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Heart Stealer Young Master Bo Chapter 8

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I Am Here To Claim Her Life...

Shao Mingzhe never knew that Shi Qinglan was so skilled!

On the side, when Shen Ruxue saw her movements, her shirt was immediately drenched with cold sweat. She turned around in a fluster, wanting to escape while she could…

“You want to escape…” Shi Qinglan laughed softly.

She definitely would not give Shen Ruxue the chance to get away. She freed a hand and scattered some powder that would make one feel limp and weak.

“Ah–” Shen Ruxue dropped to the ground.

Shi Qinglan was very satisfied with what she saw. Her smile broadened, and she kicked Shao Mingzhes knee.


The man fell onto his knees. “Xiaolan, how could you…”

“Shh…” Shi Qinglan held the back of Shao Mingzhes collar in one hand. She then dragged him over to Shen Ruxue to make him kneel beside her. “I suggest you keep your mouth shut in case you die because you spoke too much.”

Shao Mingzhe felt like he did not know this girl in front of him anymore.

However, she had dislocated his arm, and the extreme pain made it impossible for him to think about anything else. He could only look up at her…

“You probably dont know why shes so frightened, right”

Shi Qinglan squatted down. She propped Shen Ruxues head upon her hand as she tilted her head to look at Shao Mingzhe. “Shes the one who caused this fire and almost killed me. I am here to claim her life…”

Shi Qinglans lips opened slightly. She seductively dragged out her last word on purpose, making it sound like a call from hell. Her red dress made her seem even more like a hell flower.

“No… no…” Shen Ruxue shook her head vigorously.

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She tried to shuffle backward in a fluster, but her limbs were so weak that she could not exert any strength at all. It made her increasingly nervous.

Shen Ruxue held her head and shrieked, “I didnt want to kill you! I didnt cause the fire! Its not me!”

“Ruxue” Shao Mingzhe looked at her in shock.

The surrounding students also realized that things were not that simple. After hearing Shen Ruxue, they exchanged glances as they tried to interpret her words…

“If its not you, why are you afraid”

Shi Qinglan pinched Shen Ruxues chin and lifted it up. The emotions in her eyes were a bit fierce. “If its not you, why are you guilty and afraid of ghosts”

“No… no…” Shen Ruxues cold sweat had already drenched her hair, causing the loose strands to stick to her face.

She really did not have the intention to kill her. If anything, she merely caused the fire by accident and then ran away on her own without saving her!

Shi Qinglan smiled. She inched closer to Shen Ruxue, and when she spoke, a cold and biting voice came out of her mouth.

“My dear sister…

“You better remember how you treated me in the past. How you beat and scolded me when we were young, how you stole my most precious necklace and sold it, and also how you smeared my name in school.

“I will make you repay all of them bit by bit!

“Also, if you want a jerk like Shao Mingzhe, go ahead and take him. Hes just a pair of worn-out shoes I threw away. Ill just take it as some trash I bestowed upon you.

“Remember to enjoy whatever you still have.

“After all, Im afraid you wont be able to live for long…”

When Shen Ruxue heard those words, the fear inside her magnified. She was pushed to her mental limit, almost to the point of going insane.

“No, no, no! Youre a ghost! You must be a ghost!

“I didnt do any of the things you said! You were the one who wanted to go into the building! You only died because you were unlucky! I didnt do it… you cant blame me!”

She was a little deranged, and her words shocked Shao Mingzhe and the other students.



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