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‘Why am I so tired already’

Sera headed towards the most deserted corner of the banquet hall.

Because this was her first time attending a ball, it felt as if she was going up and down on a rollercoaster, and the fatigue she had accumulated during the night was weighing down on her already.

As she sat back on a sofa that was adorned with a colorful design, that was the only time she realized how much her feet were aching from wearing high-heeled shoes all that time.

This was one of the main causes of her fatigue.

Right then, she wanted to fling away the shoes that had caused her feet so much grief, but she had to settle for removing them carefully, setting them aside and hiding her bare feet beneath her dress so that other people wouldn’t be able to see them.

‘I think I can live now though.’

With her feet now taking a break from those suffocating shoes, Sera held up a long glass.

It was a champagne glass that was being given out to the nobles who had gotten tired from dancing.

As the champagne smoothly went down her throat, she could taste the fantastic mix of the sweetness of peaches and the subtle bitterness of liquor.

While downing the drink that wasn’t strong, Sera thought about the twins.

They might have been nervous in front of a countless number of nobles, but they were two great, commendable children who didn’t make any mistakes during this important situation.

Apart from that, they were also very well behaved.

‘I’ll give them both tons of compliments in our next class.

I hope this could be the opportunity to get rid of their reputation as troublemakers!’

Just as Sera was downing her third glass while worrying about the children, a young man appeared before her.

“I was surprised.

You danced so well out there.”

Sera looked up at the man.

Strangely enough, he was speaking in the same tone and cadence as Helios did.

When it came to the latest trends in the noblemen’s fashion, His Majesty the Emperor was of course the one in the lead, with his bright-toned ceremonial suits and even with his hair style.

That’s why anyone with this kind of appearance would inevitably be reminded of Helios.

Ah, Helios, the man Sera had been dancing so closely together with just a while ago.

A smile gently tugged upon her lips.

“It seems like you don’t quite frequent banquets all that often.

I’ve never seen you before.”

As he said this while smiling back, the man took Sera’s smile as a positive sign.

“It’s exactly as you’ve said.”

“Perhaps, may I know your name”


Sera Popo.”

“Then, Lady Popo, may I ask for one song with you I would love to have the chance to dance with you.”

“I apologize, but my feet hurt a bit right now.”

When she smiled and flatly refused the man, he looked disappointed, but he backed down without a fuss.

But the real problem was what came next.

“Aren’t you Lady Popo Would you care to dance the polka together with me”

“Lady Popo, I am Viscount Victor Lowenfeld.

I would like to get to know you better, Your Ladyship.

Would it be alright for us to converse for even just a moment”

“I am Elliot Eisner from the Eisner County.

May I have the honor of dancing with Your Ladyship”

“I am Howard Gardner from the Gardner County, you may call me Howard.

May I request one song with you”

When she had turned down the first dance request, it didn’t stop there.

Other people also came to her, like the sisters and parents of the kids she used to teach.

Even still, young noblemen continued to come up to Sera from time to time.

The fact that she was the partner of Prince Aushuvel, the main character of this banquet, along with the fact that she had danced with the emperor just now—these weren’t enough to shadow the fact that she was a new face in the banquet scene as this was her debut.

The recurring dance request rejections became recognized as a sign of her value and importance.

Besides that, she didn’t have a chaperone, so she became simultaneously an easier yet also more challenging opponent to face.

At the twentieth dance request, which was Count Pavlov’s, Sera got up from her seat.

She slipped her feet into those cramped shoes that made her feel the same pain a mermaid might have suffered, but getting out of here was an urgent priority.

“Have you finally changed your mind, Lady Popo”

“Ah… Before that, I believe I need to find my partner.”

“How about dancing to just one song with me before you find your partner”

“Count Pavlov, I apologize, but I do truly need to find my partner.

Will you allow me to pass through first”

Count Pavlov relentlessly insisted on having one dance with her.

In the meantime while she was still seated, Sera looked around to find the man who brought her here in the first place.

It’s already been an hour since she first mentioned that she should look for her partner, Aushuvel.

‘Where on earth did Prince Aushuvel go’

After looking around for such a long time, she finally found him, but he was still in the middle of the banquet hall.

Perhaps his boasts of being popular with the ladies weren’t false because, even from afar, Sera could feel from afar the sharp, envious gazes of the young noble ladies who were aiming for Prince Aushuvel.

Everyone seemed to be thinking of how to carefully maneuver through the dance floor and skillfully slip in to be his dance partner in the pauses between songs.

And seeing this, Sera sincerely thought that she wouldn’t be able to get to Prince Aushuvel for the time being.

‘I guess I really should dance to at least one song…’

Sera got up from her seat.

However, perhaps because she had one too many a glass of champagne while her tolerance was low, she felt her surroundings spin around her.

Count Pavlov tried to help Sera, but she cautiously refused his touch.

“I’m sorry, Count.

Perhaps I need some fresh air.”

“Then please let me help you there…!”

The count insisted once more, but Sera was adamant this time.

“I’m alright, Count.

I can do it alone.”

Soon after saying this, Sera escaped straight to the balconies.


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