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Heart Stealer Young Master Bo Chapter 9

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Why Would I Take A Liking For Something As Ugly As You

If she really had a clear conscience, if she really didnt know anything, why would she be so afraid when she saw Shi Qinglan

The students started to look at Shen Ruxue with suspicion.

“Why are you looking at me like this I said I didnt do it! You cannot suspect me without any evidence!”

Shen Ruxue flailed her arms around, trying to explain herself like a madwoman. However, her arms were suddenly grabbed.

She looked up and saw a group of policemen who had just arrived…

“Miss Shen, weve received a report saying that you have something to do with this fire. Please follow us to the station for investigation.”

“No… you cannot arrest me! You have no evidence!”

Shen Ruxue kept resisting, but the police gave no ear to her explanations. She was carried away in no time at all.

Shao Mingzhe watched as she was brought away. No matter how much he believed the girl he liked, he had no reason to question the polices decision.

“Xiaolan.” He tried to squeeze a smile out on his pale face. “I wasnt aware Shen Ruxue did something like this. You still love me, right You definitely wont…”


The rest of Shao Mingzhes words were stuck in his throat.

Because he saw a little dagger fly out from Shi Qinglans sleeve, graze past his pants, and stick straight into the gravel.

The dagger could even pierce through gravel, so had it hit him…

Shi Qinglan indifferently laughed. Her laugh was filled with sarcasm and her beautiful eyes were cold.

“Shao Mingzhe, I suggest you stop being so full of yourself.

“I care a lot about looks, so why would I take a liking for something as ugly as you

“Stop spreading rumors that I like you. Otherwise, this dagger… might end up somewhere else.”

After she finished her words, she turned around to leave.

Her red dress danced in the wind, and the other students finally saw her appearance. Those who had mocked her for being stupid, dumb, and ugly all took in a deep breath…

This was not the Shi Qinglan they knew!

Her beauty was beyond comparison, and she had a charming figure. The red dress fluttered between her long, fair legs as she left a domineering back view, and the image of her unparalleled beauty in the minds of the students, behind.

That figure and that beauty were nowhere near the legendary disheveled and ugly girl they had mentioned!

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Shi Qinglan smiled and left confidently.

In her previous life, she was a genius and was once a stunning talent and beauty.

However, because of this fire, her pretense had turned into reality. After that, she was tied up in a hospital, and her blood and bone marrow were forcefully extracted, which ultimately caused her death!

Now that she had been reborn, she decided not to put on an act and keep a low profile. She wanted to be called the queen in many fields, and she would make a comeback with her most confident self!

Shi Qinglan hummed a happy tune as she left the Ming City High School. Just as she was about to fulfill her promise and return home obediently, a group of men dressed in black blocked the path in front of her.

“Miss Shi!” They bowed politely.

Shi Qinglans smile disappeared, and she took a step back. It was clear that they were sent by Bo Yucheng.

And just as she expected, Wen Mo, who was leading the group, looked at her expressionlessly and said, “Miss Shi, Master Bo has instructed us to fetch you home.”

“I can walk on my own…” Shi Qinglan pressed her red lips together.

However, Wen Mo did not buy her words. “Miss Shi, I am not as gullible as Wen Le. Pardon my imprudence.”

Afterward, he hoisted Shi Qinglan up over his shoulder and threw her into the car apathetically.



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