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The four Stone A summons used their Awakened Skill [Convergent Bombardment] on Gordino.

"Oh Did we do it!"

Kiel shouted seeing Gordino fall on his back, raising a large cloud of dust.

The moment the two Iron Golems were defeated, the four Stone A summons used their Awakened Skill [Convergent Bombardment] on Gordino.

One of the summons was under Kingship, while the other three were under Command, which gave them more Endurance than last time, meaning they could absorb even more attacks from the Mythril Golem.

Allen could not use Kingship the last time, but now Kingship increased the Skill's power three times over, and Command two.

The Bronze Golem and Mythril Golem were still intact, Allen was trying to only attack the other golems as little as necessary, while the rest of the damage would be focused on Gordino.

"I don't know yet, I hope it was enough."

"I really hope it was.

Though I wonder…"

Cecile shared Allen's desire.

While defeating Gordino was their objective, 'Haste' was a keyword Allen had given the party.

He wanted to see just how fast they could defeat Gordino.

He also wanted to see if they could skip the fight against Super Combined Gordino by defeating him here.

'It-it seems you bastards really want to die.

If you really want to see how powerless you are, I'll gladly show you! Golems, gather at my side!!'

Gordino pulled the two defeated Iron Golems towards him, as well as the Bronze Golem and Mythril Golem that continued attacking.

He turned them into his limbs and armament, transforming into Super Combined Gordino.

"I guess it didn't work.

But well, at least we don't have to worry about Bronzie and Mythril I guess."

"It seems so."

Most games in his past life were the same, if a boss had a second phase, it did not matter how much damage the first phase received, it would always transform.

If it did not work this time, it would probably never work.

The good news was that they only needed to defeat the two Iron Golems and beat Gordino to proceed into the next phase.

They could ignore the Bronze Golem, and the Mythril Golem's attacks could be absorbed and sent to Gordino.

"Rocanels, just keep absorbing! Merus, use your attribute enhancement!!"


'Sure, give me a moment.'

Super Combined Gordino had an enormous body, with the Mythril Golem transformed into a cannon on his shoulder.

The four Stone A summons dispersed to absorb the attacks in various places.

The last time, Admiral Galara's party [Stinger] had used their golems to build a protective wall, but now Merle and her Goliath size golem resisted Gordino's attacks.


Merle's strenuous and pained voice came from inside the golem.

The mollusk-like Fish A summon was also serving as a wall, but Merle was taking the brunt of the blows.

To lessen the load on Merle, the Rock A summons absorbed as many shots as they could.

Then Merus used his Special Skill [Attribute Enhancement] to change Super Combined Gordino's weakness.

With 35000 points of Intelligence, Merus completed that almost instantly.

His new weakness was fire.

"Oh Is it done"

Dogora firmly grasped Kagutsuchi.

His stance was clearly different than the last time they confronted Gordino.

"Cecile, you use Fire Magic too."

"Got it."

(I guess Kagutsuchi also has a strong effect on Dogora.)

Super Combined Gordino, who was more than 150 meters big, seemed to take a great deal of damage from Dogora's Skill attacks.

When Dogora defeated Basque, Allen had noticed Dogora entered Extra Mode.

He also noticed Dogora had Freya's Blessing, though it was just (small).

Now when he checked Dogora's stats in his Grimoire it appeared as (medium).

Small and medium did not seem like a big increase, but the effect on Dogora was immense.

The blessings were accumulative, so medium also carried the benefits of small, diminutive and microscopic.

Medium granted a similar boost to a Sacred Bead.

The effects of Freya's Blessing:

-Microscopic: Fire absorption

-Diminutive: Fire absorption, 1000 to all stats

-Small: Fire absorption, 3000 to all stats, 10% Skill damage

-Medium: Fire absorption, 5000 to all stats, 30% Skill damage, Cooldown of True skills decreased by 30%

Attacks performed with Kagutsuchi also had a fire attribute.

The cultists had been brought to Heavy User Island, and now they prayed to Freya daily.

There was also a statue of Freya in Niel, to which people regularly prayed as thanks for the help they received.

(I have to make that Blessing bigger somehow.)

Thanks to the Blessing's impressive effects, Dogora had become stronger.

Allen felt like the best way to improve the Blessing even more was by increasing the number of Freya's followers.

But there was one condition to activate the Blessing, he needed to hold Kagutsuchi, otherwise there would be no effect.

That was another advantage he had discarded when challenging the Beast King.

Allen would never forgive the Beast King for trampling on Dogora's good will to have a fair fight.

'I-impudent and diminutive beings!!'

Facing the relentless attacks, Super Combined Gordino began sounding desperate.

His sights turned to Dogora.


"I know.


Anticipating Super Combined Gordino's attack, Cecile cast her Level 5 Magic.

Her Intelligence was higher than 35000 after equipping Makris' Sacred Bead, the necklace that boosted her Intelligence by 2000, and the staff she obtained from one of the Iron Golem's gold chests.

An enormous fireball formed and flew from behind Dogora.

'Y-you'll do that with your friend in the way!'

She had sent the fireball flying while Dogora was still in attack.

That made Gordino hesitate a bit, letting Dogora evade, but that also meant he was inside the blast radius of the fireball.

But Dogora took no damage at all, and he continued attacking Gordino.

No matter whether the fire came from ally or enemy, no fire, fire magic, or fire breath had an effect on Dogora.

Even if some damage went through, his Strength would recover almost instantly.

"Good, it's looking good.

Just a little bit more.

Finish him Dogora!"

"Okay, Body and Soul!!"


Kagutsuchi began glowing brightly and there was a loud noise no one had heard before as he swung it.


Allen's summons and the party had greatly weakened Super Combined Gordino, chipping large chunks away from the golems that composed his body.

Then matching the other attacks, Dogora activated his Extra Skill [Body and Soul].

Dogora could use [Body and Soul] at will now.

The cooldown was still a day though, so he could not just activate it without thought, but it was perfect for him to use up all his Mana to deal the finishing blow to Gordino.

A deep hole opened in Super Combined Gordino's chest, suffering the full power of Dogora's [Body and Soul], and was sent flying a large distance back.

(Nice, I don't think he's close to his power at that time though)

Watching Gordino crumbling in the distance, Allen recalled the time Dogora defeated Basque.

He felt like Basque, as a Demon Great General, was even more powerful than Super Combined Gordino.

On top of that, during the fight Basque was also being buffed and healed by the Skeleton Pope.

Basque's Strength was fully regenerated when Dogora used [Body and Soul] to deal an unstoppable attack that decided his victory.

Allen did not know the difference in Strength and Endurance between Basque and Super Combined Gordino, but he felt like Dogora's power was still not enough to defeat a Demon Great General.

(We'll have to find a way to make his Blessing at least large.

Then I'll have to see how to awaken the dormant blessings in Sophie and Shea.)

To strengthen the power of Blessings, they needed to become larger.

(Medium)'s power was visible now, and Allen really wanted to see how much more powerful it could get.

Dogora had been able to manifest the power of Freya's Blessing, but his other friends had not managed to activate theirs.

Sophie had Rosen's, Shea had Garm's, and Luck had Fabre's Blessing.

He felt like those Blessings would not change their stats too much though.

Allen understood that the gods did not want to interfere too much in their affairs.

But figuring out how to activate those blessings, or obtain new ones, would greatly enhance his fighting possibilities.

Cecile, Kurena, Kiel, and Formar had no Blessings.

It would be ideal if Cecile somehow obtained the Goddess of Magic Isiris' Blessing, but Allen had no idea how to accomplish that.

There were still items he had never never seen before, like other Sacred Beads, or the earrings and anklets Basque was wearing.

And there were Blessings he hoped to obtain as well.

There was also the possibility of bringing more of his friends into Extra Mode, and just thinking of all the possibilities made him almost dance with excitement.

'Kukuku! It-it seems you're all desperate to see my true power!! Then let me show it to you!!'

While Allen was dreaming about future plans, the battle moved on.

Super Combined Gordino's body was covered in cracks after his chest was shattered.

Then from inside, Gordino's true body came out, thin and sharp.

"Merus, your attribute change is still active, right"

'Yes, it's still active.'

"Good, use Judgement Thunder then."

Allen asked Merus if Gordino was still made weak to fire.

It seemed that the effect carried over even after going from Super Combined Gordino to True Gordino.


'Let the Judgement Thunder decide your fate!'

Merus appeared for an instant and activated his Awakened Skill [Judgement Thunder].


'W-what are you trying Th-this can't be! I can't move!!'

Merus had used all his Mana to activate his Awakened Skill [Judgement Thunder], but it was not enough to defeat True Gordino.

But they expected as much, [Judgement Thunder] was only meant to restrain his movements.

And that effect was especially effective against mineral type enemies.

After the attack, True Gordino was pinned to the ground and could not stand back up.

"Cecile, end this!!"

"I got it, Small Meteorite!"

An enormous spherical rock, which was molten hot, crushed Gordino who could not move or evade.

"Y-you puny littleeeeeeee…!!"

True Gordino's scream was snuffed out by the rock.

The Extra Skill [Small Meteorite] had fire and earth attributes.

Thanks to Merus' [Attribute Enhancement], it caused even more damage.

Allen's plan was to use those two to end the fight.

True Gordino could erase the buffs from allies or summons.

He also had high mobility and powerful attacks, so it could easily lead to an accident.

'You've defeated 1 Gordino.

You've gained 8000'000'000 Experience Points'

"Nice, we got him."

"Yay! Actually, that was quite fast."

The last time they had suffered a lot to defeat the boss, but now it was over in a breeze.

The rest of the party was shocked and happy.

(Hmm, we did it without needing the Spirit King's Blessing.

I guess it could be even faster with it.

Actually, maybe it's better to keep it in reserve in case something happens.

But that'll be for next time.)

They had defeated Gordino without the help of the Spirit King's Blessing, which raised their stats by 30%.

But Allen was still trying to decide if it was better to use it from the start, or to keep it in reserve to use an Extra Skill a second time if needed.

Thinking of any possible accidents that could happen in the future, he felt like the Spirit King's Blessing should be saved for emergencies.

"Oh! There they are, though there's no rainbow one this time…"

Four treasure chests appeared with their rewards for defeating the boss.

Three were silver, one was gold.

There was also an even more valuable one that looked rainbow, but Kiel muttered realizing it did not appear this time.

They opened the chests.

The silver chests contained adamantite weapons, Hihiirokane Stone Slabs, and rings that boosted stats by 5000.

The gold chest contained one Sorcery Core.

"Well, it could be worse."

At least it could all be used to make Allen's Army more powerful.

He wanted to find more Sorcery Cores, so he was glad to get one, but he had still expected more.

He was disappointed there was nothing that directly made the party stronger though, so he was not too excited about it.

"I'm tired now.

Let's go back and rest."

Cecile said she was tired and prepared to go back.


But Allen was confused hearing that.

"What do you mean, Huh"

"Well, we're supposed to go hunt Iron Golems after this."

"What! When did we agree to that!"

The reason why Allen had focused so much on speeding up the fight was so that they could defeat the boss every morning before hunting Iron Golems in the other areas.

Unlike the Iron Golems that respawned, the boss could only be fought once a day.

All color drained from Cecile's face hearing Allen say they would try hunting 300 Iron Golems for the rest of the day.

He dragged Cecile who would not stop grumbling, split the party into two, and they went to hunt Iron Golems.



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