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She had already been hurt enough.

A few short sentences were not enough to convince her.

Who knew what tricks this pair of mother and son were up to

However, Xu Zhiqin was unwilling to give up this opportunity.

She said, “Madam Pan, are you really willing to help me clarify things Thats good.

Ill call the reporters now.”

“Sure! You can look for them now!” Pan Ju immediately said.

Xu Zhiqin glanced at He Xuyan, who nodded gently.

Xu Zhiqin didnt have many reporters she was familiar with, but she could definitely control the situation.

She just couldnt figure out why Pan Ju would change sides at the last minute.

After she finished making the calls, she asked He Xuyan, “Director He, what do you think happened to Pan Ju Shes not hesitating to drag her son down with her to help me.”

In the past, Pan Hongsen and his management company had approached Pan Ju.

After that, she refused to meet her.

But now, she was acting like a different person.

It was really suspicious.

He Xuyan said softly, “I have a friend whos also a reporter.

He took a video of Yali being promiscuous with others… It was a multiplayer session.

Last night, my friend sent this content to Pan Ju.”

Xu Zhiqin was speechless.

Didnt Yali love Pan Hongsen so much Why would she do such a thing

However, He Xuyan had really helped too much this time.

Xu Zhiqin had never known Yali to be such a person.

She hid it really well.

Otherwise, Xu Zhiqin would have gone with the same approach.

No wonder Pan Ju suddenly changed her mind.

Pan Ju had always doted on her precious son as if he was her life.

She would do whatever her son said.

When she saw Yali being so indecent, she would definitely be furious.

However, a housewife like Pan Ju did not have much experience in fighting.

The only way she could think of to solve the problem was to use Xu Zhiqins matter to force Yali to leave.

“Director He…” Xu Zhiqin wanted to thank him, but the wordsthank you were too insignificant after what he had done to help.

He Xuyan was pleased by the light in her eyes.

He smiled and said, “Its my duty to help my own people.”

Xu Zhiqins ears burned, then turned red.

She asked softly, “Why didnt Pan Ju look for Pan Hongsen directly”

Logically speaking, she should have looked for her son immediately after such a thing happened.

He Xuyan coughed lightly.

“Pan Hongsen got himself into such a big scandal last night.

His phone must have exploded.

Pan Ju must not have been able to get to him, so she looked for you.”

Xu Zhiqin felt that what he said made sense.

She was given the upper hand this time.

Others might not believe her words, but if Pan Ju personally clarified things, she could finally clear her name.

What she didnt know was that He Xuyan had gotten someone to specially cut off Pan Jus contact with Pan Hongsen and his management company.

Pan Ju was at a loss but couldnt find anyone, so she could only place her hopes on Xu Zhiqin.

No one could prove Xu Zhiqins innocence more than Pan Ju.

A moment later, the reporters arrived.

“Madam Pan, may I ask what you want to clarify”

“As the mother of the popular idol, Pan Hongsen, will you be talking about his work or personal matters today”

Not only were there reporters Xu Zhiqin was familiar with here, but there were also many other reporters who came to ask questions.

Pan Ju cried out, “What I want to say is that my son, Pan Hongsen, was in a relationship with his former manager, Xu Zhiqin, for three years.”

He Xuyan stood at the side and focused.

Xu Zhiqin glanced at him and lowered her eyes.

The reporters were in an uproar.

“So Xu Zhiqin didnt pester Pan Hongsen and they really dated”

“They really did.

They were definitely together.

I was hoping that they would get married as soon as possible so that I could have a grandchild.

But who knew that suddenly, a shameless female artiste named Yali appeared and seduced my son At that time, Xu Zhiqin was still in the dark.

I also advised my son to cherish the person in front of him.

But Yali had many tricks up her sleeve and insisted on seducing my son.

Sometimes, she even came to our house to fool around behind Xu Zhiqins back.”

Pan Ju hated Yali to the core now.

She wished she could push all the blame on Yali while making her son out to be innocent.

The reporters quickly asked, “In that case, Xu Zhiqin had never pestered Pan Hongsen.

They were in a legitimate relationship, but Yali interfered and made them break up”

“But Yali and Pan Hongsen accused Xu Zhiqin of interfering in their relationship.

Its really a case of the kettle calling the pot black.

Its the guilty party thatll complain first!”

Pan Ju said, “My son only did these things because he was bewitched by Yali.

My son is innocent!”

She still didnt know what her son had said or done during the live broadcast last night when he was drunk.

The reporters immediately continued to ask, “Then can you tell us about Xu Zhiqin and Pan Hongsen”

Pan Ju said in detail, “Back then, Zhiqin and Hongsen were classmates.

The two of them debuted together and entered the same company.

Later on, in order to help Hongsen, Zhiqin became a manager and stayed by his side.

It was just that their relationship wasnt exposed at that time, so no one knew about it.

But in my opinion, Zhiqin was already the daughter-in-law of the Pan family!

“If it werent for that woman, Yali, I would have a grandchild now.

I really want to condemn those mistresses!”

The reporters asked, “If you knew about this from the start, why didnt you step out to explain sooner”

Pan Ju felt very guilty.

Xu Zhiqin had begged her to tell her the truth before, but she refused.

This time, she only did this to deter Yali.

As for Yalis dirt, her son was also involved in it.

There were some things that could not be said casually or she would be digging her own grave.

She forced herself to hide the truth.

“Ive always been against Hongsen and Yali being together, and Ive always been waiting for them to break up and for my son to reconcile with Zhiqin.

Its just that some things are their private matters.

As a mother, its not easy for me to interfere.”

“So you couldnt stand Pan Hongsen and Yali anymore, which is why you decided to step out this time.

You want to speak up for Zhiqin, right”

Pan Ju immediately replied, “Yes, I cant stand Yali bewitching my son like this and making him become someone so treacherous bit by bit! I also declare here that our Pan family definitely doesnt welcome Yali! The only daughter-in-law I acknowledge is Xu Zhiqin!”

The reporters pointed the microphone at Xu Zhiqin.

“Miss Xu, what do you think of what happened today”

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