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“Now that I think about it, it’s snack time.”


Sera looked at the length of a tree’s shadow.

Judging by how much longer it was compared to earlier when it was still around lunch time, it must have already been a while.


Rosé and Ferre were children who were growing every day.

In particular, Ferre was more inclined to eating snacks compared to Rosé, so the accuracy of his internal belly clock was extraordinary.


“Shall we go back to the palace for snacks”


“Ah… But I want to eat with Sera and Heli together…”


Ferre looked back at Helios with a pleading look.


“Hyung… Heli Hyung…!”


Ferre worked hard to show his pleading, sparkling eyes to get his brother to stay.

He was waiting for Helios to say, ‘Okay.

Let’s eat together,’ so much that he was just staring at his older brother’s lips, wondering if he’d say it any second now.


As Ferre waited for his brother’s answer, another set of violet eyes sparkled as well.


“Yeah, I want Oppa to eat snacks with me and Ferre and Sera.”


Rosé, who had been silent all this time, added to Ferre’s pleading.

Rosé didn’t like snacks as much as Ferre, and she wasn’t exactly in the mood for snacks right now.


It’s just that Rosé…


‘There’s really something weird.’


Rosé wanted to be sure of it.

What’s going on with Sera and Heli Oppa!


With Rosé pitching in, Helios was also now inclined to stay with his younger siblings.

Raphael recommended that he walk around the imperial palace anyway, so the aide would understand why Helios was going to be late going back.

He had no special appointment scheduled after this.


This could be enough time for him to spend quality time with his younger siblings over snacks.



Let’s eat snacks together today.”


When Helios said this with a gentle tone, Rosé and Ferre jumped up as high as they could as though they were going to fly away.

Happy smiles lifted the corners of their lips, as bright as today’s weather.


“Since my siblings want Miss Popo to stay, why don’t you come with us as well”


Sure enough, this was once again another difficult order from Helios.



* * *



‘I knew it was going to be like this!’


Uncomfortably, Sera sipped her black tea.

The tea must have been boiled at the perfect temperature with not even 0.1 degrees Celsius off from the mark, but because she was so terribly nervous, how would she even be able to tell if the tea’s scent was pungent or fragrant 


Sera was currently in a state of distress.


She had a slight hunch when he asked if she could come with them.


But she didn’t think that all four of them would be sitting together!


‘It wouldn’t be like this if it’s snack time with Rosé and Ferre just as usual, but this was snack time with His Majesty the Emperor.

There’s so much pressure.

And there are knights standing over there…’


How was it that she was suddenly sitting at the same table as the imperial family while eating cake


Their Highnesses were still young, so because she was their tutor, she usually sat next to them and fed them like a nanny.

But right now, she couldn’t believe that she was sitting with His Majesty and eating snacks. 


Since last time, whenever Helios visited Rosé and Ferre, only embarrassing things seemed to happen.

And they weren’t just illusions.


Of course, the twin highnesses kept saying that they should all be together, so although they begged for it, this shouldn’t have been possible.

Even so, Helios strangely wasn’t strict about hierarchy and formality according to his own status.


‘What’s good, though, is that we’re at a terrace in the Star Palace.’


They were here at a terrace of the beautiful, yellow-bricked Star Palace, and they could enjoy looking at the lovely red roses blooming all over the place.


Obviously, she was just a tutor, but it was still so remarkable that she could sit at the same table as the emperor during a meal.


However, there was no place else other than the Star Palace where people were very aware of Sera’s status. 


It’s all thanks to her that this place—which used to be the number one place to avoid in the entire imperial palace—was now worth living in! 


Sera’s reputation and rank in the Star Palace was beyond imagination.


She was Sera Popo, the tutor who coaxed the mischievous little troublemakers into becoming faithful little chicks who followed her.


Therefore, the maids of the Star Palace didn’t think that the current situation was particularly strange, thinking that the twin highnesses must have begged for Miss Sera to stay with them because they couldn’t bear to part with her.


“Sera, it’s not yummy”


With some whipped cream around his lips, Ferre took a bite of delicious light green melon cake.

He looked at Sera as though he couldn’t understand why she wasn’t eating something so delicious.


“It’s not that, I’m just not hungry.”


“Then can I have it”


Sera smiled and took hold of her fork.

Then, she cut her cake and put one half of it on Ferre’s plate.


“Does Your Highness Rosé want some, too”


“No, I’m okay.

I like strawberries more than melons.”


At that moment, Helios looked at his untouched strawberry cake slice and placed it in front of Rosé.

It was nothing like a mother bird splitting up the food.


“If you don’t like it, Miss Popo, I can ask for something else for you.”


He looked closely at Sera’s cake, which she hadn’t even taken a bite out of.


“No thank you, Your Majesty.

I like melon cake a lot, too.”


‘Your Majesty just doesn’t know how uncomfortable this situation is for me!’


Sera swallowed back the following words and instead shouted them inwardly.

She awkwardly held her fork, took a small piece of cake and brought it to her lips.



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