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Chapter 13.1 – The Tyrant, Shi Yuan

Shi Yuan said, “Mr.

Xia, I’m sorry, my friend won’t let me go to the bar.”

“Huh” Xia Fang was very puzzled.

“Does your friend still need to care about this Or is he your boyfriend”

“Not really,” Shi Yuan said.

He also knew a little about how human pairs get along with each other, he and Lu Tinghan were not like that.

Moreover, Lu Tinghan never launched an invitation to copulate/mate with him.

He guessed that Lu Tinghan didn’t want to do that.

“Then why does he care about you He doesn’t have a crush on you, does he” Xia Fang asked.

“Besides, you are not his property.

What you want to do is none of his business.

Is it because you can’t go to the bar or something” He touched his chin.

“How about this, we can just go and take a look around.

If you go back early and seal your mouth tightly, no one will know, right”

“No, I’m not going.

You are right, I am not his property,” Shi Yuan said.

“He is mine.”

Human beings were very strange creatures, with complex thoughts and intelligent minds, more terrifying than any monster.

In this world, the only human being who belonged to him alone was Lu Tinghan.

Xia Fang was stunned.

After a long time, he said, “I didn’t expect it, it turns out that you are holding the tyrant script! This role has not been given yet, but has already been taken from others by force!”

Shi Yuan didn’t understand what Xia Fang was talking about.

When he followed Xia Fang back to the theater, it was already five o’clock in the afternoon.

Shi Yuan said, “Then, I will go back first”

“Go ahead,” Xia Fang said.

“I’m going to find someone to drink.”

Shi Yuan said goodbye to him and got on the bus home.

The bus was rickety, he clenched the armrests and looked out the window – the orange-red sky, the gray buildings, and the expressionless patrols.

Unexpectedly, Lu Tinghan came back earlier than him today.

Shi Yuan opened the door of the house, and Lu Tinghan was sitting on the sofa reading a book.

“I’m back,” Shi Yuan said.

Lu Tinghan nodded slightly: “How was your day”

“I did a lot of work, cleaned up the backstage, and posted advertisements, but I didn’t deliver my lines well.” The tip of Shi Yuan’s tail began to sway.

“Well, keep up the good work.” Lu Tinghan turned a page of the book, and a thin voice came from the side.

Then the pages were blocked, and in its place were the dark eyes of Shi Yuan, whose head came over and took up all of Lu Tinghan’s sight, saying, “Don’t read the book, hurry up and look at me.”

The abyss needs to be gazed at!

After doing this, it was impossible to read the book.

Lu Tinghan stretched out his hand and touched his head.

Shi Yuan curled his tail on the sofa and waved the tip of his tail happily: “Purr, purr, purr.”

For the next hour, Lu Tinghan continued to read while Shi Yuan read the script by his side, and his head was touched from time to time.

When the hour hand pointed to half past six, Lu Tinghan put down the book: “I will cook by myself today, tell Charles what you want to eat.”

“Who is Charles” Shi Yuan asked.

Lu Tinghan pointed to the robot: “It.”

“Oh—” Shi Yuan suddenly realized.

“You mean Broken Copper.”

“What broken copper”

Shi Yuan pointed to the two robots: “One is Broken Copper and the other is Broken Iron.”

Lu Tinghan: “……”

Shi Yuan said again: “I want to eat your cooking.”

“My cooking skills are average,” Lu Tinghan said.

“I’m going to make tomato and egg noodles.”

“I want to eat,” Shi Yuan insisted.

So, Lu Tinghan took the ingredients for two people.

His kitchen had not been used for hundreds of years, the refrigerator was empty, the stove was cold, and a few good pots and pans that had never been used were elegantly hung on the wall as decorations.

After Shi Yuan moved in, he ordered the logistics staff to prepare fresh vegetables and put them in the refrigerator.

When Lu Tinghan took out the tomatoes, Shi Yuan said, “I thought you didn’t know how to cook.”

Lu Tinghan said, “That is, the level at which you won’t die if you eat it.”

“That’s not what I meant – you are a general, and you have a lot of subordinates.”

Lu Tinghan: “It’s not like I was general when I was born.

Besides, this is a basic life skill.” He paused.

“I used to be an abyss watcher, and sometimes, I would cook by myself in the observation tower.”

He said it lightly, but Shi Yuan held his breath for an instant.

This was the first time he heard Lu Tinghan mention “abyss”.

But Lu Tinghan didn’t continue the topic, nor did he mention the disappearance of Abyss No.0, which he had guarded for ten years, just went to get the noodles in the cupboard.

Shi Yuan was a little disappointed, but he knew he shouldn’t have such expectations.

—Lu Tinghan was the enemy of the abyss.

Their best mode of getting along was now, carefully burying the secret under the soil, watering it every day, expecting it to rot completely and bloom a beautiful flower.

Shi Yuan helped wash the tomatoes, then watched Lu Tinghan slice the tomatoes and then cut them into pieces.

His hand with the knife was steady, fast, and accurate, as it must have been when he sliced open the enemy’s body on the battlefield.

Shi Yuan couldn’t do anything else.

He turned around behind Lu Tinghan and began to observe his human: see how Lu Tinghan beat the eggs well, how he put in the salt, how he heated the pan, and finally mixed the tomatoes and eggs together.

He followed so closely that Lu Tinghan almost collided with him three times when he turned around.

Not only did he keep up closely, but he also had many questions.

He asked, “Why do you want to boil the tomatoes in boiling water”

“Why put so many green onions”

“When are you supposed to put the noodles in”

“How do you know it’s cooked”

There were a lot of questions such as these, and Lu Tinghan answer them all for him, and finally, when he asked, “Did the chicken or the egg come first” his forehead was flicked by Lu Tinghan.

This one was not light or heavy.

Shi Yuan touched his forehead: “Ah, why are you flicking me”

“Why are there so many questions in your head.” Lu Tinghan put the noodles in a bowl and brought them to the dinner table.

“Help you pop them out a little.”

The two sat face to face.

Shi Yuan took a bite of the noodles.

The taste was not as good as what he had eaten in the “Wheatfield Noodle Restaurant”.

The salt was a little too light, but the tomato and eggs were fried so deliciously that he quickly finished the whole bowl of noodles.

Lu Tinghan said: “It is not convenient for me to reply to private messages when I am working.”

“Oh.” Shi Yuan said, “Then, can I continue to send you messages”

“Yes,” Lu Tinghan said.

After eating, Broken Copper and Broken Iron cleaned up the dishes and chopsticks.

Lu Tinghan sat back on the sofa again.

He stopped reading, took out his sketchbook and charcoal pen, crossed his legs, and drew something.

Shi Yuan had never seen Lu Tinghan in such a relaxed posture.

The Lu Tinghan he saw was all upright and tight, even when he was sitting, he had a straight back.

Unlike now, he was wearing home clothes with his cuffs rolled up, and he drew with his legs crossed, his gray-blue eyes looking at the pen intently.

Shi Yuan leaned over to look, there was a clear pool on the sketchbook, reflecting the mountains vividly.

He didn’t know how to draw, he just thought it was beautiful.

He nestled beside Lu Tinghan and continued to read the script.

After a while, he asked, “Can you listen to how I say my lines I practiced again today.”

Lu Tinghan stopped his pen: “Okay, go ahead.”

Shi Yuan read the lines again with his newly figured-out sense of viciousness.

Lu Tinghan: “……”

Lu Tinghan said, “It’s better to practice again.”


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