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Chapter 31

Translated by Yonnee

Edited by Yonnee


Rosé and Ferre sat quietly on a desk inside the study.

With Rosé’s hair tied in two pigtails and with Ferre’s curly blond hair in its usual fluff, they were both very lovely today as well.

Except… They were thinking about what kinds of pranks they were going to do today!

Ferre’s purple eyes shook with anxiety.

He looked out the window of the study where the thick iron gates of the entrance were.

Then, as he took a glance at Rosé, who was sitting resolutely, he leaned to the side and whispered softly into her ear.

“Rosé, can we really do that”

He didn’t forget to look around first in case anyone would hear.

Fortunately, it was only Rosé and Ferre inside the study while two maids were standing guard in front of the door so that they wouldn’t escape again.

Rosé shot Ferre with a piercing glare, clearly a silent proclamation of, ‘Do you even have to ask’

“Of course!”

Rose’s voice, as clear as jade beads ringing out, was so bright that it couldn’t even be thought that the prank they were playing out today was a secret.

“Hey, but Heli Hyung came just now and told us to listen well.”

Ferre wasn’t all too willing to carry out Rosé’s planned prank, so he tried to remind her.

He was bothered by what his brother said, especially when Helios barely made time for them today in the middle of his busy political meetings.

“Oppa told us to listen well.

He never told us not to play around.”

Rosé didn’t like that Ferre was putting a damper on her plans, so she snapped at him.

She’s been frustrated with him being so hesitant so much these days, and she was frowning right now because of this.

“But why did Heli Hyung scold us when he found out we did some pranks again”

As Ferre mulled over it, his golden eyebrows scrunched together and made an upside down V shape in the middle of his forehead.

“Ferre, Rosé.

You have to listen well to your tutor Sera today.

Promise me, alright”

Helios’ voice kept echoing in Ferre’s head.

He was afraid that his brother’s silver hair and purple eyes would suddenly appear out of nowhere, as if he was watching them all that time.

That’s why he kept glancing outside the window.

The tight hug that Helios gave him half an hour ago kept tugging at his heart.

“That’s why I’m thinking!”

Rosé pouted.

Rosé was agonizing over Helios’ words, too, but she didn’t want to admit this openly.

Especially because Ferre’s been annoying her since yesterday since he kept saying he wanted to play carriage again.

Ferre seemed to already be obsessed with Sera.

Sera was an amazing tutor.

The first class they had was fun, but at the same time, Sera was also a fun person to tease.

That’s why Rosé was determined today while thinking to herself, ‘I’m going to bother her today again, too! I won’t give up!’

‘Oppa also comes a lot more when we continue pranking people.’

Rosé was hoping that Helios would come straight to them today after hearing about the pranks they’re about to do.

“Playing carriage was fun and the penguin dance was fun, but I like pranks more.


With her white, chubby fists lifted up while clasped together, the corners of Rosé’s pink lips tugged up.

Two black, long lines protruded from between her fingers.

She could feel a wriggling creature in her palms.

“Can’t we just not do it”

Ferre tried to persuade Rosé for the last time.

While staring blankly at Rosé’s fist, Ferre was startled when he saw the creature move, and he exclaimed, ‘Kyaak!’ while jumping away from Rosé’s side.

“Don’t run away! Come here!”

Rosé pulled Ferre’s chair with one hand, but Ferre kept struggling away from her, scared.

Even so, he couldn’t beat his twin sister.

The chair was eventually pulled right next to Rosé’s chair, but she couldn’t do anything about Ferre leaning away from her.

Because of this, even though they were sitting together, they looked very awkward.

And at that moment—

Sera passed through the window.

There was only one person who visited the Star Palace at this time with a lively step to her stride.

“She’s coming!”

Ferre half-whispered and half-shouted at Rosé.

The two nervously concealed their thoughts from their expressions and sat straight on their chairs, looking at the door.

But then the door didn’t open even after a while.

Sera should be here by now.

The maids of the Star Palace were sick and tired of playing hide and seek with Rosé and Ferre, and everyone else knew how to open the doors properly.

Rosé and Ferre swallowed and thought, ‘Just when will the door open’

“Your~ Highness~ Rosé~! Your~ Highness~ Ferre~!”

While Sera had a hard time opening the door, she called out to the twin prince and princess in a lively voice.

This was Rosé and Ferre’s second class with her.

Surprisingly, Rosé and Ferre were dressed neatly and were sitting upright at their desks.

“Your Highnesses’ outfits are cute today too, huh”

Sera smiled refreshingly with an unguarded expression.

Rosé and Ferre looked so cute in pastel colors.

The round collar and ribboned clothes were similar yet appropriately modified to suit their respective genders according to the conventional fashion.

Sera strode up to them and placed her large bag on the desk.

The startled Rosé and Ferre froze in shock while their eyes widened like saucers.

They looked like bunnies.

“Did I startle you”

“N… No!”

“N… Not even once!”

Rosé and Ferre answered awkwardly in unison.

Serra slightly narrowed her eyes at them, and at this, Rosé and Ferre laughed and smiled awkwardly.

‘Just looking at how the twin highnesses are smiling so awkwardly and sitting so calmly at their desks, I think they have something up their sleeves…’

Without letting go of her doubt, she carefully looked around.

But no matter how much she did, she couldn’t see the same flour bomb and faucet trap like last time.

Even through just a cursory glance, there seemed to be no pranks here.

“Hmm… Your Highness Rosé, Your Highness Ferre.

Was there something that happened today”

Sera squinted at them and asked playfully.

She didn’t say it out loud, but she was basically asking if they were going to pull any stunts again today.

It was clearly stamped across her forehead, the question of, ‘Why are you acting that way’

“No! Nothing!”

They both answered at the same time again while shaking their heads.

Obviously, they were scheming something behind the scenes.

She didn’t know what they were up to, but years of accumulated experience pointed to a blearing red signal.

Like seeing crows flocking over, their unusual behavior was a clear warning sign.


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