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Chapter 18.2 – Nicknames

Going to the theater the next day, Shi Yuan spent more time implementing the human observation plan, focusing on Cheng Youwen and Qin Luoluo.

He overestimated his ability to observe, and he didn’t see anything for a long time.

However, Cheng Youwen was stared at by him and was creeped out: “Shi Yuan, did you complain to Lu Tinghan last night by blowing the pillow wind Why are you always looking at me, is he coming to finish me off”

Shi Yuan said, “Lu Tingting.”

“Okay, okay, tell me the truth, did you give Lu Tingting a pillow talk”

“No,” Shi Yuan replied.

“We didn’t sleep together, it’s been a long time since we slept together.”

Cheng Youwen changed Shi Yuan’s nickname to “Cold Palace Concubine”.

They continued to rehearse, and at the end, Cheng Youwen said, “It’s very good.


Isabella will be very satisfied if she sees it – of course, the main reason is that my script is more impressive.”

He was smug.

This was the third time Shi Yuan heard this name.

He asked, “Who is Isabella”

This time, Cheng Youwen said, “Well, it’s time to show you the great goal of our troupe! Come with me!”

Qin Luoluo and Wolfgang also followed.

The four went up to the third floor of the theater.

Wolfgang unlocked a heavy door and dragged out a safe in the corner of the room.

Only Wolfgang knew the password.

After he finished typing the password, the others came forward.

The four of them squatted together and surrounded the safe, peering head-to-head to look inside.

Inside were bundles of banknotes.

Cheng Youwen was very proud: “This is the troupe’s secret treasury.

We don’t tell ordinary people easily.

Xia Fang had to work for a year before he got our trust and affirmation and know about it.

Shi Yuan, we are making an exception for you because no one here thinks you can lie.”

Shi Yuan said, “I thought we were poor.” He had never seen so many banknotes.

“Oh, that’s not right,” Cheng Youwen said.

“This is saved up frugally, most of it is our own salary, in order to treat Lady Isabella.”

He told Shi Yuan a story.

The theater belonged to the Garcia family.

Isabella Garcia was originally the owner.

At the same time, she was also an extremely good actress and connoisseur.

She was in poor health and went to another city with her family in the early years.

Before leaving, she transferred the ownership of the theater to her student Wolfgang free of charge.

Because of her, the Wild Rose Troupe didn’t have to worry about the rent issue, and could rent out the performance hall to ease the economic pressure and reduce operating costs, otherwise, they would have disbanded like other troupes a long time ago.

“But Isabella has a serious illness,” Qin Luoluo said.

“She is very old and needs money, especially for a major operation.” She paused.

“Tracey is very sensible and often puts in her pocket money for buying snacks.

We also save money here.”

Shi Yuan understood that they wanted to save the benefactor of the troupe.

Cheng Youwen turned his head and coughed twice: “We let you know that there is such a thing, not because we want you to donate money too, but in addition, we have another goal: to let Lady Isabella see a perfect performance.”

“Is it “The Martyr”” Shi Yuan asked.

“That’s right.” Cheng Youwen nodded.

“This is the most satisfactory script I have ever written.

So far, the performance effect and conflict are also the best.” He patted Shi Yuan on the shoulder.

“So, you have to do your best, we will definitely go to her city to perform.”

Shi Yuan said, “I understand.” He added, “I still owe others money, and when I pay it back, I can donate a little money.”

Cheng Youwen was taken aback for a moment, trying to say something but didn’t say anything, and finally patted him on the shoulder and said, “…thank you.”

They went down the stairs together and returned to the first floor.

Qin Luoluo walked in front humming a song, and Cheng Youwen was right behind her.

He went downstairs on crutches very strenuously, panting softly, his infected sheep’s hoof left leg clattered on the ground.

Shi Yuan looked over by chance and saw that when she turned, the tips of Qin Luoluo’s black hair were raised, revealing a swan-like neck, and her snowflake earrings shone brightly, and Cheng Youwen took a quick look at Qin Luoluo.

That look was different than usual.

It was so fiery that it hid a thousand words and so timid that it would break at the touch.

This time, Shi Yuan believed what Xia Fang said was true.

‘It turns out that if you like someone, you will have this kind of look,’ he thought.

When he returned home that night, he stared at Lu Tinghan with wide eyes.

Lu Tinghan was immersed in the report at first, but after a while, he asked, “Shi Yuan, why are you looking at me like this”

Shi Yuan looked at him for a few seconds.

There wasn’t much emotion in Lu Tinghan’s eyes, there was no wave in the ancient well, and he didn’t see anything.

Lu Tinghan asked again: “What’s wrong”

Shi Yuan said, “Is the note you gave me really my real name”

“Of course.” Lu Tinghan lowered his head.



That night, Shi Yuan dreamed that Lu Tinghan had sold him for money to avenge the five pieces of clothes.

In his dream, a bunch of humans were eyeing him.

He was so scared that his tail was knotted.

After waking up, he went to Lu Tinghan with a pillow and asked him if he could sleep together.

Lu Tinghan helped him untie his tail and said, “Shi Yuan, I said ‘only this time’ last time.”

Shi Yuan looked at him eagerly.

Lu Tinghan: “……”

General Lu proved by his own actions that once an exception is made, there can be no “only this time”.

Shi Yuan carried the pillow into his room, rolled himself into a ball with a quilt, and then rolled to Lu Tinghan’s side.

Lu Tinghan asked, “What nightmare did you have again”

“I dreamed that you sold me again,” Shi Yuan said.

“The price has increased this time, and I was sold for 500 yuan.”

Lu Tinghan said, “Where did I give you this impression”

“Maybe because I broke your clothes before.

My salary is too small.

It will take a long time to pay it back.”

Lu Tinghan had already said that he didn’t need to care about this matter, but Shi Yuan was still thinking about it.

Shi Yuan continued: “I broke four or five pieces of clothes.

You lent me 300 yuan before.

My hourly salary is 6 yuan…”

“Don’t think about this,” Lu Tinghan said.

“You don’t need to pay it back.”

“I have to pay it back,” Shi Yuan insisted.

“I don’t know how much your clothes cost.

If you tell me the price, I will slowly save money to pay you back… Ah.”

Lu Tinghan suddenly started rubbing Shi Yuan’s head fiercely.

This trick had a miraculous effect on Shi Yuan, and it was tried and tested repeatedly.

Shi Yuan immediately forgot the topic just now and made a satisfied voice: “Purr, purr, purr, purr.”

Lu Tinghan successfully skipped the topic in this way.

The bright moon hung high, it was a quiet night, and Shi Yuan fell asleep beside Lu Tinghan.

The month after that, the Wild Rose Troupe rehearsed the second and third acts, and everything went well.

At the end of the month, Shi Yuan got his salary, a total of 1,488 yuan.

After paying the tax to the Alliance, there was still 1,041 yuan left.

After deducting the meal money, plus the first half of the month’s salary savings, he was left with only about 110 yuan.

The money was not much, but the money could be paid back to Lu Tinghan first.

Tracy was Wolfgang’s adopted daughter, and the theater was considered her own business; she didn’t get a salary, but she did get pocket money at the end of the month.

She told Shi Yuan: “I put all my pocket money in the safe, a total of 50 Alliance coins, and left it for Ms.

Isabella.” Her cat’s tail drooped regretfully.

“But that’s money for two bags of candy, I would have liked to try a strawberry-flavored lollipop.”

Shi Yuan asked, “Are you going to tell Mr.


“He won’t give me candy for fear of tooth decay.” Tracy curled her lips.

“I bought them all in secret.

Well, I gave out my allowance voluntarily and won’t regret it.

You go home now, have a good weekend.”

Shi Yuan went to the station and while waiting for the bus, he saw someone selling snacks on the side of the road.

There were not many types of snacks, most of them were biscuits and hard candy, but the packaging was colorful.

In one of the small bags of candy, there was a strawberry-flavored lollipop.

Shi Yuan bought the bag of candy for 20 yuan and went back to Tracy.

Tracy was so surprised that she almost jumped up: “Shi Yuan! Thank you!”

She took the lollipop, but insisted on not taking the other candies, and asked Shi Yuan to take it home.

So, Shi Yuan took most of the candies and went home.

On this day, as soon as Lu Tinghan came home, he saw a head sticking out of the sofa.

Shi Yuan put his chin on the back of the sofa and asked, “Lu Tinghan, do you want candy”

“No.” Lu Tinghan said, but as soon as he sat down, he was still given a lot of snacks in his hand, fruit hard candy, marshmallows, and biscuits.

“Try it,” Shi Yuan was looking forward to it.

“It’s the first time I have eaten candy.

This is the best I have picked out.”

Lu Tinghan ate a piece of grape hard candy and got a happy Shi Yuan.

Shi Yuan told Lu Tinghan about the salary payment and explained why he only had 90 yuan left.

He once again insisted on returning the money to Lu Tinghan, and Lu Tinghan agreed.

The transfer prompt sounded, and Lu Tinghan showed Shi Yuan his mobile phone: “I got it.”

“That’s good,” Shi Yuan was very happy, “Although not much, wait for me next month…”

He paused and stared at the phone screen with wide eyes.

—Probably because the candy Shi Yuan gave was too sweet, which paralyzed General Lu’s thinking.

By the time he realized something was wrong and wanted to take back the phone, it was already too late.

It was clearly written on the phone [Dead Knot transferred 90 Alliance coins to you]

Shi Yuan:

Looking down, there was another reminder: [“Dead Knot” is your friend in the address book, nicknamed: “Long-Tailed Purring Monster”]

Shi Yuan: ??



Dead Knot – also a metaphor for something that can’t be figured out or something that can’t be solved.

Hating iron for not becoming steel – to feel frustrated towards someone who failed to meet expectations

Cold Palace Concubine – a palace where the wife or concubine of an emperor resides when the emperor doesn’t like her anymore or she commits crimes that cannot be forgiven by the emperor.

Nicknames – here, I believe they were using an app similar to WeChat where you can send money and set nicknames


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