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Heart Stealer Young Master Bo Chapter 22

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22 Master Bo Is Going To Be Ecstatic To Hear These Words Of Concern From You

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Early the next morning.

Wen Le came to send Shi Qinglan to school. There was a faint scent of aromatherapy in the spacious SUV. The girl leaned against the car window. “Why is there a nerve-soothing scent in the car”

Shi Qinglan frowned lightly. Although she wasnt good at aromatherapy, she could still recognize some of the herbs in the scent.

Wen Le looked at the girl in his rearview mirror and immediately straightened his back. It was his time to shine!

He cleared his throat before answering honestly, “Miss Shi, Master Bo frequently has insomnia and he is always tired because of work. Thats why we have aromatherapy in the car and office.”

He snuck a glance at the girls reaction while speaking.

He saw Shi Qinglan furrow her eyebrows even more. “He has insomnia”

Wen Le swiftly nodded and feigned surprise. “Master Bo has insomnia for quite some time already. Doesnt Miss Shi know about it”

Shi Qinglan pressed her red lips together and didnt answer.

She indeed didnt know about Bo Yuchengs insomnia. After all, she didnt care about him in her previous life. But now, she was going to remember this in her heart.

Just before she got off, Wen Le turned around and hesitantly said to her, “Miss Shi, please dont tell Master Bo that I told you about his insomnia. Take it as me being a busybody.”

He and Wen Mo had been working for Bo Yucheng for all these years. Of course, they felt terrible for their master and his unrequited love.

Bo Yucheng had lost his parents when he was young, so his character was already more lonesome than others. Furthermore, Shi Qinglan had been agitating him frequently, causing his extreme paranoia. In the end, it all contributed to his insomnia.

Moreover, telling this to Shi Qinglan...

was his own idea. He might have to ask for punishment when he returned.

“Dont worry.” Shi Qinglan was about to push open the door, but Wen Le had already gotten out and opened it for her.

The girl slung the school bag over her shoulder. “Hes grounded by me due to his injuries, so we have to bother Wen Mo to take care of the company. And please take care of his injuries for me whenever you are free.”

Hearing that, Wen Les eyes lit up instantly.

He nodded his head like a chicken and smiled in a silly manner. “Master Bo is going to be ecstatic to hear these words of concern from you, Miss Shi!”

Shi Qinglan: “...”

She gave Wen Le a disdainful glance before entering the school with the other students.

Shi Qinglan was wearing the most common school uniform and had her black hair casually hang down her back. Her porcelain-smooth face was full of innocence, and her clear eyes were glowing.

She didnt even have to do anything. She was already the most beautiful scenery in Ming City High School!

“I am not fu*king washing my eyes ever again!”

“Fu*k, Shi Qinglan is simply too beautiful. Why didnt I notice such a great beauty before”

“Shen Ruxue is no school belle. Shes just a joke!”

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“Didnt you hear what happened yesterday after school Shi Qinglans foster mother came to create a scene and said shed accused Shen Ruxue falsely.”

“I saw it with my own eyes; even Master Shao appeared! Furthermore, Shi Qinglan was extremely rude to her foster mother and even humiliated her. Shes an ungrateful ingrate...”

The discussion filled everyones ears.

Shi Qinglan narrowed her beautiful eyes, but she didnt pay them much attention. Only her red lips coldly curled up a little.

The noise followed her all the way into the classroom.

“Your class is the noisiest of the senior level! I can even hear you in my office!”

Liao Hongmei, aka Madam Kill-all, walked into the classroom and slammed the chemistry test papers onto the podium. “Your results are already so poor, yet you still cannot behave properly. You are really the worst students Ive ever had!”

The class fell silent.



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