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Heart Stealer Young Master Bo Chapter 6

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Its Just Donating Bone Marrow, Theres No Need To Be So Selfish!

Ming City High School.

The old and deserted school building was reduced to ruins after the fire and explosion. The cracked walls had collapsed, and the greenery around the area was also burnt.

“I heard that someone died in the fire yesterday…”

“Yeah, a third-year. I wonder what sort of excitement that person came over to seek in this old building!”

“I heard that the person who died was the sister of Shen Ruxue, a third-year senior. Look at how much shes crying over there.”

“The school belles sister I know her! I think shes intellectually disabled. Shes always disheveled and dirty. She probably ran in to seek death because theres something wrong with her brain…”

At this moment, Shi Qinglan was sitting on a tree, and the leaves and branches around complemented her red dress. She reached out to pick a fruit as she leisurely swung her legs, listening to the gossip below.

“Qinglan, why are you so disobedient…”

Just then, she heard a soft sniffing, which she had expected, and looked towards the source of the sound. Shen Ruxue sat in front of the pile of ruins, crying pitifully.

“Even if you were angry at me and were unwilling to donate your bone marrow, you shouldnt have brought me here and ended up playing with your life…”

Shen Ruxue was looking down. Teardrops hung on her eyelashes, making her look like a tragic beauty.

The onlookers suddenly erupted into a commotion.

“Did I mishear her So the school belle means… Shi Qinglan set the fire with an intention to kill her but ended up dying in the flames”

“Ive heard that the school belle was ill, and Shi Qinglans bone marrow happened to be a match for her. However, she just refused to help. Whats wrong with donating her bone marrow Is there a need to be so selfish that she even wanted to kill her”

“Shen Ruxues family adopted a heartless ingrate. Theyre really just downright unlucky…”

Hearing the discussion, Shen Ruxues mouth curled into a sinister smile. If one went up close to take a look, they would be able to tell that she was shedding crocodile tears. She was not really mourning!

She was diagnosed with leukemia a while back. To force Shi Qinglan to donate her blood and bone marrow for her treatment, she had been creating all kinds of negative news and stories about her so that she would give in…

Honestly, she did not want Shi Qinglan to die in this fire. After all, it would mean her chances of survival had gone down.

However, things didnt go according to Shen Ruxues plan. She accidentally knocked over a chemical, resulting in the fire. When it got out of control, she had no choice but to make a run for it. She didnt expect Shi Qinglan to be so unlucky to die in this fire.

“Tsk…” Shi Qinglan clicked her tongue softly.

This group of students was really stupid. They just said that she was intellectually disabled. So, how would she be capable of coming up with a plan to set fire and kill Shen Ruxue

Shi Qinglan took a bite of the fruit and continued watching Shen Ruxues performance while sitting on the tree.

“Xueer, your body wont be able to take it if you continue crying. Let me help you up. I was Xiaolans boyfriend, after all. Its only right for me to help her take care of you.”

Shao Mingzhe stood beside Shen Ruxue, his eyebrows gently knitting together as he watched her sympathetically. He then bent down and tried to help her up.

“Go home. Youve already done enough for her.”

“Thats right! She doesnt deserve anything youre doing for her! Serves her right for being ungrateful and heartless… Ah! Who threw something at me”

Shi Qinglan pressed her lips together in annoyance when she heard those words. She casually threw the fruit in her hand, and it hit the person talking right on his head.

Just as everyone was looking for the person who threw that fruit…

A red silhouette descended from the sky.

Shi Qinglan jumped down, her dress opened up into a bright flower in the sky, and she appeared in front of Shen Ruxue and Shao Mingzhe.



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