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After looking at the door helplessly one last time, she turned her gaze toward Ferre.

To stop Rosé from fluctuating in the air, the first thing that must be done was to calm Ferre, who was the one who did the spell.

“Okay, Your Highness Ferre.

I won’t leave anymore.”

Sera gently patted Ferre on the back, and his back fluttered with sobs.

“It’s okay, take a long, deep breath.

Please repeat after me—inhale, exhale… inhale…”

Sera slowly breathed in and out so that Ferre could follow after her.

Ferre couldn’t do it at first because his nose was still stuffy from all that crying, but he eventually breathed in and out of his mouth and copied her well.

Inhale… Exhale…

“Yes, yes, just like that.

Now take another deep breath.”

Inhaaale… Exhale.

With a calm voice, Sera managed to soothe him.

After a few more deep breaths, Ferre fortunately calmed down easily.

Since there was an adult with them now, he felt less frightened than when it was only the two of them.

Rosé was still sobbing, but as Ferre’s emotions stabilized, she wasn’t wavering that much in the air anymore, almost to the point that she was hovering while only wavering slightly now.

“Now, Your Highness Ferre.

We have to lower Her Highness Rosé, and for us to do that, Your Highness Ferre needs to help a little.”

With a very gentle tone, Sera guided him.

Ferre stared straight into Sera’s eyes, even though he was still in a daze from crying a lot.

“Do I have to help…”

Ferre’s purple eyes looked back at her as he sniffled.

Ferre seemed to be suspicious of Sera’s suggestion.


Your Highness has to help so that Her Highness can come back down.”

“But what do I do”

“You have to let go of me first, then step back a bit so that you don’t get hurt.”

“That’s helping”

Ferre closed his lips tightly as he asked, trying to hold back his tears.

“Yes, Your Highness Ferre.”

Sera spoke slowly while carefully patting Ferre’s back, and soon, his grip around her neck loosened and slipped.

Sera had a gentle smile on her face as she stroked Ferre’s head, expressing that he did well.

‘The problem here is that I can’t use magic, so it’s impossible to lower Her Highness Rosé through that method…’

Sera looked up at Rosé as she floated with her limbs drooping at her sides, wondering how to set her down.

She wasn’t that short herself, so perhaps if she could get on top of a desk, she could get Rosé personally.


Eventually, Sera groaned as she moved the heavy wooden desk in the study, feeling bad that she had to step over it.

After having to stop a few times then going back to pushing it again, she was able to move the desk right beneath Rosé.

Now, even if she fell, she at least wouldn’t fall on the hard marble floor.

“Your Highness Rosé, I’ll get you down soon.”

“Hiiic, Sera, hurry up and get me down… I’m scared.”

Rosé sniffled as she urged Sera.

Sera roughly rolled up the hem of her long dress and stepped on a chair, then she climbed on the desk.

As she reached up, her fingertips could touch Rosé slightly.

‘It’s high up, but I can reach her.’

“Your Highness Rosé, I’m reaching up to you now so that we can get you down, so once my hand is near, please hold on and don’t let go.”

Sera looked up at Rosé as she said this.

Rosé sniffled again and nodded.

“Hiic, okay, please get me down, Sera.”

Sera went on her tiptoes and reached as high as she could, stretching her arms out to the fullest.

Because Rosé was still fluctuating slightly, even if she touched Sera’s hand slightly, she couldn’t get a good grip.

Sera would have to get the timing right while Rosé was lower.

‘A little more…’

Just as her feet and her arms were getting strained, Rosé floated closer down.

“Ah! It worked!”

Sera didn’t miss the chance and grabbed Rosé, and she felt the child slowly coming into her arms.


But the moment of joy was for but a moment.

Her shoes slipped on the wooden desk.

She could balance normally by herself, but now that she had Rosé in her arms, she faltered and stumbled.

‘No! We’re going to hit the floor like this!’

“Be careful!”

Ferre shouted from below.

Sera closed her eyes tightly, thinking only of protecting Rosé.

She wrapped her hands over the child’s head.

‘We’re falling.’



With a dull sound, Sera fell to the floor.

The coldness of the marble and the shocking pain it gave her was felt distinctly on her back.

But she couldn’t feel the pain now.

She checked Rosé first, who she hugged even tighter in this position.

It was good that she was still in her arms.

“Sera! Rosé!”

Ferre rushed over to them urgently.

As he narrowed the distance, he looked more relieved, but he halted for a moment and stopped where he was.

As he bit his lower lip, his expression was stiff.

He was looking toward one place.

He was strange, but Sera couldn’t focus her attention on Ferre right now.

She had to check Rosé’s condition.

“Your Highness, can you sit up for a second”

Sera raised Rosé in a sitting position, but still Rosé was frozen with fear.

Her temperature was warm and her face was damp from all the crying.

“Are you alright”

Shaking Rosé’s shoulders a bit roughly, Sera stared at Rosé who was still stiff.

Although her face was messed up because of her tears, she had already stopped crying, and it didn’t seem like she was injured.

But then…

Rosé was also acting strange.

Rosé held onto her clothes and clutched tightly at the hem, and just like Ferre, her gaze was fixed on the left side of Sera’s face.

It wasn’t long before Sera found out the reason.

A damp, prickly sensation trickled down her face.

It was bright red blood.



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