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Heart Stealer Young Master Bo Chapter 3

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Shall We Go And Get Our Marriage Certificate Right Now

Shi Qinglan pursed her red lips while twirling her black as soot hair around her fair fingers and said, “Hmm… nothing much actually. They were just saying I am ugly.”

Bo Yuchengs almond eyes narrowed slightly.

He was already dressed in new clothes. His white shirt was carefully buttoned up, and the black suit trousers made his legs look even longer. The fresh appearance accentuated his oh-so handsome facial features.

“Cheng.” Shi Qinglan suddenly threw herself at him and twined her arms around his neck. “Do you think I am pretty”

Bo Yucheng gave her an astonished look and was dazed for a moment.

The girl blinked her beautiful eyes, which sparkled like stars. Her clean, fair face was delicate, and even without makeup, she was still extremely attractive.

She hadnt shown him her real self for a long time.

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“My Lanlan is naturally the most beautiful girl.”

Bo Yucheng lifted her up by her waist and pecked her head with love and indulgence.

After that, he slanted his eyes and swept his gaze across the maids.

“Never mind. Its alright.” Shi Qinglan felt magnanimous after hearing his words, gazing upon the man with laughter in her eyes. “These maids have never seen how I actually looked before, so we cant blame them.”

The kneeling maids all heaved a breath of relief when they heard her.

Bo Yuchengs lips curled a little. His every move was gentlemanly and elegant, and no signs of his earlier overbearing paranoia could be seen. He could flawlessly switch between being a gentleman and a thug.

He was happy to go along with her. “Whatever Lanlan says.”

“Thank you, Miss Shi! Thank you, Master Bo!” The group of maids quickly got up, said their thanks, and disappeared after hearing their pardon.

Bo Yucheng gave them a sidelong glance that was as cold as ice.

But it was merely fleeting as he turned his gaze back on Shi Qinglan again. His handsome face still had that indulgent smile.

His girl had finally accepted him…

“Lanlan, shall we go and get our marriage certificate right now”

Bo Yucheng couldnt bear to put the girl down, as if holding her meant having the whole world in his arms. Even his voice sounded fulfilled.

Shi Qinglan frowned a little.

She had just come of age, so she really didnt want to enter into a marriage so soon.

Sensing the girls displeasure, Bo Yucheng panicked and his Adams apple trembled. “I wont force you if you are not willing. But you will live here from now on, alright”

“Okay.” Shi Qinglan nodded obediently.

She really didnt wish to return to the Shen Family, or else she would have the impulse to twist Shen Ruxues head off every single moment.

Bo Yucheng smiled in response. “This will be your room, Lanlan. You can sleep by yourself if you want. And if you want to look for me, you can come straight over to the next door.

“Everything in the manor is at your disposal, and you are allowed to venture anywhere. If you need anything, just inform Wen Le.”

Even if he yearned to sleep in the same bed with her, he had to hold it back for now. He didnt want to scare her off when she had just opened up to him.

He wanted to make her fall into his trap of love one step at a time, until she only loved him!

“I knew Cheng is the best!”

Shi Qinglan wantonly squeezed Bo Yuchengs face, her smiling eyes as bright as crescent moons. “Then… can I discuss something with you”

“Mm-Hmm” Bo Yuchengs voice ended on a slightly higher note.

That long and indulgent tone sounded as deep and moving as a cello, melting the girls heart.

There was a hint of slyness in her smile. “I want to make a trip to Ming City High School. There is something… I wish to handle it personally.”



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