessons be much refined than a normal aristocratic family What could the problem be’


It was unfathomable how the two angelic looking children could scream like Edward.

But of course, you could never judge a book by its cover.

In any case, the twins looked so gentle and dignified in their photos.


“It’s true.

My husband, the Marquis, has mentioned it many times.

The Emperor had a lot of things to ask me so he requested my husband to bring me along with him to the palace.

Thanks to you, I had a grand experience riding in the royal carriage.”

“A carriage”

“Yes, when His Majesty was still the Crown Prince, my husband had the honour of tutoring him in the palace.

This is just a little perk given to us by His Majesty.”


Sera suddenly understood why Marchioness Bennett was so worried and stressed about Edward.

It was obvious that before Sera became his tutor, both the Marquis and his wife had tried to tutor Edward by themselves.

However there was nothing more difficult than teaching your own child, so they must have given up quickly and sought for her help.

The heir of the tutor who had taught the Crown Prince was known everywhere as a troublemaker.

Everyone’s  eyes and attention were on them, the stress and pressure on the Marchioness must be overwhelming.


“What did the Emperor want to ask”


Sera was curious about her own abilities.

The Marchioness’ face was brimming with excitement as if she had been waiting for this question all this while.


“What else could it be Miss Sera, there is only one reason for my son’s transformation!”


The Marchioness said with a thrilled voice.


“He asked who was my son’s home tutor, so I told him everything about you.”


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