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Heart Stealer Young Master Bo Chapter 27

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27 Miss Miracle Doctor, Please Wait For A Moment!

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Shi Qinglan continued to feel the pulse.

After a while, she said, “He has been suffering from coronary atherosclerosis for three years. Recently, he should have been experiencing chest pains, lethargy, low fever, and bloating.”

The middle-aged man was stunned. Immediately after that, he said with a surprised expression, “Thats right, you...”

“The patient has an acute myocardial infarction. I do not have medicine with me. I can only perform CPR on him.” Shi Qinglan started undoing the old mans suit.

She knelt beside him, overlapped her hands on his chest, and started pumping it.

Jiang Zhi watched with his mouth open. The middle-aged man was also holding his breath. Some of the onlookers whipped out their phones to take videos.

The girls hair fell over her shoulder, and she pressed her lips together as she concentrated on the first aid. Her focus made her side-profile even more beautiful. At the moment, her forehead was seeping with perspiration because of the large amount of strength she had to exert.

“Ji... Lin...”

The old man finally regained some consciousness.

Ji Lin changed from nervously waiting to ecstatic. He held the old mans hand. “Master, Im here. Master, are you alright”

The old man lifted his eyelids and glanced at Ji Lin.

Shi Qinglan felt his pulse again to ensure that his heart rate had gone back to normal before she let out a sigh of relief. She wiped the sweat off her forehead and said, “The ambulance should be arriving soon. You can leave everything else to the doctors in the hospital.”

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After saying that, she turned to leave.

However, Ji Lin pulled her back. “Miss Miracle Doctor, whats your name Which hospital do you work in Thank you for your help! Our Master will definitely repay your kindness!”

Jiang Zhis eyelid kept twitching as he listened.

Initially, Shen Fengzhen could not be bothered about them, but when she heard the word “repay”, her eyes lit up. “Shes my daughter! If you want to repay her, you can just pass the money to me!”

Ji Lin frowned slightly.

Shi Qinglan broke out into a soft laugh. She glanced at Shen Fengzhen and said, “Im just an ingrate whos still studying in high school and just so happened to know first aid. You dont need to repay me.”

“Darn lass!” Shen Fengzhen glared at her.

Judging from their appearances, Shen Fengzhen could tell that they came from a wealthy family, so she wanted to make a fortune out of them. However, things didnt go as planned.

“The ambulance is here!” someone suddenly shouted.

Shi Qinglan looked up and carried her backpack, getting ready to leave. But Ji Lin did not seem to want to let her off. “Miss Miracle Doctor, please wait for a moment!”

Shi Qinglan turned back to look at him.

Ji Lin said earnestly, “I know this might cause a bit of trouble to you, but could you please take a trip down to the hospital with us in the ambulance and tell the doctor about my Masters condition...”

He had been with the old master for years and was a good judge of character.

This young lady could tell the old masters condition just from feeling his pulse. It meant that she must be highly skilled in medicine. Maybe she would be of some help to them.

Besides, they had always been one to repay the kindness by multiple folds.

“You can just tell the doctor that the CPR was done.” The girl gently pursed her lips.

She really wasnt a nosy person, and it was just a habit to help others because of her years of training in medicine. Furthermore, the patient had indirectly collapsed because of her, so she stepped out to help without hesitation.

Ji Lin saw her hesitation and lamented, “Im already so old. I really dont know anything about CPR. I cant explain it clearly...”

Shen Fengzhen glared at Shi Qinglan, but in the blink of an eye, her expression changed, and she looked at Ji Lin with a smile.

“Its just CPR, right Ive seen the process just now! Why dont I go on the ambulance with you We can talk about repayment on the way...”

“Ill go with you,” Shi Qinglan said suddenly.



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