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21 Bo Yucheng, I Am Going To Stick To You For The Rest Of My Life

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Bo Yuchengs wounds were a bit mangled.

The blood had soaked the white shirt red, and the gauze was stuck to the wound. It looked horrifying.

“I will try to be as gentle as possible.”

Despite being annoyed, Shi Qinglans heart softened when she saw his wound. Even her voice was much gentler. “Tell me if it hurts too much.”

Bo Yucheng widened his almond-shaped eyes and looked at the girl with his peripheral vision. He saw her oval-shaped face, which was as smooth as porcelain, flowing with worry. There was also heartache in between her eyes.

“Since Lanlan is changing the dressing for me personally, I am able to bear all the pain that comes with it.” He smiled with boundless satisfaction in his gaze.

Shi Qinglan held the tweezers in her fair fingers.

She was cleaning the part where the gauze was stuck to the wound with an alcohol-soaked cotton ball. Shi Qinglan slowly removed the gauze before disinfecting and applying a salve to the wound.

Her soft fingers tenderly caressed his back. The girls actions were extremely gentle, and they seemed to be stroking the mans heart like a feather.

“The wound needs to air, so we cannot dress it up again. Dont go to work for these few days. Let Wen Mo handle it for you.”

Shi Qinglan kept the items back into the medical kit and continued on with concern, “And, dont make big movements. You can only sleep on your stomach now, and dont scratch even when its itchy...!”

She was talking when Bo Yucheng suddenly sat up, grabbed her waist, pulled her into his arms, and lowered his head.

Shi Qinglan widened her big beautiful eyes.

She pressed her arms against him, as she saw that his back was going to touch the sofa. She wanted to push him away but was afraid to; she didnt want to redress the wound.

“Lanlan is feeling pain for me”

Bo Yucheng gently put his forehead against the girls. His lips could touch hers whenever he moved, and they exhaled into each others faces.

Shi Qinglan pursed her lips and said coyly, “You are my boyfriend. Of course, my heart pains for you...”

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Bo Yucheng let out a low chuckle. That magnetic voice sounded so happy and mesmerizing. He lifted his head and kissed her in between her eyes.

“I am your boyfriend, hmm”

Bo Yucheng took the girls hand and rubbed its back.

Shi Qinglan smiled and touched the mans chin with her fingertip. She then lifted that devastatingly handsome face up. “Its too late even if you want to back off now. I am going to stick to you for the rest of my life.”

She looked at him smugly with her picturesque face, a gleam of confidence and brilliance flashing in her eyes.

Bo Yuchengs black irises darkened as he gazed into the girls sparkling eyes. A fiery passion was rising up in those pupils.

“However...” Shi Qinglan parted her red lips. She shifted her finger onto the mans lips and pressed it against them. Then, she leaned forward to whisper into his ear, “Why did you disobey my instructions and tear your wound You better hold it in for another two weeks.”

Bo Yucheng: “...”

The grip on her waist tightened. He had pulled Shi Qinglan into his arms again with a vague look. “I have been waiting for you for so many years. What are two more weeks”

Shi Qinglan raised her eyebrow with a crafty smile.

She didnt want to remind Bo Yucheng that her period would start about two weeks from now...

When Bo Yucheng slept at night, she removed his blanket to prevent the wound from sticking to it. He slept on his stomach for the entire night, cold and lonely, while the girl was sleeping soundly in the next room.



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