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Heart Stealer Young Master Bo Chapter 26

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26 Young Lady, Are You Really Medically Trained

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Jiang Zhi did not know how Shi Qinglan could be of help.

Shen Fengzhen was unwilling to let her go, though, as she grabbed the girls hand. “Youre not allowed to leave until we make things clear!”

Shi Qinglan frowned a little.

During a heart attack, the window for first aid was very short, so the ambulance might not be able to make it in time. If she missed the best opportunity to perform first aid for him, that old man might just die, and she would indirectly be the cause of it.

“Let go.” Her tone had turned bitingly cold.

Shen Fengzhens nails dug into the girls uniform as she shrieked, “Shi Qinglan, dont think you can find an excuse to leave. You dont even know anything about medicine; what are you going over for!”

Shi Qinglan was annoyed.

Luckily, although everyone was nosy, they were still quite considerate to stand away from the old man. However, no one dared to go over to move or touch him.

“Master, Master, dont scare me...” A middle-aged man crouched down beside the unconscious old man, at a loss for what to do.

The onlookers did not know any medicine. They were afraid to invite trouble, so they all stayed away.

They even started criticizing others while standing on moral high ground.

“There are so many people here, and nobody is medically trained”

“Thats right. If youre a doctor, do something quickly! You would let yourselves down if something happens to the old man!”

Shi Qinglan squinted. Despite being held back by Shen Fengzhen, she still sized the old man up to get a rough idea of his condition.

He had fainted and his limbs were swelling. It was indeed a heart attack.

“Stop looking! Shi Qinglan, you already have enough on your plate. You dont have the time to care about others. We should settle the things between us first. That old mans life or death has nothing to do with you!”

Shen Fengzhen kept going on and on, using even harsher words.

Shi Qinglan swept her a deadly glare. “Let go.”

Shen Fengzhen met her gaze and was stunned. She felt an inexplicable chill down her spine. Still, she did not release her grip.

The girl frowned. She suddenly turned her wrist and grabbed Shen Fengzhens arm before pushing her aside. “Im a doctor.”

It was a clear and confident tone.

Shi Qinglan knelt down beside the old man and held his wrist. She closed her eyes and was ready to feel his pulse, but Shen Fengzhen rushed over relentlessly, shouting and screaming at her.

“Shi Qinglan! Youre still trying to pretend to be a doctor!

“Everyone, dont be deceived by her! This is my heartless foster daughter. She is just trying to find an excuse to divert all your attention. This old man might very well be putting on an act!”

Shen Fengzhen continued shrieking. She wanted to pull Shi Qinglan up, but Jiang Zhi suddenly grabbed her shoulder. “How dare you touch my Sister Qing Ill beat you up if you dare!”

“You...” Shen Fengzhen clenched her teeth.

That middle-aged man gazed at Shi Qinglan with gratitude, but when he heard Shen Fengzhens words, his expression changed. He looked at her with disgust. “Maam, please do not spout nonsense.”

His family master only wanted to go out for a walk today, but they did not expect to run into this mob creating trouble in front of Mingcheng High School. The old man was pushed and squeezed around, causing him to fall, hence, resulting in a heart attack.

Now, the person who had started the commotion was even accusing his master of putting on an act!

“Shes really a liar! Shes just a lass in high school, yet she wants to pretend to be a doctor to save someone. How-”

“Make her shut up.” Shi Qinglan suddenly interrupted.

She opened her eyes with annoyance and glared at Shen Fengzhen, who kept going on and on.

“Young lady, are you really medically trained”

The middle-aged mans unhappy expression changed to an amicable one when he turned to look at Shi Qinglan. His tone was concerned yet friendly.



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