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Heart Stealer Young Master Bo Chapter 5

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Master Bo, Miss Shi Has Escaped!

Shi Qinglan was sitting on the windows ledge with her red skirt flowing around her. A corner of the dress lifted up, and her fair and slender calves were exposed, looking very alluring.

“I heard you have to obey all my orders” The girl looked at Wen Le as she propped her chin upon her hand.

Wen Le turned pale. “Miss… Miss Shi! We can talk after you get away from the ledge first”

He knew it! Even though she had transformed into an extraordinary beauty, her character was as scheming as ever!

Shi Qinglan smiled nonchalantly. “You are really not letting me go I promise I will be back soon.”

She turned around with her back facing Wen Le and both her legs hanging out of the window. She wasnt afraid of the height at all.

Wen Le, “Haha…”

Miss Shi would return on her accord after she escaped He would be a fool to believe her.

He said with a smile, “Miss Shi, you know Master Bo. I am willing to follow any other orders of yours except this.”

The girls lips gradually curled into a smile. The side of her face presented a perfect profile under the backlit of the sun. “If I say my only order is to let me go”

Wen Les smile froze on his face.

He had been working for Bo Yucheng for years now, so he knew very well that this girl in front of him was Master Bos life. His legs would be broken by Master Bo if anything happened or she escaped!

“That definitely is not—Miss Shi!”

Wen Le was about to refuse her when he saw Shi Qinglan jump out of the window without a care. The red skirt created a parabola in mid-air, and she was gone in a flash.

Wen Le dashed to the window and jumped out in pursuit.

However, he had obviously underestimated Shi Qinglans skills and abilities. As an expert in the medical field, her mastery in using poisons was exceptional. She put down a whole group of people with a sleeping drug that she dispensed with a wave of her hand, and then escaped.

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“Cough, cough…” Wen Le managed to back up and evade the drug just in time, although he did choke and cough twice.

He looked at the disappearing back in frustration while swearing, “Damn, is this the Miss Shi that I know! Where did she get such a potent drug from!”

Shi Qinglan threw a passing glance backward and curled her red lips.

She had a leading position in many fields of work; hence, she was highly sought after by many powers in the world. To prevent trouble, and due to her constant pretense of craziness, she had never disclosed her identity and talents in Mingcheng before.

But now, she was going to reveal her true self. Of course, she would no longer be the Shi Qinglan that they knew!

Wen Les brows were locked in a tight frown.

Obviously, he could no longer pursue her with his own effort.

He could only return and report to Bo Yucheng, “Master… Master Bo, I failed to stop Miss Shi. She escaped.”

Bo Yucheng narrowed his eyes when he heard that.

He no longer looked like a gentleman. There was a hint of sinister and ruthlessness in between his eyes and the temperature seemed to have dropped around him. “Escaped”

Wen Le lowered his head and kneeled on one leg to acknowledge his mistake and report the incident to him.

Bo Yuchengs black irises became even more obscure. “Let Wen Mo take the men to search the city! I want her back without a scratch! You are staying here. I have something else for you to do.”

“Yes.” Wen Le nodded.

But Bo Yuchengs eyes darkened even more as he turned his head to look at the crumpled bedsheets. There were still signs of Shi Qinglan lying next to him minutes earlier…

However, when did she start to carry intoxicating drugs on her and when did her skills get so good

Lanlan, how many secrets do you have



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