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Chapter 3

Translated by WuXing

Edited by WuXing


Pretending to smile sweetly, Sera took a step closer to him.

As their distance decreases, an unpleasant smell of tobacco pierced her nose.


“Duke Bethman.”


Sera whispered in a gentle voice and raised her hand slightly on the duke’s chest.

His eyes fell upon her chest and the corners of his mouth rose slowly.


“Miss Sera.”


With a satisfied smile, he dropped his guard slightly.

Sera smiled more broadly and made eye contact with the Duke.


“You’ve made a wise choice.”




The Duke’s hand left the doorknob.

It was a short moment before he completely put his guard down! Sera didn’t let go of this valuable opportunity.

Using her knee, she focused all her strength and energy on a precise blow toward the Duke’s “vital point”.




A piercing scream fills the room.

Crouching in pain, the Duke rolled onto the ground away from her.



Sera walked toward the duke.

She looked down with a cold unforgiving face.




The Duke stared at her quietly with his eyes teary and red filled with anger.

Sera paused, a strong resolve was made in her heart as she slowly reached for the desk.

The books she couldn’t retrieve earlier were spread out on the desk.

She thought for a while and grinned as she picked the thickest moral textbook from the desk.


“Duke, you need this book more than Prince Alizée.”




Sera dropped the 500 plus pages book onto the Duke’s face.


* * *


“That was scary.

I’m sure that was his intention all along when he asked to attend Alizée’s counselling session instead of the Duchess.”


As Sera looked at the distant mansion of Duke Bethman, she could not help but to shudder as she remembered how she was able to escape that terrifying ordeal.


“You have to earn your money quickly and then quit tutoring for the aristocrats.

There are a lot of bad people in this world.”


It was raining outside on the street when she noticed the lingering smell of tobacco around her neck and started having goose bumps all over her body.


‘I thought I would reincarnate into a position of great wealth and status, I do not understand why I have to become a fallen noble.’


She turned her head around as the iron gate of Duke Bethman’s mansion disappeared from sight.

Although she was born as a single child to an obscure Viscount in the rural countryside, there was a period when she was well off.

But that was before her parents lost their land and properties to a scam.

Her parents were good people but they were not good with scams.

As soon as she returned, various money problems would emerge, and there would be many people who wanted to take advantage of her situation.

Starting with the rich and old aristocrats who wanted to take her in as a concubine, just like Duke Bethman from today!

All this time when she encountered these kinds of situations, she would tell herself “persevere” countless times in her head and just get over it.

However, this time, when the Duke crossed the line, she completely lost all of her reasoning and acted on impulse.


‘Still, the Duke has an image to keep, he cannot tell people he got beaten up by a girl around the same age as his daughter.’


Sera tried to take a deep breath to calm down her anger, but it didn’t go away as she wanted, anger filled her every step as she continued to lug her heavy bag for a very long time.

And she finally paused.

An uneasy realization came to pass, something she was in denial regarding that matter.

Duke Bethman, he was a very crafty and powerful man.


* * *


‘There is only one thing that I’m 100% sure of!’

“I’m going to earn money as quickly as I can and buy myself a piece of land and property in the Capital.

Then, I am going to quit being a tutor and live only on the rent I collect on a timely basis!”


Sera clenched her fists thinking about her rosy future.

Money is the best not only in this world but her previous world as well! Money is the most important thing for a woman who has an ambiguous status, no land, no castles, and no other property.

She had long made up her mind, that whenever something similar happened, she would think ‘Let’s live peacefully and leisurely after making money quickly.’


“If you are to be reincarnated, you should be rich and have status like an Earl or Marquis.

But for me to be a fallen nobleman…”


Shaking her head, she grumbled and muttered her complaints.

It made her my previous life look more attractive.

She could not describe how absurd it was that day when she passed away as she was drinking her last cup of coffee while working overtime at school.

She was 27 years old, a teacher with four years experience and taught 35 first graders.

Due to an epidemic, she had to handle a horrendous request to move all the school events from the first semester to the second semester in X Edu (website).

She was working at the computer for far too long and when she furiously took a long swig of coffee, it must have caused her body to go into shock and then, she died.

A young woman at her prime age of 27 just passed away like that.

What a ridiculous death.


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