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Heart Stealer Young Master Bo Chapter 4

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You Have To Listen, Lanlan

Bo Yuchengs eyes darkened.

Although he still looked like a gentleman, those narrow almond-shaped eyes of his began to emit a coldness.

“Lanlan.” Bo Yuchengs tone was calm.

He lovingly gazed at the girl, but there was an underlying chilliness in his words. “Be a good girl. I will agree to your every demand besides this.”

Bo Yucheng hated Ming City High School to the bone.

He hated everyone from that school from the depths of his soul, especially the cunning Shen Ruxue and Shao Mingzhe, who stole her heart.

He lifted his hand and caressed her cheek with his finger as he said, “If you want to learn, I can hire the best home tutors in this world for you. Alright”

Shi Qinglan, “…”

No, thank you.

The Shen Family had adopted her from an orphanage when she was young, but they later didnt care for her at all. However, she had an extremely high IQ and had already finished all high school syllabus and even university under special circumstances.

Moreover, she had outstanding accomplishments in many different fields.

She really didnt intend to go to Ming City High School to study…

“Cheng, lets discuss it…” She looked up at the man and pleaded, shaking his arm.

She had done her calculations based on her past lifes memories. Shen Ruxue should be putting on an act in school now after almost killing her by setting off a fire “accidentally.” She intended to go stir up some trouble.

“You have to listen, Lanlan.”

Bo Yucheng didnt give a direct reply, but he had already given his answer. He summoned with a deep voice, “Wen Le.”

A dark shadow appeared in front of them as soon as he called out. Dressed in black, Wen Le bowed respectfully yet with a mischievous hint. “Master Bo.”

Wen Le straightened himself as he waited for Bo Yuchengs command. Then, he saw Shi Qinglans unparalleled bewitching face.

Oh my Lady Gaga…

Where did this beauty come from Could it be that Master Bo had finally woken up and ditched Miss Shi for a new lady

“Master Bo, this… this lady is…”

Shi Qinglan curled her lips, and her charm naturally seeped out in her mannerism. “What Dont recognize me”

A question mark appeared in Wen Les heart.

Was he supposed to know a beauty like her

A terrifying guess slowly emerged in his heart, and he exclaimed in shock, “Miss… Miss Shi”

“Mm-hmm.” Shi Qinglan nodded with a smile.

Wen Le felt a little out of sorts, and his mischievous look froze on his face. He still couldnt believe it.

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“Are you done looking” Bo Yucheng suddenly said coldly.

“Not yet… Oh no! Not looking, I am not looking!” Wen Le shut his eyes with a strong urge to live.

But his whole mind was occupied by Shi Qinglans beautiful smiling face. He felt this world had been turned upside down!

Bo Yucheng threw a side glance at him.

“You will be responsible for following her around. Apart from leaving me, you are not to disobey any of her orders.”

“Yes.” Wen Les expression was still a little stiff. He forced himself to smile. “Miss… Miss Shi, this way, please.”

Sensing that Bo Yuchengs mind couldnt be changed no matter how she pleaded, Shi Qinglan went into the bedroom after pondering for a moment. She sighed silently in her heart…

Wen Le was about to follow up when he heard Master Bo say nonchalantly, “Get rid of all those maids earlier. Replace them with obedient and rules-abiding ones.”

The man lowered his eyes as he adjusted his cuffs. He had said those murderous words effortlessly.

“Understood,” Wen Le replied and went into the bedroom. But he soon discovered things werent as simple as he thought…



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