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Heart Stealer Young Master Bo Chapter 24

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24 The Bo Conglomerate In Beijing Is Our Distant Relative

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Shi Qinglan had a dressing down from Liao Hongmei in the office.

She lowered her head and stared at her toes while twiddling her fingers. She wasnt listening to her ranting at all.

“Alright. You may go back now!” Liao Hongmei had enough of scolding her. She wouldnt even bother looking at her. “If you miss a test again, Im going to call your parents to school. Do you understand”

Shi Qinglan smiled and obediently nodded.

However, after she turned and left the office, the smile disappeared, replaced by an emotionless coldness in her eyes. She strolled to the classroom.

“Shi Qinglan, stop there.”

An angry shout came from the back, and the girls seductive eyes gave it a leisurely glance.

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“Whats up” Shi Qinglan pouted her lips.

She tilted her head a little to look at that youth. Her side profile was so intricate and perfect. The way her luscious red lips parted slightly was bewitching from inside to all the way out.

Xu Sheng was mesmerized by her appearance for a moment. He used to think that Shen Ruxues looks were the best in his heart. But he didnt expect Shi Qinglan to be even more stunning.

“Im going if theres nothing.” She sounded coy and lazy.

After speaking, she was about to walk off. However, Xu Sheng instantly regained his wits and stood in front of her. “Ruxue did nothing to you. Why did you accuse her falsely and send her to that place!”

There was a cold smirk at Shi Qinglans lips when she heard that.

She remembered Xu Sheng from the next class, who rotated to be the top student with Shen Ruxue. He was also her number one fan, so it wasnt a surprise that he would come and argue with her.

Shi Qinglan turned and looked straight at Xu Sheng.

She smiled like the poppy in a field of snow, bewitching and dangerous. “This kind of matter... you should be telling the police, not me.

“If I am the one making false accusations, I should be the one who is punished. But its her who lost her freedom.”

Shi Qinglan dragged the last word in a soft and coy manner on purpose, yet it sounded very antagonistic. “Young Master Xu is a smart and reasonable person who understands the law very well. You should know what I mean”

Xu Sheng was taken aback for a moment.

He never believed Shen Ruxue had anything to do with the fire. Thus, he was furious when he heard the rumors flying in school and Shen Fengzhens visit yesterday.

He wasnt going to believe whatever the other party said now.

“Shi Qinglan,” Xu Sheng said with a cold voice. “I know you are jealous because Ruxue is smarter than you. Although it isnt proper for her to ask you to donate your bone marrow, you dont have to go to such an extent.”

Shi Qinglan simply smiled and looked at the ceiling.

Seeing her nonchalance, Xu Sheng felt a sense of helplessness. He had no way to vent the annoyance and anger in his heart.

“I have told you everything I should!”

“Even if you dont want to clarify with the police, given the Xu Familys reputation in Ming City and us being the distant relatives of the Bo Conglomerate in Beijing, its a piece of cake for us to get Shen Ruxue out of the police station.

“I have already given you a chance. You better not regret not taking it.”

Shi Qinglan raised her eyebrows in exasperation.

Oh, Beijings Bo Conglomerate She wanted to see if Bo Yucheng dared to help Xu Sheng. She could prepare the punishment in advance, though.

The girl curled her red lips, but there wasnt any hint of amusement. “Dont be so sure so soon, Young Master Xu. We shall wait and see.”

She turned and left as soon as she finished speaking.

Her black hair hung loose down her back, and a few strands flew up when she turned around. The arc showed aggressiveness, but it died down almost instantly.

“She doesnt know what is good for her.” Xu Sheng clenched his fist.

He looked at Shi Qinglans back and furrowed his brows in disgust. He didnt know why the Shen Family had adopted such an ungrateful thing.



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