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Finally, the last document was stamped by Helios with the Adelio Empire’s seal, which bore the image of a daisy, the Empire’s national flower.


Pushing aside the pile of documents that was like a tower on his desk, he leaned back on his broad chair.

While pulling loose the tight cravat on his neck, he placed a hand over his strained eyes.

Only then did he feel like he could live again.


“Thank you so much for your hard work, Your Majesty.

I was wondering why you did so much work early.

You’re ama~zing.”


He was someone who couldn’t even sleep well, but he already finished a week’s worth of work early.

Raphael grumbled at the exhausted Helios.


Raphael had been around when Rosé and Ferre were born, so he knew well enough how extreme Helios’ affection for them was.

However, in Raphael’s opinion, this was too much, even for Helios.


He’s been working on such an unreasonable schedule in the past few days just because he hadn’t been able to have a proper conversation with his younger siblings.


Since last week, Helios worked all day and night, even on weekends, saying that he’d make time to play with the twins for even a day.

Naturally, this work schedule was followed by Raphael and Jean, too.


Raphael was much more concerned about Helios’ health than the Imperial doctor.

His eyes had dark circles under them and his perfect face looked gaunt.

Raphael himself felt sick to death the past three days just watching him work like this.


“It couldn’t be helped.

I was so busy for a long while that I could only see Rosé and Ferre while they’re sleeping.”


Looking back at Raphael, Helios smiled brightly.

On his handsome face, framed by dense eyelashes, his purple eyes curved into crescent moons.


“I bet on you not being able to do all this in three days.

But you’re really amazing.”


Obviously, it wasn’t something that just anyone could do in three days.

Jean, who was standing next to Raphael, said that he got goosebumps at Helios’ tremendous tenacity, sticking out his tongue.


“Didn’t I tell you His Majesty can do anything.”


With one eyebrow raised, Raphael grinned.

Jean normally would have shivered at this, but he just squatted down and sighed heavily.

It was time to express the injustice he felt from working overtime without rest for three days.


“While you and Heli were working, I played with Their Highnesses for three whole days.”




“Raphael, it’s not as easy as you think.

Do you know what kind of games seven-year-olds play”


“What kind”


“They do the same things over and over.

All day long enough until you get sick of it.”


Jean raised his stiff arms.

He had pushed wagons so many times.

Even so, no matter how much their highnesses liked it, Jean had been so confident that he wouldn’t lose to anyone when it came to physical strength, but the twins made him do something more.


‘Right! You don’t know how to sit elegantly as if you’re looking at a piece of paper.’


Jean clenched his fists as he looked at Raphael, who couldn’t even imagine how difficult it was to play with children.

He should definitely have the experience one day so that he would know how extreme a job it was to babysit Their Highesses Rosé and Ferre.


“If Their Highnesses tell you to play carriage, you have to reject it.

You must say that you can’t.

I don’t know who made up this kind of game.”


Helios, who was sitting back comfortably with his chin on one hand, smiled and raised his head slightly.


“I heard it’s a game that Miss Sera made.

Ferre also told me to do it a few times because it’s fun.”


“What Miss Sera”


Jean shook his head.


“Miss Sera looks so frail.

How could she push them around on a wagon like that She couldn’t even carry her bag without groaning.”


“I know.”


“Anyway, Heli.

When I’m off-duty, please just let me go home.”


With an expression that showed how unfair he felt this was, Jean looked at Helios with a desperate plea behind his eyes.

Helios would make him stay at the palace every weekend, so he couldn’t even use his golden time off.

If it was Raphael asking him for this favor, Jean would have left the palace without looking back!


Helios was always his weak point.

If he made a fatal smile like that with a look in his eyes saying, ‘Oh no, can’t you do this for me’ as if he was really in trouble, Jean had no choice but to do that favor for him.


“By the way, Heli.

Don’t misunderstand people when you smile at them like that, okay I’ve been by your side for 20 years, and even my heart flutters when you ask a favor with that expression.”




Helios smirked.



I’m not Raphael, but whenever you do that, I could feel my heart wavering.

I’m like a fool who falls for it every time.

A fool.”


Jean got up from his squat.

Helios also rose from his seat and tightened his loose cravat again.


It was time for him to meet his younger siblings.

He said he would go early today, and fortunately, it looked like he could go to the Star Palace without being late.


“Flutter, hmm…”



Helios muttered under his breath.


“What was that”


“I didn’t catch that, Your Majesty.”



It’s nothing.”



* * *



While Helios was leaning against one wall inside the Star Palace, Rosé, Ferre and Sera’s eyes didn’t even notice that the door was open as their eyes were entirely focused on the desk.

They didn’t take their eyes off it for even a second, and this showed how focused they were.


It’s already been five minutes since Helios had been watching them secretly, but they hadn’t even noticed that he’s already here…


‘It’s my first time seeing Rosé and Ferre being so focused.

What are they doing that they’re concentrating so diligently’


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