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Heart Stealer Young Master Bo Chapter 20

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20 Bo Yucheng, Why Are You Trying To Take My Clothes Off

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Shi Qinglans eyes were full of rage.

She took her jacket off, tiptoed, and put it over the mans shoulder. After that, she grabbed his wrist and pulled him towards the manor.

“Lanlan, put your clothes on.”

Bo Yucheng looked at the thin shirt the girl was wearing and frowned. He reached for her jacket but was quickly met with a fierce gaze.

His hand paused in mid-air. “Its cold at night...”

“Shut up.” Shi Qinglan glanced at him and bit her lip in anger. “Wear it properly since you know that its cold.”

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Bo Yucheng: “...”

He had a healthy body, so he could bear it. But, he was afraid that she would be cold.

However, Shi Qinglan was firm in her stance. She tightly grabbed him with her cold hand and pulled him past the garden to the manor overbearingly. It was a short distance, but it felt as long as an eternity.

The man could not help but smile.


Shi Qinglan used her fingerprint to unlock the manors door and kicked it open, then she kicked it shut.

Bo Yucheng glanced at the footprint on the door.

He smiled. “Lanlan, when did you become so violent Why didnt I realize it”

He lowered his head and whispered teasingly, “Will you abuse me Hm”

“Say some more, and I will domestically abuse you right now.”

Shi Qinglan picked up the remote control on the coffee table with one hand and squeezed it with her fingers. “Crack–”

The remote control cracked.

Bo Yucheng let out a soft laugh. He reached over to take the broken remote control from the girls hand and stroked it with his finger. “I wont have to be worried about you getting bullied in the future.”

Perhaps, he should consider how he should clean up the mess for her if she were to paralyze someone.

“Again” Shi Qinglan looked at him with a threatening gaze. “Take the clothes off for me right now.”

Bo Yucheng was at least 185 centimeters tall, and it did look a little weird for him to have a female high school uniform jacket on.

The man smiled. “Sure.”

As he said that, he reached out to take the girls shirt off.

Shi Qinglan dodged to the side and took a step back. “Im telling you to take your clothes off. Why are you trying to take my clothes off”

“Hm” Bo Yucheng raised his tone. “Lanlan, you said... take the clothes off for you.”

Shi Qinglan: “...”

Her fingers twitched, and she had the urge to beat him right there. In the end, she turned away in a huff to take the first-aid kit.

When she returned, Bo Yucheng had already taken the uniform jacket off. His white shirt was unbuttoned, revealing his well-sculpted chest and perfect abs.

“Lay on the couch.”

Shi Qinglan did not even glance at his body. She lowered her head to take out the medical gloves and prepared the alcohol, cotton ball, and tweezers.

Bo Yucheng did not listen to her. He inched towards her and was about to hold her hand, which had the tweezers, when the girl suddenly lifted her hand, almost jabbing his eye with the tweezers.

She smiled and threatened, “I told you to lay properly on the couch.”

Bo Yucheng thought he saw a murderous intent in her eyes.

He pressed his lips together and secretly found it a waste that he did not manage to hold her hand. In the end, he managed to suppress his stirring heart.

Hence, a certain henpecked man could only listen to her obediently.

“Lanlan, it hurts...” Bo Yucheng looked at the girl.

Shi Qinglan was looking down with her lips pursed as she prepared the tools for sterilizing the wounds. Her side-profile was perfect and delicate. She looked at him and said, “Serves you right.”

Bo Yucheng: “...”



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