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‘Is it getting better’

With a dazed look, Sera watched Helios, who was imbuing divine power into her wounds.

His violet eyes that were focused on her treatment were so deep and mysterious that she thought she might fall into them if she wasn’t careful.

Then, she recalled how his eyes had flashed for an instant, even when they were always just soft before.

The moment he saved her, Helios reacted so sharply that it was unimaginable that this emperor had always acted so gently.

‘Did you get angry because of me’

It was evident to see how angry he was when he firmly grabbed Duke Bethman’s wrist as the duke was holding onto Sera’s shoulder.

Sera continued staring at Helios, who had no idea what was going on inside her head.

As she kept thinking of the ways he’s shown his favor towards her, Sera noticed her true feelings.

‘I like him.’

Sera unknowingly bit her lower lip as she said this to herself.


A caring attitude regardless of status.

Even the warm attention he had for his siblings was perfect.

It would be strange for anyone’s eyes to pass over Helios.

Besides this, under the pretext of talking about the twin highnesses’ education, there were many times that they talked with only the two of them there.

These light pink feelings she had for him naturally blossomed in many different ways.

However… He was the emperor of this country.

Adelio was a country where social class was predominant.

Regardless of how Helios and the twins treated her well as a tutor, but the walls that stood between them were steep.

‘Someone who I won’t and

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